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Katherine Jackson

I'll SHARE Guardianship with TJ

7/27/2012 9:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Katherine Jackson says she's had a change of heart ... and is now ready to SPLIT guardianship of MJ's 3 children with her grandson TJ.

Katherine's attorney, Perry Sanders, tells TMZ ... TJ and Katherine  will file a request for JOINT GUARDIANSHIP with the court early next week ... and they expect it will be approved.

Perry tells us, "That pleading will essentially now legally reflect how Mrs. Jackson and TJ have often shared  responsibilities of raising the children since Michael Jackson's tragic passing."

Katherine's lawyer says the new arrangement "reflected the wishes of [Michael Jackson's] children" ... Paris, Prince and Blanket.

If the court grants the joint request, Katherine's lawyer says TJ will be able to assume a lot of the day-to-day responsibilities that have been stressing Katherine out ... including management of household personnel and security.

"It will also make clear for school personnel and anyone else coming into contact with the children that TJ is authorized to act on their behalf," Perry tells TMZ.

"Mrs. Jackson will then be freed up to focus on the more personal everyday decision making related to the lives and activities of the children."

Katherine's lawyer says the agreement would still empower Katherine to CONTROL THE FAMILY'S ALLOWANCE ... which is $70k per month.

The arrangement also seems to make TJ a shoo-in to become the SOLE guardian of the children if Katherine dies while they are still minors.

Katherine's lawyer concludes, "Mrs. Jackson is extremely pleased with the prospect of enjoying the pleasure of raising Michael's children without the day-to-day tedium of items such as managing the large staff that goes with such a high profile family and focus her attention on being a grandmother and raising Michael's children."

Perry tells us ... TJ will file a petition to become the sole permanent guardian later today ... but that's just a formality because of a court imposed deadline. The joint petition will TRUMP that filing.

10:50AM PT  TJ just filed his petition for permanent guardianship ... and TMZ obtained a copy.



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A good compromise. If anything happen to Katherine, T. J. will take over as sole guardian without any mess or fess.

787 days ago


I think neither TJ or Katherine should have or share guardianship. A NON-JACKSON should be appointed. That would stop all this BS drama in its tracks and cut off the money train to the leeches.

787 days ago


TMZ, can you guys please stop reporting on these bunch of brainless black trash so much? Im so sick of seing their stupid faces and hearing about their dumb, i dont give a **** stories. I wish they all just died so you guys would get back to reporting on more variety for example you need to do some investigation on the rpatz story and find where rob is hiding.

787 days ago


Generous of her to offer to share something she's already lost. Hopefully the judge will see straight through this as the money grab it still is.

787 days ago


The sweetest revenge is that these Jackson leeches had their ridiculous plan backfire on them - big time.
Janet, Randy, Germaine and Rebbie went from having a certain amount of influence over Katherine and her gaurdianship $$$ ... to seeing their public images severlely tarnished, hopefully their entertainment careers ruined ... and having the world see them for what they really are - lying, manipulating thugs.
Wake Up Call to Janet, Randy, Germaine and Rebbie - you do not own Katherine, you have no control over MJ’s kids, and the court system just proved it ... and let’s hope it stays that way.
And now any influence Janet, Randy, Germaine and Rebbie had, has been kicked out the door and to the curb.

787 days ago


in other words they realize she wont get full custody back so this is plan B to make sure she gets the money to feed lazy germaine and randy and their kids. Pls pls let the courts and the estate see through this. I wonder if the kids will see their beloved grandma is also trying to get as much of their money as possible too. Pity.

787 days ago


Why should Katherine handle the money? The Estate already has accountants, so all Katherine would do is exploit the money for purposes other than the care of the children, because she's giving up caring for the children. I don't understand why her hands should be in the money if she's no longer doing the job.

787 days ago


Katherine Jackson says she's had a change of heart ... and is now ready to SPLIT guardianship of MJ's 3 children with her grandson TJ.

It's not like it's up to her to have this change of heart. I hope and believe that she will lose it all and TJ will get it. Money and all. This is what she's noticing.

Tell Katherine that she's welcome to stay at the house if she wants but in no way will she have decisional power over matters that come up.

787 days ago

Patty in MN    

Who would've thought LaToya would be the sane one of the bunch!

787 days ago


In other words, Grandma loves them, they love her, but she doesn't want the responsibility of them, but she wants all the money that goes along with it, and the kids want TJ. Hope he gets his fair share. They couldn't hire someone to take care of the house/personal things. WTH does she do with all the money she get every month?

787 days ago


If TJ is willing to do the majority of the "heavy lifting" in this situation for free, then GOD Bless him.

787 days ago


I would tell Katherine to kick rocks and T. J. should go for full custody. She just wants money for her and her batch of leech-like kids.

787 days ago


Katherine, why can't you just be a Grandmother to Paris, Blanket and Prince.?

oops i forgot it's about the $70,000 sorry.

787 days ago


Due to the cir***stances of the Grandmother being manipulated by the children, under no cir***stances should she even have partial Guardianship of the children. Actually, Diana Ross should have full time Guardianship due to the fact that she cannot be infuenced by the Jackson's. TJ can still be influenced because he is Tito's Son. It is all about the money and not the children with everyone of the Jackson's. They are repulsive.

787 days ago


I hope TJ remembers Katherine's phone call, she wanted to Throw you out of the House ...

787 days ago
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