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The Shirtless Battle

Paul Ryan vs. Pres. Obama

Who'd You Rather?

8/19/2012 5:45 AM PDT BY Johnny Lopez

0817_ryan_obama_ratherWhile TMZ just uncovered this shirtless photo of buff Republican Vice Presidential nominee Paul Ryan (left) -- President Barack Obama has been flaunting his chiseled Commander-in-Chief pecs and abs for several years now (right).

Question is ...


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really, TMZ?
the old, old photo of Ryan?
find a current one if you want to compare.
Oblama needs a manziere for his moobs.....

796 days ago

arale norimaki    

did the tax payer pay for Paul Ryan gym membership?

While too many find this as some sort of virtuous sign of frugality, in fact this is a form of theft from the taxpayer. We, the People, provide Members of Congress salaries that -- while far from those of the K Street Lobbyist crowd -- put them at three times the average American wage, provide them free gym access (where Paul Ryan ever so loves to work on on other peoples' dimes), give them far more generous health insurance than the vast majority of their constituents have, and provide what all but the most-pampered CEO would call lavish retirement (without counting the $s from revolving door (lack of ethics) lobbying that enriches so many on leaving office). This, however, isn't enough for those who choose to sleep in the office to stretch their incomes further.

Members of Congress sleeping in the office are thus playing on the edge to eek out even more compensation from the taxpayer. They convert use of a space -- that we have paid for -- intended for work into living space as they avoid rent.

They use resources (whether for hot plates, showers, or others) that we have to pay for in utility bills.

And, from another aspect, they hinder the economy by living in tax-free, government furnished space rather than taking their salaries to pay for living space, furniture, utilities, and other things in the private economy

796 days ago


Paul Ryan is definitely hotter looking, but those toothpick legs are ridiculous.

796 days ago

Phishie from Philly    

They look like brothers. Quick, get me Paul's birth certificate.
Phishie from Philly

796 days ago

Spencer B in MD    

obama has a B-Cup, needs a bra for those puppies. Reggie Love must really enjoy suckling those.

796 days ago


Can we get a "neither" button?

796 days ago


I would bang Obama any day over that Republican piece of sh*t who wants to tell women what they can & can't do with their own bodies. NOTHING sexy about that.

796 days ago


Can we get a "neither" option?

796 days ago


We already know what it is like to have Obama because he has been screwing the entire country for the past 4 years and with trillions of dollars in new debt, he is not a cheap date.

796 days ago

Poor Leno    

Obama look like a cuban beach bum that walk around thinking he is cooler than anyone else, the other guy looks like he just had a golden shower!!

796 days ago


Obama is so cool and hot.
Howabout the reforms of your health insurance ?
Health care reform has a long History in the US I don't quite follow.
For sure, you guys deserve it !
He is a bit of a "nègre de maison" which I can't translate, meaning it looks good after Bush's mess but Obama's hands are a bit tied anyway.

796 days ago


Paul Ryan doesn't look half bad. I'm just allergic to right wing insanity. Sorry, Michelle, but I'm voting Obama :-)

796 days ago


Is it just me, or does Obama look like he's lactating and / or attempting to show some side boob ?

796 days ago


obama has the saggy boob thing going on. he will need a Manseer soon

796 days ago


Obama has at least 20% body fat there.
He has a very small frame with a high body abs what so ever and he smokes-yuck.

796 days ago
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