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Floyd Mayweather

Jail Didn't Ruin My Bod

... I'M RIPPED!!!

8/3/2012 10:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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Floyd Mayweather posts a photo to Facebook after being released from jail.
Floyd Mayweather did not emerge from jail as a puny, shriveled up shell of an athlete ... as he so grimly predicted during his stint in the pokey -- in fact, the guy is pretty damn jacked.

Moments after he was sprung from the big house this morning, Mayweather posted a photo of his chiseled physique on his Facebook page.

Kinda shocking ... considering he begged the judge to release him from jail early because his stint behind bars was ruining his boxing career. In fact, Floyd complained his lack of exercise coupled with an "inappropriate diet" was taking a serious toll on his body.

Mayweather even griped that he was experiencing a noticeable "lack of muscle tone."

Yeah ... we should ALL look this pathetic and weak.


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Mumra the Ever Living    

So basically he was lying. I would not expect less from the likes of Floyd Mayweather Jr.
I'm old enough to remember his Dad when he fought. He wasn't the best, but he fought the best, and did himself proud. I can't imagine Mayweather Sr. being proud of the disgrace his son became.

790 days ago


There was a time when being an ex-con was not something to be proud of.

790 days ago


he looks like a scary bobble head in that pic

790 days ago


Still Looks Like The Champ To Me ! TMT ! His Strength is Thru Understanding ! Business Man and Worlds Best in Boxing ! #SK

790 days ago

deenie mom    

Whew! Sooo glad jail didn't damage him. Now if someone could only teach the women in his life to duck and weave, or take a punch.

790 days ago


Jail Cant Ruin Floyd ! His Strength is thru Understanding ! So It Only Helped to Build His Energy ! Strength from within ! Now he's Focused TMT Promotions ! #SK

790 days ago


That's how "THEY" do. Always trying to find the way out of (AFRICA) I mean, Trouble. Just Saying...!!!

790 days ago


He was crying like a little biatch in the jail for dehydration.He's a real gayweather :)

789 days ago

Big Daddy    

Any of you idiots that think floyd took anything but handshakes in jail have watched too many movies. If you don't know boxing, don't comment on his skils either. Pacquiao doesn't stand a chance. We all know it, some of you just don't like Floyd as a person and let that affect your point of view. Everyone of your "idols" have flaws. Beating a woman is unacceptable, but when you are throwing punches 5 hours a day, I'd give him a little more slack that it was just a reaction and not intent.

789 days ago


Funny, he sounded like a whiny little kid bawling about being in jail, and now he wants to brag? What a douche. And way for the justice system to take domestic violence seriously - letting him out early after giving him only a few months. Remember when a boxer's hands were seen as deadly weapons and he could lose his boxing license plus get more serious charges for this kind of sh*t? Those were the good days. Now some people worship these lowlife thugs.

789 days ago


I bet he filled up on plenty of sausage while he was in there.

789 days ago


Lol, ppl are surprised that he's still a douche? He was only locked up for two months in a county jail hiding in his cell for crying out loud LOL What will that change besides the hair on his head? I'd like to see how he really would of changed had he actually done real hard time locked up in a real prison doing years not months. He don't want to experience what Tyson did.

789 days ago


This d-bag should be ripped, he only weighs a buck fidy and he's 5'8"

789 days ago

Fed Up    

Gabby Douglas carries the flag for African Americans. Not this dodging clown.

789 days ago


Everybody talking Smack about Floyd, but can't stop following him, if you guys really mean it then stop paying for his fights, or wanting to see him fight Manny, you still will be putting money in his pocket.

789 days ago
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