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Paul Ryan

Fit to Be

Vice Prez?

8/18/2012 6:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Paul Ryan looked damn good 6 years ago, and we're told he looks even better today -- shredded from P90X.  So shelve economic policy and crack open a 6-pack, 'cause we gotta ask ...


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,mmmmmmmm he is SO SEXY

799 days ago

Madam Obvious    

Come on baby, light my fire, he is HOT!!!!

799 days ago


Hey PaulZ - Number 26 - I'm glad everyone is not blind to this sonofabitch in The White House! You got him down pat, dude!! And I can think of al LOT more stuff this Facist, Muslim, America-hating jerk*ff has done to f*ck up our country. He's outta here come November. He had a laid-back easy rap that millions of people bought (including white people) but he turned out to be a snake-in-the-grass. Lyin', sneaky-ass mother f-er! I'm with you, Paul and anybody who dosent see it or get it is just a damn uneducated fool. God Bless The USA.

799 days ago


What's with the chicken legs?

799 days ago


I would NEVER vote for a president than couldn't kick his VP's ass. I can't think of any VP that could take their prez. Jus sayin'............

799 days ago


Hey this is TMZ. A very left sided opinionated group. What do you think their followers are going to say!

799 days ago


Ryan will be an nominee for President because he is just as liked and handsome as Kennedy was. All you who think otherwise is seriously not thinking politically. Regardless of political party he is charismatic just like Clinton. And there is half the country that makes up his political constituency.

798 days ago

pumpkin head    

All the girls and the lady boys (including Harvey) now have their shirtless pic of this douchebag Republican who wants to privatize Social Security and turn the Medicare system into a voucher program. Ryan looks like Eddie Munster if he was a Nazi.

798 days ago


His wife is cute, wonder if she ATMs him after taking it up her backdoor?

798 days ago


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798 days ago


Ok! New vote! Who wants to kick Harvey in the nuts for coming up with the dumbest F-ing polls in the world?

Welcome to America: where being superficial and hot is the new standard for being a politician.

798 days ago


To be fair to Harvey, this idea of good-looking people winning office is not his idea or a new idea. In fact, wasn't it a theme in Orwell's 1984? (Or was it another book?) So that I can't fault him for that. What is disturbing is TMZ trying to ram Paul Ryan down our throats. Or any politician for that matter. Call me old fashioned, but it makes me squirm when entertainment and politics co-mingle so easily. Yes, I know politics is all theater these days, but there's a Rubicon for me, and politicians on TMZ crosses it.

798 days ago


Harvey it's obvious there is a little bit of lust involved here on your part. But can I just say that to the majority of us, he is *NOT* hot in anyway whatsoever. Please quit using TMZ to publicize your crushes.

798 days ago


I hope that the election doesn't turn out to be some sort of beauty contest like TMZ seams to want to turn it into. You guys are always about looks. If someone is especially famous you guys suck up like there's no tomorrow, ie…Tom Cruise "Tome Cruise talked to us" how pathetic. Your taking the side of some creep who wants to induct his young child into a cult, but you don't care so long as Tom talks to you.

798 days ago


Is somebody gay at TMZ? Must be the black dude with the dreads. Must be the cute white boy with long hair. Did I say cute? Oh Lord am I gay?

798 days ago
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