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James Holmes Massacre

Victim's Mother Ready

to Sue Movie Theater

7/30/2012 5:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0729_james_holmes_aurora_tmzThe mother of one of James Holmes' massacre victims has hired a high-powered attorney to sue the Aurora, CO movie theater where he opened fire ... killing 12 people, and injuring 58 others.

TMZ has learned Shirley Wygal is retaining a lawyer in Los Angeles to handle her case -- and we're told she plans to go after the Century 16 Theater.

Shirley's 32-year-old daughter Rebecca Wingo was shot and killed in the theater.

Sources close to Shirley tell us she believes the theater's emergency exit doors should have been alarmed, or there should have been security guards posted next to them ... especially for a premiere as anticipated as "The Dark Knight Rises."

Witnesses say Holmes entered the theater through an emergency exit door and then started shooting. Authorities think he may have propped the door open earlier from inside the theater.

TMZ broke the story ... a survivor of the shooting spree is planning a similar suit, but he also intends to go after Warner Bros. and Holmes' doctors.

We've reached out to Cinemark -- the theater's corporate owners -- but no reply yet.

Holmes will be in court Monday morning to be formally charged in the massacre.


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I'm sorry this psycho killed and injured people but stop blaming and suing everyone else. This is what we call "life", you don't know when it'll end or at whos hands. We can't put guards at every corner, store or movie theater just to ease the pain, bc we all know the security at the airport didn't stop the 911 attack.

783 days ago


This was a horrific act but to sue is a disgrace! You are just proving your money hungry sue happy! It won't bring your loved one backs it will just give you a fat bank account! Shame on you it's nobody fault but the killers!

783 days ago


..they had absolutely zero reason to think having the exit doors unguarded would lead to something like this, when something is unfathomable and unthinkable, it means that before it happens, normal people would never think to protect against it! you can be sure movie theatres will be installing some sort of alarm system on theatre exit doors from now on, but to expect them to see the future is unreasonable

783 days ago


This recent photo of James Holmes... it looks as if he is smiling this makes me sick to my stomach.... I am praying for the victims and there familys... and i agree with the victims that have said death by firing squad, the bible says and eye for an eye!!! that is probably not a very nice way to use bible context but in this case it seems to fit!!!

783 days ago


Well what does she want the theater to do? That is just stupid the theater did not do anything wrong by law they have to have those emergency exit doors open. Has there been any police at any other midnight showings? Stop trying to look for a way to get money out of this. Maybe the theater might make some changes after this tragedy so that it doesn't happen again, what can they do lock the exit doors?

782 days ago


Some people will stop at nothing to make/steal a buck. She would probably sue god if she could.

782 days ago

tim nyland    

Very sad. A mom trying to get a "payday" on her daughter's tragic death. WTF is this woman thinking?
Please, anyone, tell me the last time they were at a movie that had guards there??.. God have mercy on her soul

780 days ago


The theater could no more have prevented this than she could have. She might as well sue herself.
Suing someone will not bring her daughter back.

779 days ago


This is just pure old greed. You can't blame Cinemark for what some deranged person does, this could have happened anyplace.....

779 days ago


are they for real I've gone to movies for over forty years and never seen a security gaurd at one and never expected to see one. Now all of a sudden no ones happy lets make mevery theater pay thousands of dollars a year for unneeded security, because of one sicko many movie theaters barely servive as it is load on more expenses and law suits and they'll be closing their doors they only get on average between .25 and .75 per each ticket sale depending on the movies. you want to sue someone sue the greedy distributors who are not willing to share more of the take with them even thought the theathers pay for local print ads the printing of tickets, are incharge of selling the tickets and managing the viewers.

779 days ago


this girl's family is taking FULL advantage of her murder

777 days ago

Michael S. Terrell    

FREE MONEY!!!!!!! you dirty family bastards are looking to collect on a tragedy that should never have happened. Really??....what kind of compensation will money bring to the loss of a loved one? free money... that's all that it is about.. If the Judges in court dole out any kind of monetary reward to these so called "grieving families" should be barred form the bench permanently and arrested for facilitating the crime by association

777 days ago

Brad K    

According to one source, the theater should also have to answer for banning weapons among lawful patrons. Creating a gun free zone has turned out to really mean Disarmed Victim Zone -- and that is something mass shooters are drawn to.

776 days ago


Wow the bodies aren't even cold yet! The theater isn't responsible and neither is Warner Bros for God Sake! One deranged man is totally responsible and no one else. What's next? You going to sue his parents for not raising him right? His neighbors for never noticing he was a total nutcase?
GROW UP and move on

764 days ago


like trayvon's mom with her t-shirts!!

755 days ago
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