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Begging Fans

for $150,000!

7/29/2012 3:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

may have stripped her way off welfare, but she couldn't strip her way out of foreclosure ... and now the mother of 14 is begging her fans for $150,000 so she can put a down payment on a new pad.

In case you forgot ... despite Octo's recent XXX endeavors, she still couldn't make the mortgage payments on her La Habra house and it was foreclosed on last month.

Sources close to Octo tell TMZ she's been given two weeks to move out, but the problem is she doesn't have enough cash to buy a house of her own ... especially one that can fit her giant brood.

Octo's solution ... set up a page on a website called, where her fans can send her money through the internet! All she's asking for is a cool $150k to get started. 

In the meantime, we're told Octo is trying to book as many jobs as possible, just in case her fans don't come through.

The bright side: at least she's not taking our tax dollars.


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She's not taking our tax dollars? I suppose in a manner of speaking you are correct, she is not. I guess she has paid off her student loans that she used to pay for impregnation? Someone has to be paying for them if she's not. Maybe I am?

731 days ago


seems to me that America has a new form of "welfare" it's called reality show losers, and begging for money thinking they are "celebrities" pitiful… and pathetic

731 days ago


Octo needs to find a nice town in the midwest where rents are $300 per month and a nice big house can be bought for $30,000. The schools in the midwest are great and the neighbors are great. Best of all, no intrusive TMZ cameras.

731 days ago

Cheryl A.    

Fans?? What fans? Who has fans for having a million kids?

731 days ago


If you can't feed 'em don't breed 'em

731 days ago


Omg I went to the site and two dumbfcks donated ....I hate this whore! She is a waste of space and what's sad is her kids will learn her ways!

731 days ago


Me and my boys will chip in $17 if you bang a horse while sucking on jelly fish

731 days ago


If by some miracle she were to get the down payment, then what? She would still need a mortgage to cover the rest. No bank in her right mind would loan a dime to a woman with no job, crappy credit and a history of stiffing a landlord on rent payments to the tune of more than 300k. Then comes things like taxes, upkeep, HOA fees (cuz she's a supahstar, don't you know. She couldn't be bothered to live in a regular neighborhood. )

On the other hand, she could take that 150k and buy an old run down house in Compton where she would fit right in with all the other welfare moms with too many kids and no baby daddies.

731 days ago


She already did a porna film, then she started stripping at a bar, and made alot of money, now she wants the public to give her money to buy a house and fund her life.. Is she serious-The woman, needs her head examined.

She shouldn't of had all those kids if she couldn't afford to feed them..!

731 days ago


This woman is mentally ill, she is so out of touch with reality it's scary, I feel bad for the kids. I think she needs to get help, try to find a way to go to college and earn a living for those kids. Stop looking for fame

731 days ago


you grew it, you chew it!! your choice to have a litter of 8 mouths to feed, that need love from other than a porn star or strippers!! like most chicks, never think a page ahead!! or what will work, only what (I) want now!!

731 days ago


TMZ when are you going to run the story VIVID ENTERTAINMENT Head Hancho Steve Hirsh excited he did not invest in OctoSlut. With a picture of Steve with the biggest smile. One Million she not even worth 1 dollar.

731 days ago


Is this a joke?

731 days ago


Really? Im also asking for $150,000 I need to buy a home also, I also need a new car and Im paying for college for my 2 kids and another one entering WTF Does she think? Im in a big effin hole too.. she can go fu@king work like the rest of us..bitch its called .....STRUGGLING!!! all she wants are hand outs?...GET THE F OUTTA HERE

731 days ago


It would be a cold day in hell before I give that brood mare any money. Looking at the picture above, you can kind of guess what she can do to earn that money.

731 days ago
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