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Salma Hayek

Expert Witness in Halle

Berry Custody Fight

8/16/2012 8:44 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Halle Berry has an ace up her sleeve in her child custody war ... her good friend Salma Hayek ... and Halle believes her sexy friend could help her convince a judge that moving to France is necessary for her and Nahla.

TMZ has learned ... Halle's lawyers just filed a declaration from Salma ... in which the actress says she knows firsthand that France is a much safer place for a celebrity because of tougher paparazzi laws. 

In the declaration, Salma -- who's married to a French billionaire -- tells the court ... she spends a ton of time in France with her young daughter Valentina ... and doesn't have to deal with the kind of paparazzi crushes she gets when she's in the United States.

As we previously reported, Halle wants to move across the pond with her daughter and fiance to escape the constant paparazzi attention and recent intruders at her L.A. home.

Case in point -- Salma and Halle went to dinner together in Hollywood last night ... and walked right into a paparazzi flash storm as they exited the restaurant.

12:50 PM PT -- Court update: they're still doing opening statements. The judge just broke for lunch.

10:00 AM PT
-- It's on. Halle just arrived at court. Gabriel is there too.


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I admit i like to read the gossip as much as most people do even if they won't admit it but the paparazzi needs to have strict laws and controls. They signed up to be actors on screen, there children didn't. Everyone deserves there personal space and privacy famous or not.

801 days ago


I'm so disappointed in Selma for this. Disgusted with Olivier for this. And I'm praying with all my heart for a Father's right. I can't even imagine the fear and emotional torment Gariel Aubry is going through right now over the astounding selfishness of Halle Berry and Olivier Martinez. You may not simply steal a child away from a loving and devoted Father. God go with you Gabriel.

801 days ago


Isn't Paris where Princess Di was killed because of papparazi following her????

801 days ago


This is so stupid. Why doesn't Halle just move to another state like Arizona, Oregon or even Illinois...I am sure she won't be bothered at all. It's her decision to live in Los Angeles that makes her such a target. Halle is so jaded she thinks paparazi live in every town and city in America.

801 days ago

Can't Stand Halle Berry    

The judge should away the BABY DADDY full custody of the child. This way - Halle Berry can run off into the sunset to FRANCE with her French gigolo.

Salma Hayek should keep her mouth shut. Do you think a judge is going to consider what that slut thinks?

801 days ago


some of those nasty paps are yours,
you payed for the film, that makes them yours,
so the pap storm is down to you :)

801 days ago


Halle Berry is stuck on herself. Other celebrities have weathered the storm and survived. Why is she so special; so unable to protect herself. Call it what it is Halle. You want to move to France with your boyfriend. And possibly, stick it to Gabriel in the interim.

801 days ago


if the judge lets her move Nahla to France, once Halle breaks up with this guy- which I'm assuming she will- she'll move back to the states- but Nahla will never be able to regain the lost time/love with her dad
Halle is selfish- she's not got her daughter's interest first because if she did she'd keep her geographicly closer to her father
she should be thankful her daughter has a father who wants to be in her life- unlike her own father
and it's like she's punishing Gabriel for what her own father did to her-
all of her anger is vented at the wrong person- Can't someone get her to see that before she damages her daughter any more than she already has!

801 days ago


She's not always working, so why does she have to live in Hollywood? The paps aren't going to swarm her if the's living in Bumfvck Iowa or some such place.

801 days ago


She ought to hook up with Chipmonk Brown. This bitch needs to be a punching bag.

801 days ago


Halle Berry you are sick ..leave the girl whit the father ..she love him !!!

801 days ago

Mason H    

This is total BS. It's just "girls" sticking together. Nothing wrong with that, except this time it concerns the well being of a littler girl and her future ability to spend time with BOTH of her natural parents, which should be Halle's true concern. Instead she's using the child as an excuse to move back to her new beaus homeland of France and keep her ex from seeing his child. It's just disgusting... If she were really so concerned about the childs well being she could simply give up acting (she's got enough money) and move away from Hollywood friendly neighborhoods. Problem solved. It's obvious what her true agenda here is. Keep Halle happy and exact revenge on her ex regardless of what it'll do to her childs relationship with her real father. Just sad.

801 days ago


My comment was on TMZ live, Does any know I get the shirt and hat????I mean will they contact me or something????

801 days ago


harvey.....where did Princess Diana die? Please........

801 days ago


Wow, my respect for Salma has gone waay down... How in god's name could she be considered an expert witness? Shame on her, Halle and her whole damn team!
Team Gabriel here!!!

801 days ago
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