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'American Idol' Is Gonna Have to PAY ME!

8/18/2012 9:59 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0818_diddy_vudeoIf you thought "American Idol" forked over big bucks to land Mariah Carey ... they're going to have to back up a bank truck to Diddy's front door to get him to sign on for next season.

Diddy is the latest superstar rumored to be joining the show since the departure of Steven Tyler and Jennifer Lopez.

We spotted Diddy at JFK yesterday and while he professed his love for "Idol," he gave a very telling answer when asked how much it would cost to get him to sign on the line which is dotted.

Your move, Nigel.


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Has been and really a never was if you list his achievements.

765 days ago


D0uchebaggery. Clearly all these superstar "talents" just want a cash cow. It's disgusting enough the way they flaunt their lifestyles in a time of abject poverty (highest since the 1960...s) and pandemic unemployment (the numbers don't reflect the truth; think about people who've exhausted benefits). Yet it's completely CRASS and CLASSLESS to brag and bellow about money. But if you lack any real talent or intelligence (i.e., any reality wh0r@ or Kartrashian), it's not surprising you'd make an a$$ of yourself to desperately get media attention.

765 days ago


This show is SO over. I dont know why they bother.

765 days ago


AND..its official...NO ONE will be watching American Idol again EVER!

765 days ago


Go away.

765 days ago

Fuck Celebrities    

Since when is this talentless con artist a superstar?

765 days ago


They need to bring someone in who knows what they are talking about, and has been in the biz forever. Someone Like Stevie Nicks would be amazing. She was an amazing mentor.

765 days ago


Fu@k Diddy and all of the hot shots who think they are worth 18 million or more. Here's a news flash, you're not!! No one is. I'm already done with AI now that they are bringing on the self rightous bit@h. So done!!!

765 days ago


Once of the prerequisites for being on the show should be the ability to speak proper English! This used to be my favorite show!! It's no wonder the ratings are slipping! How about one more full time judge and the third judge consisting of the previous winners and first runners up rotating through the season??

765 days ago


What's an American Idol?

765 days ago


OMG, If diddy gets this American Idol gig I will NEVER that show again, I cannot stand him, hes smug and ridiculous. screw American Idol if they hire that P.O.S.

765 days ago

Carmen E    

I like most of you agree that having a younger and more versed judge will bring in the attention. I also think Diddy wit, charisma, and personality make him a great addition to the show!

765 days ago


I don't think Diddy is worth the big bucks. #2--Sakkel--I agree with that. No thanks.

765 days ago


Just another over paid, under talented, narcissistic, megalomaniac, preying on a White man's enterprise. How he can think he is worth ANYTHING for doing virtually NOTHING more than just showing up is beyond my understanding.,
I wish I could BUY him for what he is worth and SELL him for what he THINKS he is worth.

765 days ago

Carmen E    

I like many of you agree having Diddy on American Idol would be a "great watch" He is a stand up guy that seems to stir up a lot of attention. Having the success he has believe he will be able to judge and find stars!

765 days ago
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