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Wayne Brady

Sorry for Trig Palin Joke

8/20/2012 6:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Exclusive Details

082012_wayne_brady_launchWayne Brady says he takes "full responsibility" for using Trig Palin and his Down Syndrome as a punchline at the "Comedy Central Roast of Roseanne" ... insisting "no malice or harm was meant."

Brady has been taking some serious heat for the past week ... over a joke in which he says Sarah Palin hates Jeff Ross because he reminds her of "what Trig is going to look like when he's 40."

Wayne issued a statement on Facebook in which he says he didn't write the Jeff joke but explains, "At the end of the day I take full responsibility for saying it."

He adds, "I could defend it as a performer, but I would rather apologize from the bottom of my heart as a father."

"To the Palins, please know that no malice or harm was meant. To the other families who were touched negatively, I hope you'll be able to accept this apology as well.

Brady was at LAX this weekend ... and told us, "It's a roast, but there are people with sensitivities ... and some people were bothered."



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Wait, hold on, he's a comedian, doing a roast, and someone else is writing the jokes? Really? That is freaking LAME!

Back to the actual story. You wanna joke about autism, go right ahead, just don't specifically call anyone out that has it. Poor taste, period.

801 days ago


absolutely the best laugh i've had in days! hilarious!

801 days ago

furious cupcakes    

He shouldn't have apologized.
Comedy should never be censored.

801 days ago


Comedy Is Not Pretty..................steve martin

801 days ago


The Family Guy (tv show) pulled this same crap. Liberals have extensively abused the Palin family for years now. These Libs are the worst of the worst kind of hypocrites. Imagine the President's daughters were a target of jokes. The nation, EVERY SINGLE LIBERAL OUT THERE would be up in arms, but when it's a Republican family they look the other way. Even laugh. The difference here is that the Conservatives would not tolerate that either. Not for one minute. The hypocricy has to stop! I admire Wayne Brady for taking responsibility and apologizing. This guy knows how to "man-up". That's the way it's done. Hopefully others will follow his example of admitting and taking responsibility when you are wrong!

801 days ago


Wayne Brady does not host the Price Is Right. Drew Carey is the host of the Price Is Right. Wayne is the host of Let's Make a Deal.

801 days ago


I'm definetly no Sarah Palin fan. But the joke was out of line. There was no reason to bring an innocent child into it. I mean, he was making fun of Jeff Ross. How hard could it be for a comedian to come up with jokes about that guy without bringing a child into it?

801 days ago

Who Knew    

That's terrible and I used to like him as a performer, shame. He better pray hard for the health of his next child, Karma's a bitch.

801 days ago


SO SICK OF THIS! No one should have to apologize to anyone in our country. Freedom of Speech is Freedom of Speech. You don't like what he or anyone else says, then change the channel.
Stand-up comedy is the last bastion of free speech left.

801 days ago

Who Knew    

That's terrible and I used to like him as a performer, shame. He better pray hard for the health of his next child, Karma's a bitch.

801 days ago

curious george    

If you are watching a roast of Roseanne Barr - you have no sensitivies...and if you cannot make some fun then we live in a pretty boring world. Just like the flap over the movie Tropic Thunder. People were boycotting when they had no idea WHAT they were boycotting. Seems people cannot say anything these days without it being taken too literally and someone gets their panties in a wad. JOKE - ever heard of the word?

801 days ago

Ratings Needed    

He's still an a@@ no matter how many times he says he's 'sorry'.... once something is said it can't be taken back & idiots, especially politicians know this so they continue to say whatever they want only to say, gee I'm sorry! He's still an a@@.

801 days ago


what a *****. Why not just own it. Obviously, you knew you were making a Downs Syndrome joke and people would be offended. And, your apology is half-assed because you slip in their that you didn't write the joke. So you weren't even doing your own jokes?

801 days ago


He said Jeff Ross is what trig will look like. Seriously people dont you think that is a dig a Jeff Ross?? Get over it.

801 days ago


You can take the boy out of the ghetto but can't take the ghetto out of the boy........

801 days ago
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