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Begging Fans

for $150,000!

7/29/2012 3:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

may have stripped her way off welfare, but she couldn't strip her way out of foreclosure ... and now the mother of 14 is begging her fans for $150,000 so she can put a down payment on a new pad.

In case you forgot ... despite Octo's recent XXX endeavors, she still couldn't make the mortgage payments on her La Habra house and it was foreclosed on last month.

Sources close to Octo tell TMZ she's been given two weeks to move out, but the problem is she doesn't have enough cash to buy a house of her own ... especially one that can fit her giant brood.

Octo's solution ... set up a page on a website called, where her fans can send her money through the internet! All she's asking for is a cool $150k to get started. 

In the meantime, we're told Octo is trying to book as many jobs as possible, just in case her fans don't come through.

The bright side: at least she's not taking our tax dollars.


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The name of the site alone (gofundme) shows how arrogant this beoytch is. She could have at least named it something like but instead she just expects people to give her money.

793 days ago


Does Octomom ever not look like a feeding carp?

793 days ago


oh...I really would love to know what ******* would give her money....because I have a bridge to sell them....

793 days ago

Ginger Pail    

Well, better a house fund than a begging site set up for poor people to have IVF right?

793 days ago


Begging fans??? What fans? The only person I know of that is hated more than Octomom is Casey Anthony.

793 days ago

BB not bb    

Where I live you need one bedroom for every two people, meaning she would need an 8 bedroom mansion to deal with all of those people. I don't see how she is going to come up with that or even find a place to rent. I think she should have tried harder to keep her place because if she doesn't know where she is going, she is going to have a big problem on her hands. I don't think she can just check into a hotel or go camping with so many little kids.

Maybe they give her a break and let her put three kids to a room or maybe even four. There are places that really give you a hard time over zoning laws. If she can pay her debts where she is, then she wouldn't have to worry about moving, which is very expensive. She should just ask for money to get back on track with the mortgage.

793 days ago


TMZ.. Link this story to the Home Page and NOT to HER page. That way people can view and donate to those with true need. She WANTS to buy a house she does NOT NEED to buy a house let her rent a house like millions of others do!

793 days ago


I would like funded too. I have a small home that I can afford. My children go to public school because I can't afford private school. I am almost done paying off my student loans and always meet those payments, my mortgage, and my car along with everything else. Oh yeah, and I didn't have more children than I could support. I too would like funded because some days I just don't feel like getting up and going to work. Fund me too?

793 days ago

grossed out    

Anyone who gives her money is STUPID AS HELL!!!

793 days ago


How 'bout Go****

793 days ago


Take the kids away and let this less then a lady (BEING NICE) fend for herself. Nobody told her to have that many kids. She should have stopped at 2(WHICH FOR HER WAS 2 TO MANY) Let the DR who was dumb enough to do the procedure help with child support.

793 days ago


I hope those two gullible dumfuqs who left her a total of $20 bucks look around and realize there are people who really do need her pre-cosmetic-surgery touchup money on that site.

She may just permanently ruin that site for needy and worthy people who have a legitimate reason to ask for money.

Wonder how many of them blew through a couple of million in donations that they stole form their kids and then squandered on cosmetic surgery and mall binges instead of what they and ther kids needed to live on.

If you are lucky enough to be able to donate, please help the other people on that site.

793 days ago


B***h Please

793 days ago


Yeah, I got an idea of what she could do to raise $150k, being the good woman she is ..... but at $10 a go, it might take a while.

793 days ago


here's an option.. RENT..!!

793 days ago
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