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'Dark Knight Rises'

Victim's Family Hires

Casey Anthony Lawyer

8/20/2012 4:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0806_jose-baez_rabecca_wingo_gettyThe man who led Casey Anthony's defense team to victory in her murder case has officially been tapped to represent the mother of one of the "Dark Knight" massacre victims ... TMZ has learned.

Attorney Jose Baez is now representing Shirley Wygal -- whose 32-year-old daughter Rebecca Wingo (above, right) was shot and killed by James Holmes inside the Century 16 Theater in Aurora, CO. 

As we previously reported ... Shirley believes the theater is partially to blame for the tragedy claiming the emergency exit doors should have been alarmed, or there should have been security guards posted next to them.

Wygal tells TMZ, "When police came that night with official word, Rebecca's baby asked, 'How did he get in?' Dissatisfied with the answer, she asked again. At just 5 years old, she wants to know how it could happen and so do I. If any entity had an obligation to protect the innocent and did not, then every survivor and loved one left behind must hold them accountable. The first step is a timely and thorough investigation."

She continues, "I've engaged a firm large enough to help us all. I am confident in their expertise and appreciate their making this a priority. Rebecca would love these attorneys. As a mom, she'd want her girls to have the truth. As a daughter, she'd insist I find that truth for them."


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Now even a mother is out to profit on her daughter's death. How very sad.

797 days ago


Another attention whore. Instead of grieving your daughter at least for some months're already looking for a fame and $$.

797 days ago


her claim is ridiculous. the general expectations of a movie theater outing does not entail security guards. if it did her judgement would be in question in bringing her child there. I am not siding with the sane killer who planned for months to do such a horrendous thing he needs to go to prison no he's not crazy if he planned it so meticulously for months crazy insanse doesn't work like tha the wanted to kill people. but her standing to sue or blame movie theaters for not haviing armed guards doen'st make sense up to that point in time but from that point in time to forever I think she has a point and their should be guards at every theater all over. the movie industry is making billions off us the least they can do is protect us when we go to watch their movies even its its a one in 7 or 10 or a hundred change a guy with a gun will try shooting people up.

797 days ago


armed guards bad ass mf'ers at movie theaters a manditory thing or you wont go.I think it's a great idea. do you think its going to dissapear or just get worse. how many people have to die. put guards every ****ing where. does a virus or a desease ever stop on its own no it increases and spreads and gets worse the same thing with these sick people sane but evil who want to hurt the random public.

797 days ago


i would expect this of octomom, but not from any legitimate parent.

797 days ago


That lawsuit is a JOKE. People will sue for Anything these days.

797 days ago


An armed person can come shoot up any place at any time. It could be a restaurant....a theater....a library....a school...a bank.....a post office. It has happened many, many times and most of those people walk right through the front door to it. Is this lawyer saying that all entrances to all public places should have alarms and security guards? Should every back door or side door of every building be be guarded and alarmed in the off chance that a mad man might hide a stash of weapons outside of it, then enter through the main front door and then go prop that back door open so he can retrieve his weapons and come back in and shoot the place up? You can only be negligent if you had good cause to believe that your actions might cause significant harm to others. And this theater had no reason, any more so than any other school or place of business to believe that any harm could come from not having alarms or guards at that door. I feel like these parents know who is really to blame....the shooter....but they know they won't get any money out of him so they are going after the theater.

797 days ago


There is no way to stop a guy that goes off the deep end and doesn't care if he gets killed. If the guy had a bazooka he would have shot through the theater wall from outside. Do you sue the theater then for not having armed guards surrounding the perimeter?

If movie theaters had to post armed guards everywhere a ticket to a movie would cost 50 bucks a seat. Maybe an alarm should have went off if that door opened. Some guy would have went to that door and looked out back to see what was going on. Holmes would have shot him in the head and walked in again or went around through the front and killed a whole different set of people. Stop trying to put blame elsewhere. One man caused this. I feel for your loss but really a money grab will end up putting people out of work and won't bring these people back.

797 days ago


So a 5 yr old that doesnt understand anything of the crime is going to ask that question?

797 days ago


Having this bastard as her lawyer is enough to make me rule against her if I was on the jury. I hope she gets nothing.

797 days ago


I just did a search on the victims of the shooting suing. Only this lady and that other kid TMZ posted about came up.

Is it just me, or does anyone else find it odd the only two people who have filed suits were not hurt physically in the shooting. The victims who were physically hurt and have medical bills and rent due, set up websites for donations. But as of now, are not suing anybody.

I'm sorry this woman lost her daughter. But this is ridiculous. It's not the movie theaters fault. But putting aside that it wasn't their fault... even people who were seriously injured and will have life long expenses haven't filed a lawsuit, why is this woman?

797 days ago


Id rather have Harvey as my lawyer

797 days ago


LoL at a 5 year old asking " how did he get in" So instead of being upset the mom just died the child is asking "how did he get in"? That's pure lies. Get the hell out of here with that crap.

797 days ago


How ridiculous Do we really want to have armed guards at every exit/entrance to every public building everywhere? How will this deter a shooter? These psychos have the element of surprise in their favour. This one had gas canisters.

Another disgusting lawsuit in the face of tragedy.

797 days ago

Miley is a whore    

i bet he was doing casey

797 days ago
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