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Kristen Stewart

You Be the Judge

7/29/2012 2:53 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kristen Stewart
and her team may have made the biggest bone head move since prosecutor Christopher Darden let OJ Simpson try on that glove. Had she just shut up, the whole thing would have gone away. But now everyone just can’t get enough, so we gotta ask ...


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Love the picture you chose!

815 days ago


Love the picture you chose, TMZ!

815 days ago

Lindsay's duck lips    

KS can't act. All she does is stand around with that hang dog look on her face. Pale, sad, boring KS. Yuck. I don't know why she gets any roles at all. Oh, i guess we know now ..... she sleeps with directors.

815 days ago

Arcadia Rink    

Kristen Stewart will NOT be the first woman to have an affair with a married man. Maybe they fell in love and that's the choice she made. But I agree with TMZ it's time for them to shut this down and move on. It's really none of our business what they do in the privacy of their bedroom. Yes, I said BEDROOM cause they were clearly in one.

815 days ago


For all of you who thought her apology was sincere, I have a bridge to sell you.....

815 days ago


Kristen has always appeared strange to me. She always looks bored and anxious, like she'd rather be somewhere else. Doesn't act feminine, hair uncombed. She acts like a man.

If she's shedding tears & appears sorry, then this is an act worthy of an academy award. The only thing she is extremely sorry for is being caught. We all know if you really really sincerely love someone, you don't bonk someone else.

815 days ago


She and that directors 'relationship' was found out and they were being blackmailed for $'s. So instead of paying the blackmailer... then went public.

815 days ago


She cheated on her last boyfriend to be with Rob, so how could you not see this coming? Well... the fact that she's poker faced all the time didn't help, but once a cheater always a cheater. That's prolly how she got the part in the movie.

815 days ago


I'd so throw my hot, steamy load down her throat. I'd pinch her nose shut, so you know she'd swallow.

815 days ago


Sad you compared someone having an affair w/a man being on trial for murder.

815 days ago

Fat Mike    

Stupider move: TMZ using their own cameraman as a source on the non-story about Kris Humphries' girlfriend being pregnant

815 days ago


I would take this poll if, "The whole thing is Fake!" was an option. Something is just so OFF about this whole thing. I get a very manly feeling from Kristen as well, but if that were the case, why not just go with that?

815 days ago


Since her and RPatz' s relationship was a fauxmance, I am not quite sure why RPatz would be too upset anyway. Plus, he will find a hotter guy.

815 days ago


This poor gay chick is living a very carefully crafted life. I hope she finds happiness someday.

815 days ago


Sounds like something Dax or Max would say... However, you Guys left out an obvious Choice Box: "All Movie Hype". [And, personally, I DON'T SEE what in da hell women are swooning over: Pattinson has a near-rectangular facial shape and would be perfect as a Romulan Gopher on any Star Trek series. Oh, and, incidentally, I'm a Libra and will dish at both sexes when I see fit!!] I also posted a couple of graphics about this Kris-Patt "Episode" on FB on 7.28.

815 days ago
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