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Judge to Usher

Stepson's Death Will NOT

Delay Custody Battle

8/3/2012 11:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0803_tameka_usher_01The judge in the Usher/Tameka Raymond child custody case has refused to postpone the trial because Tameka's son died -- ruling the trial will resume as scheduled later this month.

As TMZ first reported, Usher wanted to have a court date moved back because he was worried that with the recent passing of Tameka's son ... the court hearing would cause "unnecessary stress and strain" for himself, Tameka, and their two minor children.

But Tameka argued Usher was just posturing for the press and his concern was "bogus." She claimed in court papers Usher "visited Kile in the hospital only once" during his 15 days on life support.

A judge in Fulton County, GA has now ruled, saying the case will go on as planned and Usher will once again take the stand. 

The trial will resume on Aug. 13 and is only expected to last a few more days.


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She's a cold hearted Byatch!!

820 days ago

Cheryl A.    

He probably only visited once to say Goodbye to the child.

820 days ago


That was not his biological son. He flew her ass out there on a chartered jet and she's still ungrateful. But Usher should known this would happen. Should've married Chili from TLc and her baby hair.

820 days ago

Fat Mike    

How many times are you supposed to visit someone who is braindead?
Biatch wants her money now!

820 days ago


Tomorrow is Saturday

820 days ago


I think the children should stay with the mother.
I don't like that woman at all but that's how I feel nevertheless...

820 days ago


She is a creepy Scientologist!

820 days ago


I guess he should have listened to his mother when she told him she was against him marrying Tameka in the first place.

820 days ago


Well duh, he didn't want to deal with her sorry a**

820 days ago



let me get this straight...
she cheated on kile's father to be with usher
then married and had two kids with usher(not quite in that order if i remember correctly), during that time usher basically all but adopts kile and treats him like his own son
usher has enough and they divorce, after only a couple of years.
since then this custidity battle has been rageing.
kile is with his bio-dad when the accident happens
usher uses his private plane to get her to her son(a very, very nice thing to do for battling exes).
he visits kile once, which i can get.. i would want to remember the young boy the way he was, not brain-dead in a hospital.. and probably says goodbye then.
other than one msg about him grieving he says nothing, i too kept wondering where was the boy's bio-dad, since all i heard about was "usher's step-son this, and step-son that".
as for the funreal, if he had shown up it would have been a pap-fest, that is if he was even invited.
now she's complaining about him not posting on twitter? that he never cared for the boy? why the frig did he send the plane then? does she think the siblings of kile weren't affected by the death of their big brother? only the settling of the custidity will help her move on? what planet is this woman from?
everyone grieves in their own way.. when my father died, there were times i could laugh, even though his death crushed me. if he didn't care he wouldn't have cencelled his dates, throughout everything he's been damned nice, he's not been slaming her in the tabs etc.

820 days ago

Mumra the Ever Living    

Why should this woman let something inconsequential and silly like the death of her son get in the way of extracting as much money as possible from Usher.

820 days ago


Man, this woman's MEAN! How many hoops is she expecting Usher to jump through? The children would be better off with him, with no contact from this witch. Case closed.

820 days ago


We're about to really see how God don't like ugly. Whatever the outcome, the people who this tragic event was SUPPOSED TO HAVE CHANGE, refuses to do so.

I pray the judge presiding over this case see's it for what it is and truly does what's best interest for those boys.

It's about to get really Ugly up in here

820 days ago


Shameless cold gold-diggers = you're never free of them. NEVER.

820 days ago


Good...go forward with it and I hope she gets exactly what she deserves. I have never seen a woman so cold and heartless that rather than greive for her lost child and lavish love and support on the remaining ones...she's got her hand out for money. Her current displays of character explain why her first ex-husband has custody of their children.

820 days ago
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