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Jermaine Jackson


I'm Backing Off the Estate

8/1/2012 12:26 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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Jermaine Jackson
-- a major ringleader in the Jackson family rebellion against the MJ Estate -- has officially defected from a family letter criticizing the Estate ... but still has "deep reservations" about the executors.

Jermaine just posted a long letter on his Twitter account, writing, "I rescind my signature from the letter which was sent to the Estate, and which should never have gone public."

"I still hold deep reservations about many issues involving the Estate, and I will continue to bring scrutiny and a resolute voice wherever we have cause for concern. But the way to address such matters is through the proper channels and via a private dialogue, not public conflict."

He adds, "In this spirit, I offer this statement by way of extending an olive-branch."

Jermaine follows in the footsteps of his brother Tito, who withdrew his signature last week from the siblings' July 17th letter to the Estate, in which they accused the executors of failing at their job and stressing out Katherine Jackson so badly she suffered a "mini-stroke."

As of now, the signatures of Janet, Rebbie, and Randy remain on the letter.


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Oh and another thing Jermaine, here's hoping that the Judge does not sign off on letting your mother handle any money that is for the children. I am sure that she had dipped into the funds that belong to PP&B and given it to you and Randy and Rebbie and whoever else comes crawling looking for some. Randy owes it babymama $500,000 - what is the amount you owe her? It's the same woman, so your kids are brothers and sisters & cousins too. Your two of a kind, you and Randy.

811 days ago


I can't believe the hysteria I've witnessed here over the past week. People acting like they know what is going on from the little slivers of bull**** info doled out by this website. Up in arms becuz they are terrified that 3 kids might not get all of a billion buck estate, (like having that much $ wouldn't have screwed them up more than they already are, having been raised by a total perv and no access to a real mother). fyi people, the execs get 10% themselves, and their montlhy alllowance is far greater than what they pay KJ to maintain herself and the kids. Michael Jackson turned into a lunatic right before our eyes over a period of several years. Yet his hapless siblings continued to stand by him, despite the degradation and humiliation that his antics caused the entire family. I thought MJ totally sucked for not leaving his siblings anything. They were the ones who helped him get his career going, not the execs, and not even his mom. Look at the liner notes on his old albums. He stiffed the very people who helped him make his estate from the very beginning. MJ is the real jerk in this story. He coulda left his sibs with 1% each and his kids would still have hundreds of millions each for themselves. I am mindblown by all the concern here that the kids get every dime of that estate. The execs are likely milking it for all its worth, paying their family members for services, etc. The execs are probably the ones who leaked all this bull**** to tmz.

811 days ago


The Michael Jackson Estate is in no way obligated to any of the Jackson siblings, and it might be a conflict of interest for The Michael Jackson Estate to have "private" conversations with persons The MJ Estate knows were intentionally left OUT of MJ's Will. So, Jermaine, you're going to need to hire your own lawyer, IF you wanna have a "private" conversation. Otherwise, you're talking to the Press everytime you open your stupid mouth!

811 days ago

Honeys Booboo    

Blanket: " Yo, Jermagesty... Don't TAZE me, Bro ! "

811 days ago


If Jermaine realized how effin UGLY he is, he stay out of the public eye and as far away from cameras as possible. WTF is up with that HAIR? DAMN....dude, look at THE MAN IN THE MIRROR!

811 days ago


That hair! Yuck

811 days ago


I guess Mom paid off his child support. So bought silence for now until the next fat child support payment is due. UGH!!!

811 days ago


And as soon as he pressed the send button, he RAN to his mother and asked her for some money. This guy is so transparent, he has no idea.

Now, cue the rest of them for their retractions. It won't be long.

Looks like it was a good day for all the lawyers.

811 days ago


Rescinding his signature because THEY HAVE NO BASIS FOR CRITICIZING THE ESTATE. Jermaine is pathetic and broke and desperate to get his hands on MJ's kids' money.

The Executors for MJ's Estate Trust are doing a exceptional job making money and keeping MJ's greedy siblings hands off it. Let the Executors do their job. If the siblings/Katherine/Joe Jackson had their hands on the trust, there would be no money for Prince/Paris/Blanket. Can't somebody put a muzzle on those greedy annoying Jacksons.

811 days ago


He wrote that response? Yeah right. His lawyer wrote it. He couldnt string that many 3-syllable words together on his own if he tried.

811 days ago

J Vereecke    

Who is Jermaine Jackson ,? He is just Nobody. FIND WORK SO THAT YOU EARN YOUR OWN MONEY . Leave the estate alone. Michael trusted the estate and they do their job very well. Don't touch Michael's lovely kids anymore or don't damage them psychical. MOVE TO ANOTHER PLANET PLEASE. The same for Janet and Randy.
U are 3 liars

811 days ago


You can write and sign a will on a ship to the MOON but you only have to have witnesses and have them sign then file where you live DAH!

811 days ago


Guess I'm a little slow on the uptake . . . IF MJs last Will is considered invalid, then the 1997 Will will be enforced. If the 1997 Will is found to be invalid, then his children will STILL inherit his estate . . . So, what part of this don't you understand, Jerk-maine?

Your efforts should be concentrated on how you are going to man-up and support your underage children -- and be a REAL son to your mother.

811 days ago


He must of gotten booed off the stage when he was here in Saratoga *shrug shoulders*

811 days ago


OMDG, That quote should say " I withdraw my name from the paper due to the fact I saw the slew of empty seats at our last concert that is largely due to the fact the public know knows me for the money grubbing jerk I am, and in order for me to ever be able to afford to buy clothes are were made popular by my deceased brother, I need to get my name off this thing as soon as possible before I lose every dime I'll ever have"

811 days ago
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