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Usher's Ex-Wife

His Sympathy for

My Dead Son is 'Bogus'

8/2/2012 8:10 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Usher didn't care about his ex-wife's dead son ... blew off his funeral ... and is only PRETENDING to be affected by the tragedy to court sympathy from the media and his fans ... this according to the singer's ex-wife.

Tameka Raymond's lawyer has filed new documents in the couple's bitter child custody war ... slamming Usher ... who asked the court to delay the next hearing in light of the death of Tameka's son, Kile, who was killed in a jet ski accident.

In his request, Usher claims he's worried the hearing would cause "unnecessary stress and strain" for both himself, Tameka and their two minor children "in the immediate wake of this tragedy."

Usher also claims Tameka would get an unfair advantage in the hearing because the court would not want to rule against a woman who is still grieving the death of her son.  Usher fears he could lose custody of the children and believes it would be unfair to him. 

But in docs of her own ... Tameka's lawyer claims Usher is full of crap ... insisting U's claims of suffering "stress and strain" are "BOGUS."

In fact, she claims Usher didn't care about her son at all in his final days -- even though Usher regarded him as a son back when they were married.

"[Usher] visited Kile in the hospital only once" during his 15 days on life support ... Tameka claims.

She also claims she had begged Usher to tweet a message about her son, "Please pray for Kile" ... but he refused. Instead, Tameka claims, Usher's next tweet was a photo of his own breakfast with the caption, "Breakfast of Champions."

In her docs, Tameka claims Usher's attempt to postpone the hearing is "simply a transparent sham" ... and asks the judge to DENY Usher's request and require him to appear at the next scheduled hearing, set for August 13.

She also claims resolving the custody battle is the only way for her to heal and move forward with her life.


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What a BITCH! Evil is as Evil does.

810 days ago


You need to let all this hostility go, and move on. Haven't you learned anthing from your sons horrific death, that life is too short, being so bitter, and worring about someone who doesn't want to be with you. Move forward with your life. You know, the best revenge is to be happy.

810 days ago


Whoa, accusing him of not caring about a boys death is cruel. There's thousands of people who worried about this boy and were sad with the news, and Usher would be what, one of the only people who didn't care? Classy Tameka, you're very classy.

810 days ago


Wow, how did she convince him to marry her in the first place? That chick is screwed up bigtime

810 days ago


Obviously nothing was learned from the lesson God tried to teach you. He flew you home immediately after the accident but then you stated that asking Usher for financial help with life support was not an option. You can't have it both ways; criticize him for not being there but refuse the option of his help.

You lost a child; instead of taking this lesson at this time to reflect on what GROWN UPS should do as parents, she's vilifying him. Doesn't Kile have a birth father? Maybe Usher was trying to respect the fact that this dude had family, feelings, rights as well and decided to keep a minimum profile.

Chick, you need to fall to your knees and get your life in order pronto. God is just beginning to work in your life and you can't move on without Him, no matter how bad you try and make someone else out to look.

810 days ago


you really are a piece of work; he didnt care but he chartered plane for you! Usher doesnt need sympathy from his fans...his career is at top; no issues with his career until he hooked with you; and he is still fine; same crap you pull with your friend that reached out to TMZ being upset that people were tweeting prayers for your son, and once again complaining..that its keep forgetting...Usher is the one that is are not; if you weren't his would have lost out on 3 million additional prayers; sometimes...the things you do.seems like really are a disgusting human being; what are you doing to your 2 sons with Usher; go back to Brazil and get more plastic surgery.

810 days ago


Sadly the judge will probably let her get whatever she wants. This woman is trash and I am so sick of these women trying to and achieving getting rich by popping out children. That to me is just a prostitute. Marriage or not, custody or not, he is willing to pay for the children, all he wants is his fair share of time with them. How many women in this country would LOVE to have their "baby daddy" want to not only pay for but be a part of their lives? This makes me SICK!

810 days ago

Lynda Jones-owings    

Usher, I know you are screaming for this relationship to be over asap. Because this B&t@h is running you crazy. Once the custody case is over she will still have issue with you.

810 days ago


Shockingly, I think I am team Tameka on this one. It's Usher who is trying to delay the hearing using HER son's death as an excuse. If she's ready to go, then just do it. He is afraid she will get sympathy from the judge and that is just a little bit d***chy to me. I won't hold the hospital thing against him because he may have been trying to give the family time without causing a distraction. But if he didn't attend the funeral, there is NO excuse! None.

810 days ago


But he wasn't so horrible when he paid for your chartered flight to be with your son??? I don't know who is lying, but to come out in public after losing your son, well I think that is questionable as well.....

810 days ago

Celebrities Suck    

she's pathetic. Why does it matter if Usher twitted a plate of food? That shouldn't be your main focus, you just lost a child for god sake. No one is obligated to tweet anything anyone asked him too. When you ask someone to do something they have an option to do it or not they are not forced to do anything. She's just bitter. Doesn't she have two other children from another man and he has full custody of them? If so, must be a reason. Maybe she needs to go back to working as a hair stylist/wardrobe stylist or get back into management. Stop depending on her baby daddy's. Makes you look really bad. Pretty sad but a close friend of mine was dating someone he had a child with her. She had two kids from two different men, and she was living off of her children child support money. She went and got liposuction, a boob job, she bought a condo, and drove a hummer thanks to her two baby daddy.

810 days ago


I guess she didn't need a reprieve from the nastiness to mourn her son.

810 days ago


I bet there was a time when Usher did everything this
woman wanted, she had her hand on his **** gears.

810 days ago


He just can't win with this BITCH!!!!

810 days ago


No good deed goes unpunished. He immediately chartered a plane to get them to a hospital and this is his thanks. He is not the boy's father. He tried to do the right thing. This witch just never lets up. As for the person who saw a picture with Usher smiling!!! Seriously. He had nothing to do with any of this. What the hell do you want from him?

810 days ago
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