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Held in Contempt For

Canceling Ex's Saks Card

8/20/2012 6:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

just got bitch-slapped in court -- a judge has ordered him to REOPEN his ex-wife's Saks Fifth Avenue credit card in his name ... after the singer closed the account last year.

The closed Saks card was just one of Tameka Raymond's many grievances in her ongoing custody fight against Usher -- and now, the court has taken her side ... holding the singer in contempt for pulling the plug on her fancy charge account.

Tameka claims she needs the account to do her job as a stylist.

As for the other grievances -- Tameka said Usher owed her cash for the nanny bill ... and continually failed to keep her in the loop about where and when he traveled with the kids.

The court agreed ... and awarded Tameka $1,300 for the nanny.

The judge has yet to determine the ex-couple's custody and support issues.


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Usher should have married and had kids with singer Rozonda "Chilli" Thomas instead of this golddigger Tameka.

762 days ago


Unless she is his stylist I don't understand why he has to pay for her business expenses. I think he could give her every dime he has and she'd want more. I'm no Usher fan, but he is certainly coming off looking a lot classier than she is in all this.

762 days ago


I wonder... why should Usher continue to pay her Saks card while he is trying to divorce her? Better question, what is to stop her from racking up hundreds of thousands of dollars in charges and leaving Usher to foot the bill?
What the judge should do is order Usher to reopen the card, then transfer ownership and required payments to Tameka. Should she not overuse it, it would show the judge that she is a responsible mother.
I wonder if the judge is the new love in Tameka's life?

762 days ago


Didn't your trifling ass have this job before you married a celebrity?? Now, all of a sudden, you can't work without his money?? This bitch gives a BAD name to all the good, working women out there who take of the house, kids and hubby with no millions in the bank. What a nasty slut-bucket. How could he have married her fugly ass? Lookin like the Predator!

762 days ago


Usher may try to come off as smooth but this whole court battle puts him in such a bad light. Handle your business, pay her off and move on. This will kill your career if you let it go on and on and on.

762 days ago


Damn court ordered 'identity thief'. Major reason why Black men are running off marrying foreign women or white chicks. I pray Usher is awarded sole custody of his sons.

762 days ago


Wow!! Usher can't seem to get a break from this parasite!

761 days ago


He should have listened to his Mommy....EVERYONE knew she was a gold digger from the start....dumbass.

761 days ago


She must have something on the judge for him to make that call.

I would say this judge is not a usher fan and made this call on personal feelings.

And if she needed the card in order for her to do her job then when she get's her pay check she needs to open her own account.

Wait she has a job so that means she pays taxes.

Usher you need to check into that all this money she is making and getting she should be paying State, Federal, and City taxes.

760 days ago

Stacy Stowe    

Gold digger...stylist indeed! What does Saks have do with being a stylist? Do they sell professional beauty products or just clothes/jewelry? If that was really an issue, it would not be a Saks card she needs, it would be a run of the mill major credit card. I woulda re-opened the card, then changed the address to hers, and let her get the bills. They'll cut her off when no payment is made, and he is honoring the contempt charge. They said re-open it, never said a word about paying it!

759 days ago


That's alright if Usher is granted custody of his sons she will be obligated to pay him child support & she will need more than a Saks credit card for that!

751 days ago


Essa mulher não vale nada...vai trabalhar vadia!

747 days ago
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