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'American Idol' Is Gonna Have to PAY ME!

8/18/2012 9:59 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0818_diddy_vudeoIf you thought "American Idol" forked over big bucks to land Mariah Carey ... they're going to have to back up a bank truck to Diddy's front door to get him to sign on for next season.

Diddy is the latest superstar rumored to be joining the show since the departure of Steven Tyler and Jennifer Lopez.

We spotted Diddy at JFK yesterday and while he professed his love for "Idol," he gave a very telling answer when asked how much it would cost to get him to sign on the line which is dotted.

Your move, Nigel.


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@ "If we are going to go the rapper route, you gotta get a legend. Someone who has proven they can make stars. Get Dr. Dre."

But this is where I was going with it, Bridget, so I appreciate your thoughts and post:


With Snoop you GET "Dre" as like the lead dude working w/acts for the show -

Helping them BREAK it down in the b.g. like the dude they now have -

Snoop/Dre - thanks -

Hey, neither's greedy - bring them in as a TEAM!

760 days ago

Next please!

760 days ago


if Idol hires this arrogant racist, theyre def gonna lose a viewer in me. and im sure im not the only one theyre gonna lose. smh what a piss poor choice. of all the ppl who'd make a wonderful judge..."diddy" doesnt deserve it.

760 days ago


Taking him on as a judge will NOT keep or add the viewers...may well just chase off the last remnants of what they used to be able to claim.

Now I am 60+ but I have to ask -- why all these used up no longer carry a big fan base judges?? WHY does it HAVE to be a big name even. Who the hell really knew of Randy Jackson, Paula Abdul and Simon Cowell with the first one. Sure we had listened to Paula when she was played but really very few knew of them in the numbers that eventually became fans. So WHY try to reinvent something by going the wrong way??

Why not bring in some young (maybe not so young) faces that people will have no real preconceptions about?? None of us know how the first trio would work together nor did the execs and sponsors BUT it worked. Why not try to go back to how it all began and give us some new blood?? Would be great if they could find some with a sense o humor and use it to be an saint or the devil. Just give us judges that will entertain as the first 3 did. I miss that and so have stopped watching. I like seeing the new faces and early potential but I really really have disliked the judges since the change.

Just give it some thought and if you also think this will work -- let's all pass this on to the network. Who knows, it might open eyes or they will just continue on the loosing track and eventually be no more as they cannot keep the ratings up

Food for thought

760 days ago


Why not get sarah Palin or a popular conservitive analyst .This show is turd foddr.

760 days ago


Remember...They are only worth what someone is willing to pay. I would rather see Paula Abdul back then, P. Diddy, Sean John, Puffy, or what ever he's calling himself this week

760 days ago



By general consensus.

Have the paperwork on my desk - and by 6 a.m.

Over anyone and everyone else -

I respect the F out of Howard Stern.

And I'd take Snoop over Howard -

In a Hot West-Side Minute.

760 days ago


lol this racist good for nothing, cant be serious!! what makes him even qualified to judge a singing competition, let alone WORTH that kinda money?? if Idol wants to do their show in and lose even more viewers than they already have, i say hire him. but i def wont be tuning in if they do. ugh, what a terrible idea.

760 days ago


@ Imofanopinion:


"...Would be great if they could find some with a sense o humor and use it to be an saint or the devil."


Great writing and post, IMOFANOPINION, I'm now a fan of yours, as well.

Another Snoop vote.

Snoop/Dre Ticket.

760 days ago


No Diddy! Don't even want Mariah. Show is going down the tubes gang.

760 days ago

Wendy A.    

If he signs on, I will sign off Idol Forever.

760 days ago


isnt he a rapper? Rappers dont sing. THey recite poetry to a beat.

760 days ago


Negotiations would have to include Junior's Cheesecake

760 days ago

Mason H    

Huge waste of cash on this a$$ clown. It's easy to get talent to sign with you when you do it at gunpoint... can't really do that on American Idol.

760 days ago


This no talent jackass has to be the luckiest man on Earth

760 days ago
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