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Bam Margera

Detained & Cuffed in Airport

... for Reeking of Booze

8/14/2012 5:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

"Jackass" star Bam Margera wound up being dragged through a North Carolina airport in handcuffs this weekend ... for allegedly being a drunken pain in the ass ... and TMZ has the pic.

Bam spent several hours in a holding cell at the Charlotte Douglas International Airport on Sunday after airline employees refused to let him on his flight ... because he reeked of booze and was cussing like a sailor ... this according to the incident report.

Officials say ... Bam got loud and combative... and cussed even more ... so law enforcement was called in, handcuffed Margera and immediately removed him from the area (above).

TMZ spoke with Bam ... who admits he was loud and obnoxious ... but insists he was NOT drunk at the time. Bam says the alcoholic odor was merely "left over" from a bender the night before. 

After he was released from the holding cell, Bam says the airline booked him on a later flight ... which he boarded without incident.

We reached out to the Charlotte airport police ... but so far, no word back.



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Bam has now perfected a look I like to call "Homeless Chimney Sweep".

801 days ago


Really "STAR, detained and cuffed at airport" if your going to call them a star, shouldn't MOST people know who your talking about? What passes for star these days, SMH! & RME!

801 days ago


This site if full of losers and haters. Bam, make your next million dollars by getting your butt and few other Jackass's onto Dr. Drew or another series of interventions. My 11 year old boy and I were horrified by Dunn's accident. You could be a wonderful example of overcoming Alcohol/Drug Abuse.

801 days ago


He REALLY needs to grow up, his wife left him hmmm wonder why. How embarrassing for his family.

801 days ago


Hope he takes this as a sign to get some help.

801 days ago

JugEars McKenyan Sr..    

This guy dead by next summer. R I P buddy and keep it up you and your dead friend can have matching mosoleums if your families don't just have you torched to save YOUR money for vacations and all those Jackazzz royalties adios!!! Wake up you idiot, wasn't your dead friend enough to wake you idiots up ? Frankly they're all lucky they're not spending their lives crippled and such for all this stupid shiiiite they all do for money. The way this guy treats his mom and dad are disgraceful, talk about people who will do ANYTHING to be on a movie or TV, that family is it. She lets that guy destroy their house, put fat guys in bed with his mom for a joke, I mean who the fluck does that kind of stuff?| MORONS OF TODAY that's who. The 60 % who on that beer thread would revote O the destroyer into the presidency again. What losers the lot of them...

801 days ago


I think calling him a star is quite a stretch of the imagination.

801 days ago


This guy is a what life is this guy a STAR

801 days ago


spoiled entitled brat, blame his parents! they need to stop enabling him....

801 days ago


bam is such a gd fool. he didnt get arrested for smelling like booze. he got arrested because the kid is over 30 and still doesn't know how to f*king act in public. this sh!t was funny when you were in your 20s kiddo. time to put on your big boy pants and stop acting like a douchebag.

801 days ago


When you're drunk and you look at the ground, the ground moves around.
Wonder what it's like to be drunk and look out an airplane window?

801 days ago


Damn man, all these people I used to look up to are turning out to be in bad places in their lives. If only they knew the positive things people have gotten from them compared to the messes they're sending out these days, MAYBE thing would change. Hope he gets the help he seems to need, his name hasn't been thrown out positively in a long time.

801 days ago


I hope Bam has his will in order, he ain't gonna last much longer. He's just a tragedy waiting to happen, and I can't say he won't deserve it when it happens. And it will. Such a sad waste of a young life.

801 days ago


I really like pork chops.

801 days ago


An interview later after the incident. Note, it is around 1-2 am. Bam and Brendan were present for their appearance that night and were incredibly courteous to staff and fans. They arrived in good form and hosted the event with great fanfare and without incident. In fact, they actually stayed after closing to keep signing and taking pictures with fans due to their late arrival, which is not too common for celebrities. Despite the situation at the airport which has legitimately been misconstrued a bit, Bam was detained for his retort to the authorities. If he and Brandon were in fact as intoxicated as it's being displayed, I would doubt they would have been allowed on another flight from the same airport for the same exact reason. Bam was released within a few minutes after incident and made a re-scheduled flight shortly (within the next hour) after without any problems.

Here is the interview taken right after the event both Bam and Brandon hosted and in between meet and greet signings with fans staying after the show (which was until around 3am.)

801 days ago
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