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Kris Humphries


In Kim K Divorce

8/15/2012 6:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0814_kris_humphries_kim_kardashian_articleLawyers for Kris Humphries and Kim Kardashian will square off in court today and -- in technical legal terms -- we're told the judge will force Kris to either s**t or get off the pot.

Lawyers for both sides must tell the judge what they have done to either settle the case or prepare for trial.  As TMZ has previously reported ... Kris has refused to settle, even though he signed what we're told is an iron-clad prenup that gives him zilch in the 72-day marriage.

What makes things puzzling ... even though Kris won't settle, he hasn't prepared for trial. In fact, we know Kris' lawyers have not even taken Kim's deposition ... this, despite the fact the judge said all depos must be in the can by today's hearing.

As we previously reported, Kris' lawyers have said they want to put reality TV on trial, but it's unclear what their end game is because Kris has no damages. He made hundreds of thousands of bucks off "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" as well as the wedding special, and he signed a $24 million basketball contract -- and the notoriety that made him a celeb didn't hurt the negotiations.

Short story ... it's almost certain the judge will not screw around with the case by prolonging it. If Kris doesn't want to walk away with a clean divorce, the judge will almost certainly set the case for trial -- whether Kris and his legal team are prepared or not.

We're not so cynical to believe Kris is dragging things out because he likes the publicity.


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No Avatar


Just wondering....what % of TMZ does Kris Jenner and the Kardashian clan own? I've never once seen a positive comment about this guy. And what exactly did HE do wrong, believe that a marriage is a lifelong commitment? Lest you forget, she never told him to his face how she felt, she never attempted a single counseling session. The guy deserves something for his utter humiliation - even if its just exposing her for the shallow narcissist she is. She discarded him like a used Kleenex.

799 days ago


This is really sad I think her and her mother planed this hole thing, not caring one bit about this man. Empty family is so many ways

799 days ago

Who Knew    

By the way TMZ nice picture. Kim looks scared and vulnerable while Kris look mean and angry (NBA game picture no doubt). How long did it take for that cheating momager to approve this story and picture?

799 days ago

liquid kitty    

and Kris being a publicity hungry whore is different from Kim being a publicity hungry whore? Oh, right! She actually listened to her mother and made a sex tape for money i.e., the true definition of *whore* a win-win.

799 days ago


Maybe Kim is pulling a Lindsay and not showing up for depositions. TMZ...you don't know everything.

799 days ago


puleeeeeez just go away....both of you. :P

799 days ago


He is soooo dumb.

799 days ago


kris please get a life and move on. take your pre nup settlement and get movin

799 days ago


Dear God, WHEN DOES THIS CRAP END>>>>>WILL IT EVER END>>>>>I happen to like Kris H., but end this mess you got yourself into, and get on with you life. I know your embarassed because you married this fame whore, but puleeeese, you seem to have enough money, forget this classless HOE...Your day will come, and you'll meet someone who will care for you. PERIOD>>>>>>>>>>>This big fat ass IS NOT WORTH IT.....nuff said......

799 days ago


You know what bothers me most about the Kardashians sisters that nobody mentioned, aside from all the rest (which I agree BTW) is the baby talk the three older sisters do with men. The two younger sisters are starting to do it also.

799 days ago

Throwback kid    

Kim doesn't need a lawyer, she can just get Kanye to represent her! Kanye is really really smart despite not going to college. Kanye can cross examine Humphries while talking ebonics, it will be a laugh riot and the desperate for attention Kim can use it for her stupid reality show

799 days ago


I just think he want to make her life hell...He probably cared about her and is just upset over how quickly things ended. She made him look like a fool with this whole 72 day thing...

799 days ago


TMZ is full of sh!t! There is no way Kris has been setting on his ass all this time not preparing for this! Idiots!

799 days ago


Kris is a tool bag! Need to let go of what was never yours in the first place...

799 days ago


if dumbphries is looking for a publicity stunt, he might consider stepping in front of a moving train. i know i'd love him after that one. i really really would.

799 days ago
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