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Gabby Douglas

Mom Filed for Bankruptcy

Before Olympic Triumph

8/5/2012 1:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


8/6 -- Hawkins spoke to reporters about her financial history in London yesterday ... saying, "It's my story, it's part of me. I'm not even embarrassed about it."

She added, "It shows that even though I didn't like to have to do it, I'm glad there was something there for me to be able to protect my home."

Just a few months before Gabby Douglas won her gold medal -- and opened the door to countless opportunities that will undoubtedly score her millions of dollars -- her mother filed for bankruptcy ... TMZ has learned

According to documents filed earlier this year in Virginia, Natalie Hawkins filed for Chapter 13 ... which is far less severe than Chapter 7. The docs state Hawkins has assets totalling $163,706.10 and debt totaling $79,754.14.

Her creditors include:
Capital One -- $1,534
Student loan -- $4,350.23
Sprint -- $158.78
T-Mobile -- $413
Orthodontist in Iowa (where Gabby trained when she was 14) -- $408

With the Chapter 13 filing, Hawkins has agreed to a monthly payment plan. She began making payments of $408/month back in February ... to a trustee who will divvy it up among her creditors.

However, with Gabby’s new found fame and the potential to make a bloody fortune, it's likely her mother will never have to worry about bankruptcy or money problems ever again.


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Seems TMZ doesn't read the reader comments where the vast majority of us have expressed our DISTASTE for this variety of "news". It's really foul and poor form. This woman, like the other Olympic parents you've exposed, is not a celebrity. She's a private citizen who happens to also be a parent who's sacrificed everything to help her child attain athletic greatness. Why you even feel this is newsworthy is absolutely beyond me. I'm really on the verge of not visiting this site again.

718 days ago


You must be kidding? Which thought this was a good idea? Attacking the mother of a 16 year old who just picked up a couple of gold metals (not to mention a very nice endorsement package)? Couldn't you let these folks enjoy their success before ripping away at it? Just because something is a matter of public record doesn't make it fit for public consumption. Perhaps whom ever thought this was newsworthy, or anyone's business for that matter, was doing their job. For certain, they did it badly.

718 days ago


The whole site today is filled with the parents financial situation instead of focusing on what a wonderful outstanding job this young woman did and what she accomplished. Clean it up TMZ =you've spent too much time around the Kardashians.

718 days ago


This information was so unnecessary however, it does prove a point about the ungratefulness of those who are always first to congratulate but never available to assist those who are striving to do better; be better. I was angered on yesterday with the number of 'entertainers' that came out wanting to be seen and heard as they congratulated Gabby for her success and yet some of them are known for their excessive spending - 40 million dollar jets and 1/2 million dollar Hampton get away. All the while here is an athlete, representing their Country, who could have benefited from just 1/3 of that wasteful spending. Most Countries pay for the training of their athletes - but not the greatest nation. We watch them struggle, jump on the winning bandwagon and then do all we can to publicly humiliate their struggles towards greatness. Sad but true - when will we learn to stop supporting those who don't give back...when America?

718 days ago


This is an all new low, even for TMZ.

718 days ago


Very classy Tmz!

This girl wins the gold for the USA and you not only dig up a story that her mother filed for bankruptcy, you then post the creditor and the amount she owed! This is embarrassing and degrading. Pull this article down please. Show some respect.

718 days ago


TMZ...tacky as usual. Couldn't wait one week huh? SMH.

718 days ago


Yet another pathetic "expose' " of an athlete's parent's financial woes? Shame on you TMZ.... this stuff is not right. It's none of our business, nor yours.

718 days ago


Yeah, but Ch 13 is where she's actually paying them back, just on a long term plan. With her divorce and her kiddo's professional needs I imagine it's been difficult. I think her hard times are all about come to an end. A very good end.

718 days ago


TMZ.... Why? I read through TMZ everyday right alongside my CNN and MSNBC sites... to get some fun in the middle of my news reading everyday. Between your article on Ryan Lochte's parents finances and your article on Gabby's mom's finances, I am totally disgusted you decided this was "fun" to report. It was borderline harassing - which is weird since they are parents of American Gold Medal winning athletes - a story in search of a scandal is only fun if it is a politician's finances (has Romney ever paid more than 13% taxes? Does he have any tax returns?) or a celebrity's money crazy (you doing a great job scandaling the greedy Jacksons...) -- but seriously, take this story down stat. And issue an apology. It's just not fun to read about a single mom's struggles. It looks douche-bag-ish...

718 days ago


Hey TMZ very classy!

This girl won the gold for the USA. In her time of triumph you dig out this story. Not only do you mention her mom files bankruptcy, you include the creditors and amounts owed. This is embarrassing and degrading to her and her family. Pull this story down now and apologize to her.

718 days ago


I really want to send a copy of this article to CNN so they can degrade TMZ in front of millions of people. I am so disgusted and angry about this.

718 days ago


What the **** is wrong with you idiots? Why the hell would you post this?

718 days ago


I am sorry TMZ but you have gone too far. How dare you put up someone's finances for all the world to see. It is disgusting and shameful. This is none of our business.

718 days ago


This is not anyone's business.

718 days ago
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