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Gabriel Aubry

Halle Berry Could Die

Like Princess Diana

8/21/2012 12:25 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Halle Berry
faces the same tragic fate as Princess Diana if she moves to France -- so said Gabriel Aubry's attorney in L.A. court ... TMZ has learned.

As we reported, Halle and Gabriel are embroiled in a court battle over whether Halle should be allowed to move to France with the ex-couple's daughter Nahla. Halle believes the kid will be better protected from aggressive paparazzi in France ... thanks to the country's strict anti-pap laws.

But Gabriel's attorney argued Halle and Nahla would be walking right into the lion's den -- because France is the same country where Princess Diana was killed in a wild paparazzi car chase back in 1997.

Halle's lawyer called several French lawyers -- who testified that French judges will nail any photog who goes after a celeb.

Under French laws, paparazzi can't photograph celebrities who don't want their pictures taken -- even if they're out in public.

Photogs who violate the law can be sued for big bucks, and if they harass the celeb they can be criminally prosecuted.

The trial should last for several weeks.


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Either way it will be wrong for the court to just let Hallie take and live with his child over there in France. He is the father too. It is wrong to just take her from him. If she wants to move so bad then they should just let Hallie move and not Nahla. The photographers want her after all. She is just trying to take her away from him.

760 days ago


Noreen...I was agreeing with you. It was directed more to the other posters. Typo/tech issue with TMZ. Should've been two separate posts instead of it looking like I was singling you out which I wasn't nor was it my original intention. Sorry if you were offended.

760 days ago


The queens gonna kill her too..Wow who new

760 days ago


It doesn't matter what you do Halle, your child will always know and her heart will always go to matter how much you try to vilify him, trust me. She will spend her life resenting you.

760 days ago


More than likely, the judge may recommend they pursue "MEDIATION", again, before a final decision is made. Since Halle Berry is "FOOTING ALL THE BILLS" -- meeting her "HALF-WAY" makes a "GREAT DEAL OF SENSE"!!! She's simply wants her child raised in a much "SAFER", "MORE RELAXED" ENVIRONMENT!!! Forcing her to "SHELL OUT MORE MONEY" behind a custody dispute is only going to make her more determined to "WIN AT ALL COSTS"!!! Of course, YOU CAN'T FIX STUPID!!!

760 days ago


Halley thinks her money can buy her whatever she wants in life. People are not for sale, beatch.

760 days ago


Its not gonna happen. Her name his Nahla Aubry, not Berry. That pretty much establish that shes Gabriel daughter. So its a pretty good guess to say that she has dual citizenship. Under Canadian law, you need the other parent consent to travel or move abroad with their child, or in the case of a missing or deadbeat parent, approval of the court. I don't know about US laws but it cant be that different. Gabriel is neither missing or deadbeat, hes very present in his daughters life.

Halle tried to use the deadbeat argument, didn't work. Now shes trying the paps argument, that they make their life dangerous, but it wont work either, cause its Halles fault if the paps are chasing her, shes the famous one. If Nahla were to live with her father, there wouldn't be any problems.

So it comes down to the third option, the ace in her sleeve, the real card shes waiting to play, the deranged stalker and with "very violent tendencies" Robert Hoskins. The guy escaped the mental hospital in February, they caught him pretty quickly but he still managed to get free, and a lawyer could argue that if it happened again, he could make his way to her residence and kill her and her precious little daughter. Or the other nut Richard Anthony Franco, hes still out there, waiting in the shadows, her lawyer will say.

But then the judge could say, just move to another state, far from crazy town. Another country? I don't think so. Her predicament doesn't justify her desire to move. Her French boyfriend unwillingness to move permanently stateside does. So, moving to France denied.

To come back to my dual citizenship point. If all fails, Gabriel could drag her sorry ass in Canadian court to start the process all over again, and even accuse her of kidnapping if need be.

Anyway youre looking at it, she cant win.

760 days ago


I hope the judge does not let her take her that far from her father. At least he wants to be in her life, and kuddo's to him for putting up a fight for his little girl. Kids grow up to soon and if halle tries to keep him out of her life, she will regret it when nahla learns the truth.

760 days ago


This man has become the posterboy for lazy, shiftless, ne're-do-well fathers. Does he work...ever...anymore??? Since he was living the high life with Halle he thinks he is entitled to do so for the rest of his life. Halle has full custody but she has to give him $20,000 a month??? and then he's is lamenting traveling to see his child in France when and if she moves with her new husband? Wow! what and how have millions of children survived broken homes on different continents and various countries all these hundreds of years and come out whole. He did not seem to have a problem flying all over the world to model in France, London, Italy, Germany, the Caribbean, etc., as his portfolio states. All of a sudden he has a fear of flying??? Really, up. Get a job and share the taking care of your daughter and stop living off your former.

Read more:

760 days ago


Unless the Royal family and MI6 use the decades old CIA plausible deniability assassination technique "death by car accident", she's safe. In case you didn't know, the paps were patsys.

760 days ago


Who does she think she's kidding?? If it wasn't for the paps no one would even think about her (Halle). Disgusting how all these "stars" want to live outrside the United States, but they all make sure they return to make all their money.

760 days ago


if gabriel is too "white" for her "black" daughter(when clearly both halle and her daughter are mixed race), to raise, why is she hooking up with another "white" guy? i know that was one of her claims.
what gives her the right to use her daughter as a weapon, and remove her from her father's life, when he's not harmed her(his daughter) in the slightest?(the only valid claim i would accept)
sure the pap laws in france are strict now, since they came into effect as a reaction to diana's death. you can bet it would not stop american paps(if they were actually interested in halle), from doing their usual sleezy pics.
also, you don't hear of actors like jason issacs, jeramy irons etc being stalked... guess where they live? toronto canada.
it's time for her to stop being allowed to get away with the crap she's pulling.

760 days ago

MS P    

the judge in this case should give custody of this child to her father because something in wrong with the mother and as soon as she leave Oliver then she will put out trash about him

760 days ago


Umm, Halle Berry is NO Princess Diana.....

759 days ago


She was obviously using him to create a Beautiful looking baby. It was obvious from the start she just wanted his sperm. I don't understand why she couldn't have just made a contract with him before a baby was created that she get's his sperm for say $1 mill and he signs an agreement to give up his parental rights to Halle. This all could've been avoided if Halle was smart enough to think ahead!

759 days ago
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