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Begging Fans

for $150,000!

7/29/2012 3:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

may have stripped her way off welfare, but she couldn't strip her way out of foreclosure ... and now the mother of 14 is begging her fans for $150,000 so she can put a down payment on a new pad.

In case you forgot ... despite Octo's recent XXX endeavors, she still couldn't make the mortgage payments on her La Habra house and it was foreclosed on last month.

Sources close to Octo tell TMZ she's been given two weeks to move out, but the problem is she doesn't have enough cash to buy a house of her own ... especially one that can fit her giant brood.

Octo's solution ... set up a page on a website called, where her fans can send her money through the internet! All she's asking for is a cool $150k to get started. 

In the meantime, we're told Octo is trying to book as many jobs as possible, just in case her fans don't come through.

The bright side: at least she's not taking our tax dollars.


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I need help too... please someone help me give $150,000.... please...... at least i would use it to pay bills and buy food for my kid not $500 hairdo's and nonsense......

823 days ago


will she please get some pride in herself........ this woman has no pride in herself whats so ever.... she porns herself out .. she begs strangers for money ... why doesn't she go back to school and do something with her life... she is so plebeian. no education , no cuth , begging money from strangers... wow she's a looser... they need to take her kids away cause she can't take care of herself .. let alone them .....

823 days ago


She has access to this money daily. Just as she does her Dial A Ho money. Look where all that money has gone! She has a horror movie coming out, a song that she gets profits from, Octoloan, ongoing money from her porn sales, pic money, autograph money, SSI for some of her kids, Food stamps, welfare, has not paid any rent or mortgage in over a yr, and the other begging website with the kids all over it, her fake boxing matches, her ongoing stripping gigs! How much does this biotch need?? She's had plastic surgery on every part of her body including her vagina!! She stays at the best hotels, flies first class, does clubs, Disneyland every other week, shopping, her uscream videos weekly - getting ad money so she bragged to Dr Drool! She bragged just recently she makes so much monthly she no longer gets food stamps (which no one believes - she's just not reporting all her income to qualify) her bankruptcy filing she claims she owes back utilities, cable, her parents, etc etc etc!! What is she using her money on but herself?? She paid upfront to have her porn made. She says she makes thousands every week just from one fan through her Dial a Ho gig. She claims her porn agent has all kinds of money making gigs lined up which she is grateful for. She has now two begging sites...a company where she is more than likely funneling and hiding money in, an attorney on call, an assistant, babysitters, a weekly cleaning crew through Dr Drool....she was just dumped by her boytoy because he got mad she was calling him her "boyfriend" and he was only a friend. Her kids are not even living at home, so she said. She has them "farmed out" and being watched by "other families". She has two vehicles which are not in her name. She has a hairdresser who comes to her home. On her Uscream videos, she buys expensive vitamins, Taco Bell, expensive fruits and veggies, expensive yogurt, expensive salmon and etc etc and brags and shows them to her two viewers...I work and cannot afford all that. Yes I am a hard working commuting taxpayer from CA and paying not only state taxes to keep this biotch but federal taxes too. SHE SPENDS LITTLE TO NOTHING ON THE TUPS, yet buys the older ones I Phones etc to pacify them so they don't kill her or abuse her. She degrades her mother, talks crap about her father and has bankrupted them both at one point...AND YOU THINK I WOULD SEND HER A NICKEL?? Does she need more plastic surgery on her now mutilated vagina?? If people keep enabling this biotch, she may find another doctor to put her 28 remaining eggs in her and try for 10/12 babies at one time. Let her hit bottom...let her suffer...the kids will not be on the street!! They will be fed!! She can get HUD housing but she wants a mansion!! She thinks she is a STAR!! Send her your money but I refuse to send any of mine!! The first two yrs she had over 2.5 million she spent on herself and plastic toys!!! Suzy Orman confirmed that!! Yep fools, send away!!

823 days ago


It is well beyond time that Suleman learns to wipe her own bottom. Unfortunately, she has had it wiped for her for so long,that she hasn't ever had to lift a finger to clean up own muck. Unlike her vagina, with which her fingers are well acquainted, she probably doesn't even know where her anus is... excepting that it may not be a stretch for her to switch from beggary to buggary.
She has had literally millions of dollars pass through her greedy little hands in three and one half years, concommittant with State Welfare. Prior to that, she was supported by the State. She is still being supported by the State. The State is her third, largest, and most lucrative Tit... It is time, Madame, for a Tit reduction'. And this swine has the effrontery to beg for more... "Octo's Twist"..'Please, suckers...Can I have some more...Money?
A house deposit this month. What, the next month.. and the months after that?
There does not appear to be a level that is too low for Suleman to stoop...

823 days ago


I can't believe people are actually donating to her. Where is her porn money? She needs to go make another porn and leave people alone. This makes her no better than a bum on the street carrying a sign begging for, she's worse..the bums signs say 'will work for food'...she wants money for doing nothing. There goes the old saying that you can't get something for nothing.

823 days ago

I luv u RPattz!    

I love the way she tries to manipulate people for money, "it's for my kids". If you want people to feel sorry for your kids for money than, make each and everyone of them a sign that says "THIS IS MY MOM. NEED I SAY MORE", put your picture on it and have them stand outside.

823 days ago


I swear, this woman is BEYOND shameless. It just astounds me that she has this HUGE sense of entitlement and that people are just going to continue to hand her over money.
WHAT FANS????? She has NONE, it's not like she is a true celebrity or anything. So she popped out 14 kids, big whoop!!!! You can procreate, YAY, SEND YOU MONEY. NOT.
This woman just makes me madder and madder each time I look at her.

823 days ago

john johnson    

hey you joke, just ask kate goshlin for the money.

823 days ago


Where is Child Protective Services? Who's taking care of the kids when she's doing all these jobs? I guarantee, within just a few weeks, maybe months, CPS will have those kids......and they should at this point.

823 days ago

She is pathetic....Fans? didn't know she has any! Lets just hope that their is no one out there dumb enough to give her a dime!

823 days ago

She is pathetic....Fans? didn't know she has any! Lets just hope that their is no one out there dumb enough to give her a dime!

823 days ago


Anybody checked on her begging site yet, did she get past the 20 dollar mark she had yesterday?
Two weeks minus a day, Octomut, what you gonna do when Sheriff John Brown puts your butt out on the front lawn?

823 days ago



823 days ago


Kindly donate money to me. I suggest that you people stop buying expensive Starbucks coffee and donate to me instead. And just stop with the fancy restaurant meals. I need that money more than you. My lips need to be refilled. You people need to budget better.

823 days ago


This b!tch is actually making money off of negative publicity. She has us all fooled. If you want to get rid of her lets boycott her next store on TMZ. NOBODY POST A COMMENT. YOU CAN READ BUT REFRAIN FROM TELLING HER WHAT A LOSER SHE IS. SHE KNOWS IT!!!!

823 days ago
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