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Lindsay Lohan

Rolling in


8/13/2012 7:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan
was flat broke at the time she was sentenced last year in her shoplifting case, but things have changed dramatically, because we've learned she'll rake in more than $2 million this year.

Sources directly involved in Lindsay's finances have given us the breakdown:

-- Playboy (December issue but she was paid in 2012) $1 Million

-- "Liz and Dick" Lifetime movie -- $300,000

-- "The Canyons" -- $6,480 (scale)

-- "Scary Movie" (Lindsay is about to sign on) -- $200,000


In addition, Lindsay was paid for her appearance on "Glee." And she's pulling in money for being the face of Philipp Plein. But wait, there's more. Lindsay is also getting $$$ for endorsing Jag Jeans. And she makes $2,000 -- $10,000 per tweet endorsement for several companies.

Our sources say, all tolled, Lindsay will make north of $2 million this year.

The way we see it, definitely enough to afford a driver.


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Marvin read haters.

766 days ago


@brandondavis Brandon Davis

@will_i_am See dude. I told yo she was a firecrotch skank. Good luck with your career now, dumass. Your so cursed. hahahaha

766 days ago


Lucky for Linds that Skyy Vodka now comes in a 55-gallon barrel. Buy one, get none free.

766 days ago


Mervin the Pee Stained Parakeet is channeling Bill and Ted, a major regression. They say someone like Mervin usually gets worse just before starting therapy.

766 days ago


Geez, TMZ is pretty far behind in reporting. Macauley Culkins sister was killed this morning, stepped in front of a car.

766 days ago


Wow. $2mil. oughta last at least a couple months.

766 days ago


Lindsay sighting on E News Tuesday night- seemed like she crashed another party, but the guy was nice to her so she got a little camera time to say they were good friends and happy whatever. Apparently not good enough friends to be invited... But he didn't act upset to see her. Usually I can't see all the stuff people talk about going wrong with her face etc. but I was really shocked at how bad she looked and sounded. (Even worse than on SNL, where I thought she looked ill.)She really did look and sound much much older than her years and just worn out, somehow the image of an aging socialite not quite part of the "in" crowd trying to get close to the important people came to mind. The contrast with other actors her age was startling. There was no vibrancy, no vitality. Even though the guy was gracious, she really did seem as though she just pushed herself into camera and microphone territory. I don't know how to exactly describe the effect, but it was very strange. I'm sure Lindsay thinks it was quite a triumph to get camera time on E News, but it seemed so weird that I can't imagine that kind of thing would make people casting projects think she would be good for a role.
Oh gosh, finally figured it out. There was definitely an Absolutely Fabulous Edie and especially Patsy vibe to her, that was it. That was why it seemed so familiar but also so disturbing at the sane time. No wonder Meryl Streep is praying for her.

766 days ago


She been like that for a long time .......that is called desperation.....
There doesn't seem to anybody who is willing or wanting to rein her in...they just hang in the back ground and scoop her up when she is done for the night and take her home.... by the looks of her they will be out of job in the not to near furture....

766 days ago

LA Native    

new from some publicist...what a joke

766 days ago


It'll be gone in 2 years...her expired on date is fast approaching. She IS NOT a very good actress...she is 26 but looks 36, she is already back at the boozing, wrecking, and partying. Hell..the legal bill for her last 3 months are gonna eat about $250k of that.

Porn by can take that to the bank.

765 days ago


Of course, it's more than enough to afford a driver. But every one manage finances the way he/she wants, the same is with Lindsay. It's good for her that everything is okay with he career after series for irresponsible deeds and hopefully she has learned her lesson. As for the money, it's not really surprising that she has enough, if she demanded in Hollywood, have a few ads contracts then she definitely do not need to apply to online 24/7 loan company. But lots of money isn't a reason not to control yourself, so hopefully she has became a little wiser.

758 days ago

monkey buisness    

and she1ll blow it on cocaine!!!

614 days ago


If she would sell some of her stuff she has been HOARDING she is a HOARDER
she could make back a lot of money

592 days ago


She blows a lot more then just money!

592 days ago
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