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Comes Out Looking

Like a Scrub in Mansion Sale

8/5/2012 5:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0803_t_boz_tmzT-Boz has finally sold the Georgia mansion she nearly lost to foreclosure a few years back, but she sold it for nearly half what she paid for it ... TMZ has learned.

As TMZ first reported, the TLC singer almost lost her home in 2008 when she failed to make the mortgage payments on time ... but was able to keep it from going on the auction block. She eventually filed for bankruptcy in 2011, with the mortgage on her home being her main debt. 

0804_duluth_GA_googleNow the house is no longer a problem ... she sold it for $680,000, a far cry from the $1,122,700 price she purchased it for back in 2001.

Who's the scrub now?


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Why do you keep reporting about nobodies like this, these no talent scrubs are better off left out of the news so they can go back under the rock they crawled out from under..l

811 days ago


If only she could have moved the house to a pea sized lot in southern California and sold it for millions..

811 days ago


In 2001 Real Estate was highly inflated so, she did not do too bad TMZ.

811 days ago


You know... T-Boz just can't seem to catch a break! She got screwed over by pebbles in that horrible contract . She is always in and out of the hospital for Sickle Cell, her ex-husband (Mack 10) became a crack head and beat on her and left her as a single mother with no child support, she has already auctioned off all her goods at a cheap yard sale, she's driving around in a family van they are about to take and now she sold her house where all the funds will go to her debtors! GIRL IT'S TIME TO PRAY!

811 days ago


She's a scrub now lol

811 days ago


The government. For not doing their job by turning away from what caused the fake inflation of the house in the first place.

811 days ago


The funny thing is, everyone wants to talk about her filing for bankruptcy and this and that (for over spending) well being that I know her personally, and know that when you're in the music industry, you pay for your own health insurance. Those of you who pay for it yourself, know that MOST of the things you actually need the coverage for, is not covered. She has had sickle cell since birth, in and out of the hospital almost every month, had VERY risky brain surgery to remove her tumor, and that's just the beginning. Walking into the hospital and not even being seen will cost you 1-2k easily. Not to mention the medications, surgery, and everything else. She has been in the hospital for weeks if not months at a time before. That could EASILY cost 80-90k per month. It's not easy. So, maybe you should run THAT story.

811 days ago


I'm convinced tmz are douchebags. Only the humiliation tboss is going threw not the positive, idiots

811 days ago


Where is this place? Must be some hell hole town to sell at that price.

811 days ago


"Who's the scrub now?" What a horrible thing to say! TMZ is getting to be no better than the National Enquirer! How tacky!!

811 days ago


TMZ you're slumming it now I see. How is she a scrub for taking a loss on her home? The part you're not reporting is the amount of money she put down on the home when she bought. She didn't pay the standard 3-5 or 20%. Since it's your show, I'll allow you to entertain us with the figure she put down.

I'm the last one to count someon else's money, but unless she was weighed down with re-fis and cleaning out her equity, she still came out ok. This story was nothing more than another person who had to sell their home at a loss, not a short sale or foreclosure. SMH.

810 days ago

Political Science Activist    

TMZ attacked the wrong homegirl.
Millions of fans have more respect for T-Boz than most female musicians in the history of R&B.
While I am praying T-Boz to get healthy, TMZ could seriously loose alot of ratings if more fans start to take this story personal.

809 days ago


Rele TMZ? Rele?

809 days ago


...and you call her a scrub why? T-Boz has never been in the media for any moral mis-steps, yet you report this story as if she deserved to lose her home during tough economic times. You forget TLC was at the top of their game, planning a new album and tour when Lisa Lopez tragically lost her life in Honduras. They refused to replace her, thus negating any and all possibilities of ever staging a TLC comeback. T-Boz had a few million $ in her nest egg, but also remember that she suffers from Sickle Cell Anemia, and her continuous treatments for that are expensive-especially when you are paying out of pocket!

TMZ- You are without a doubt becoming the "trashiest" media outlet in the world!

796 days ago


Who ever wrote this story need to take a look in the mirror. People like looking at other people problems to make themselfs feel better about there sucky lives

785 days ago
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