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Little People of America

We Are PEOPLE ...

Not Bowling Balls

8/9/2012 3:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Little people are NOT objects to be greased up and hurled down a bowling lane for the sick enjoyment of an audience -- so says the Little People of America, which tells TMZ, Zac Brown's "midget bowling" is a "direct insult" to little people everywhere. 

You'll recall ... TMZ posted footage of country singer Zac Brown going "midget bowling" at a motorcycle rally in South Dakota last weekend -- sliding a little person named Short Sleeve Sampson down a greasy ramp ... and into bowling pins (he got a strike).

But a rep for Little People of America -- the country's biggest non-profit for people with dwarfism -- tells TMZ, "Little People of America does not endorse any activity in which a person of short stature is used as an object rather than regarded as a competitor, in a 'sporting event.'"

The rep adds, "We believe that such practices are a direct insult to the equality of people with dwarfism, grounded in a respect for basic human dignity."

But tell that to Short Sleeve Sampson -- he called in to TMZ Live earlier this week ... insisting there's NOTHING wrong with a little "midget bowling" every now and then. 



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This is definitely a degrading "sport." But, hey, they have little people willing to do it, so what are you going to do?

807 days ago


Hey, Little people, how's that lawsuit against the film company of "Snow White and the Hunstman" for discrimination because they didn't use REAL Dwarfs? If a little person wants to make a living as a bowling ball, goodonhim, why would you fault him for working?

807 days ago



807 days ago


I feel so sorry for them. My sincere condolences to all the little people of America.


807 days ago


I'm still waiting for this organization to come out screaming about the degrading remark in Lord of the Rings, Return of the King. If midget bowling is bad, how about Midget tossing?

807 days ago

Mike L    

Some people will complain about anything. If the little trolls didn't want to be bowling balls then i'm sure there were normal people who would have done it. Now this organization is complaining that the band gave the trolls jobs? What else can they do?

807 days ago

Jay W.     

"Midget Bowling" That's offensive.
Change that to "Little People of America Bowling."

807 days ago


At first I thought this was funny, but the other day on TMZ live Harvey looked so terrifIed and concerned about the whole little people situation. =(


807 days ago


So, can I sue this event for stealing my idea as a kid? We owned a slip and slid and a plastic ten pin bowling set. We were doing this waaaaaaaaaay before they were.

807 days ago


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807 days ago


So, I'm remembering, the greatest Dwarf actor of all time, Billy Bart (forgive me if I got his name wrong) this man is a legend in his own right, worked, many, many movies ONE being a side show attraction. How about Verne Troyer, he was made fun of constantly in the Austin Powers movies, I guess if they are making a living in HOLLYWEIRD and being portrayed as less than "PEOPLE" that it's okay right? Pffttt. How come none of this screaming and yelling for not using 4 foot Midgets in Lord of the Rings. What a bunch of wankers.

807 days ago


Anyone have the name of the group of dwarfs that are popular? I keep thinking Beach House players but I googled it and it doesn't come up.

807 days ago


Not all little people has a problem with it. If they like to be tossed or bowled then that's them. They can do whatever they like. Stop trying to control every little person.

807 days ago


The Little People who volunteered to be the bowling balls are over the consenting age. They were not forced. They are laughing and smiling. Why are you telling them how they can make a few bucks? Why are you telling them how to live their life? What right do you have to tell them what they should and shouldn't do? Who are you to make them feel bad about themselves? It's their right to have fun the way they want to have fun.

807 days ago


If a midget doesn't want to be a bowling ball don't let anyone treat you like that. It looks like the incident above was all in fun. The issue should be with the guy who was the bowling ball not the people at the event.

807 days ago
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