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Taylor Swift


for Break-Up Songs

8/16/2012 12:02 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Taylor Swift has a habit of trashing exes in song ... including her new #1 hit -- so who's crazier? Taylor or the dudes who keep dating her? Harvey is definitely leaning one way on this.

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Taylor is just immature and arrogant. She can't fathom a man not doing everything she says and grovelling at her feet. Then she airs her dirty laundry in "song."

801 days ago

You're wrong    

If she could only sing. Some is having serious issues and it's not the guys.

801 days ago


omg she's a KID. what other experiences does she have to write about?!

801 days ago


Food for thought:

"A question that sometimes drives me hazy: am I or are the others crazy?" ~Albert Einstein

“Insanity in individuals is something rare – but in groups, parties, nations and epochs, it is the rule."

• Plato explains it best in his "allegory of the cave", where society is represented by men being chained in a cave. The one who gets out and sees the actual truth (as opposed to the shadows on the wall the others saw) is then said to have lost his mind. All the men decide that going outside the cave will make one crazy.

Geniuses are also extremely anxious and sensitive people. This is why Van Gogh ended up at Saint Remy. Ironically, Manet (not Monet) told him that he'd never amount to anything. I bet you most people don't even know who Manet is, but almost anyone can tell you who painted Starry Night.

• Looking back through history our world has been blessed with many brilliant minds. Einstein, changed the way we look at physics. As a child he seldom spoke and his parents feared he may have a mental defect. Van Gough painted some of the best works of our time, yet in a moment of fear, rejection and unrequited love cut off his ear. Beethoven composed beautiful symphonies despite being deaf and was even known to yell at singers for being off key and throw child-like temper tantrums. Marlon Brando a movie power house kissed Larry King on prime TV for all the world to see. And Taylor Swift is a self proclaimed nerd who never quite fit in at school.

• The only conclusion I can come to is that geniuses are mostly crazy people. It is my belief that in order to particularly great in one area you have to be completely off in another. People with unusual and extraordinary gifts may have other areas of weakness just to make it fair for the rest of us. So if you are different and feel as though you are substantially lacking in one area or another, hold on; You may be the next great mind and not even know it.

801 days ago

Dom The Mover    

well everyone's is a little crazy, but she's immature for sure!

801 days ago

Wayne Merry    

I loved what one of your lovely ladies noted about Taylors songs..... they are allllll the same! IT is just one big song. Then I hear knock-offs they make and play them too! Sad!

801 days ago


Taylor is young and writes about what she experiences...and her young fans LOVE it. They identify with the songs and it helps them in their lives and that is why they love her and she's successful and popular. It's better than Madonna out there with guns!

801 days ago


She looks like a gerbil.

801 days ago


She can't sing and all her songs are the same. She is immature immensely and I'd bet extremely boring. That "nice girl" fake crap gets old quick. She is increasingly stalkerish and weird. No one will want to date her unless he's a low-self esteem, money hungry, lunatic. That's what she's going to end up with. Her songs have no substance other than some guy did me wrong. At what point is it YOU in every failed relationship? Taylor is the common denominator in all of those relationships. She's probably psycho.

801 days ago


I'd take my chances with her, but she'd have to be crazy to take me up on my offer.

I'd also give her a free new guitar amp speaker, but she'd have to show up in person to get it.

801 days ago


She doing a guy because of his name (Kennedy)

He will have a song soon
She ACTS sweet but she is just a little sIut

801 days ago


She doing a guy because of his name (Kennedy)

He will have a song soon
She ACTS sweet but she is just a little siut

801 days ago
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