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Joey Kovar

'Real World' Star DEAD

Family Suspects Drugs

8/17/2012 10:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Joey Kovar -- the troubled "Real World" star who appeared on "Celebrity Rehab" -- was found dead at a friend's home near Chicago this morning ... and family members believe drugs are to blame ... TMZ has learned.

Kovar was 29 years old.

Kovar's rep tells TMZ ... Joey was discovered by a female friend early this morning who noticed blood coming out of Joey's ears and nose.

The woman called 911 ... and authorities rushed to the scene where he was pronounced dead.

Kovar had famously battled drug issues -- and sought help for cocaine and ecstasy during his stint on "Celeb Rehab."

While on "Real World: Hollywood," Kovar entered rehab halfway through the season for alcohol and drugs, admitting he'd struggled with substance abuse for years. It was a pretty powerful moment on the show.



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Let it be a lesson ... Drugs waste your life away.

762 days ago

David Kovar    

I am Joeys 24 year old brother. I would like to be the first to say my brothers passing is very unexpected and very heartbreaking. My second thing is that it was NOT from a drug over dose.. NOT A DRUG OVER DOSE. My brother was doing extremely well and sober before his passing. I am not sure who gave this information to TMZ but it is NOT true. Please keep all of the slander off the internet. My brother was no longer the guy he was, he was doing so well and such a loving friend, brother, son and father to his two beautiful kids. Anyone have questions feel free to Email me.. because I will be damned if this website talks down or makes false statements about my brother.

762 days ago


you people keep blaming Dr." Drew grow up he can only help people that want to be helped he did help him out but guess what stupid people that do drugs then get help and then go right back to doing drugs again then you know what they get (dead) wake up

762 days ago


Big surprise

762 days ago


I don't believe Dr Drew is completely at fault for the death of some past "cast members", but he should be ashamed for making money these people. You you really think drew went to MTV and said "Hey, I want to create a show where I help people clean up"... No... he wanted train wrecks and really broken people... cause he, and the producers know what drives ratings... really sad. These people have a disease that is very hard to get over... but with the right treatment and guidance you can. Drew has these people live in a house for a few months give him huge ratings and when filming is over give them Big Checks and sends them on their way.... A big check when you come out of rehab cant be a good starting point for some

762 days ago


how the f*k does dr drew have anything to do w this?! the guy was an addict, a$$holes. dr. drew gave him the tools for success, and kovar failed. i feel for dr. drew. these "celebs" if you can call them that, are the hardest to help. they have too much cash, and not enough emotional stability. its like trying to control a toddler the size of godzilla, who is bent on destroying toys r us.

762 days ago


Ultimately no it isn't Dr Drew's fault he wasn't successful in kicking his habit. However, how much help can he really be offering people by putting them on TV so he can make money off of looking like he is really helping these people. If you want help go see a real treatment team not that fraud.

762 days ago


The guy never has any sort of control. This was the expected outcome....

762 days ago


Dr drew has helped many but u have to want the help and stick with it yourself

762 days ago


So many morons on here who think someone gets a little treatment they will be ok.. Same type of ding bats who think court ordered treatment works also..

I deal with people and clinics and worked with both sides for five years. I helped people find clinics and treatment centers to help them with their issues..

There is no perfect center or "the best" or one that has 100% cured rate. Thats why they are always called a addict.. if they were cured then they could say that but the fact is there is no cure.

The clinic Drew works with is very highly regarded by the medical board, AMA, and other boards, schools etc. He is not running some drive threw setup and they have people inpatient all the time and not just celebs for TV.

Most people do relapse over and over. There are much more factors than just the drugs/booze itself and some its very screwed up. Some people have disorders stemming from childhood abuse and some have had other traumas.. some it takes years to find out why..

before you talk crap about **** you clearly know nothing about why don't you go help out at a clinic and see how it really is. You can enjoy the mood around the place when they find out someone left or they get a call and find out someone OD'd or died... at least these people put their big boy pants on and go back to work knowing they have to keep trying and maybe the next person is ready to really quit.

762 days ago


Stanhope was right, if only we had listened when there was still time.

762 days ago


Oh, No! I really hoped he would get better!

762 days ago


btw . . John, insurance companies know 28 days is not enough time for serious addicts. So they do have a part to play "somewhat' in not assisting the insured people who need help. I remember when they would pay for MUCH longer stays in recovery centers. MUCH longer!

762 days ago

Dick Face    

It's sad that so many people have said that Drew and his show was scripted bull**** and all he wanted was just ratings...well how many of the celebrities featured on his so-called bull**** reality show have died...quit being blind, deaf and dumb because this **** is very real and deadly serious!

762 days ago


There was a Real World:Hollywood?? Man I feel old.

762 days ago
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