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Tony Scott

Death Video

Being Shopped

8/21/2012 5:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Tony Scott's fatal leap off an L.A. bridge was captured on tape by multiple cameras ... one showing Tony crouched the moment he began to jump ... and TMZ has learned the shots are being vigorously shopped around ... for a price.

Multiple people reached for their cell phone cameras when they noticed a man climbing over a fence on the Vincent Thomas Bridge in San Pedro in the middle of the day ... and continued to roll as he jumped off and plummeted to his death.

Some people took photos ... some recorded video. The footage was also captured by a surveillance camera from a nearby business.

TMZ has seen the footage ... but we did not purchase the material. It's unclear if another media outlet has taken the bait.


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I hope this video does not make it out in the public arena. Suicide is hard to deal with especially for the loved ones left behind. I can't stress this enough. There is a book out that a local therapist has written about her own teenage daughter and her suicide. I am asking everyone to read "Dear Mallory" I will put the link up in a second. It's GUT wrenching and I can ONLY imagine the pain the Scott family is going through. They do not need to see a video of Tony jumping from the bridge. TMZ I would love for you guys to interview the therapist that wrote about her daughter's suicide. Suicide Prevention is coming up on Sept. 10th.

772 days ago


That's the downfall of society right there. Welcome to Idiocracy.

772 days ago

Kathy90277 Dear Mallory was written by a wonderful therapist - Mallory's mother wrote the book after her daughter killed herself. Suicide Prevention is coming up on Sept. 10th. This book will break your heart BUT it's a must read for anyone thinking of suicide or a loved one who has been left behind. Lisa practices in Santa Monica/Torrance. She has started a foundation in Mallory's name. Tony Scott's family is dealing with horrible pain and this video will just increase the pain and why do that?

772 days ago


The proceeds from this book are going to individuals AT RISK for suicide. I told Lisa I would do all I can to educate people on mental illness and I think this is appropriate time right now after Tony Scott has taken his life. Her book is incredibly hard to read especially if you have children - teens of your own. We as a society look down at mental illness and that's a shame. On reality shows you see individuals making fun of antidepressants. Why? Ramona Singer is yelling on RHONYC about "take a xanax" - Really? Could that have been left out? People are hurting - they are depressed - and our society needs to DO MORE.

772 days ago


"TMZ has seen the footage ... but we did not purchase the material."

Enough with your "holier than thou" crap, TMZ! Why would TMZ even look at the footage? Cheap thrill? TMZ is no better than any meadow muffin that does buy the footage.

772 days ago


david bowies they say jump song and images huointed tony his whole lifetime.His brain cancer and his PP cancer pushed him but it is murder one as it is a stunt double and tony was dead long before the jump and placed in the river.TMZ is selling that vid online under a differanti trademarkie

771 days ago


If the mob didn`t murder him than why was his workload that of a china slave dollar store ,it is outright murder inc covering thiert tassy`ss

771 days ago


People are disgusting! Wonder which vile media outlet will pay for it.

771 days ago


If the SOB wanted to be discrete why didn't it do it in the dark of night? Maybe he wanted to star in his last film. All you self righteous arseholes. You lament about this situation and gleefully move on to the next TMZ story. Hypocrites. You can't be self righteous and support sleaze at the same time. Relax, admit you love the garbage and get on with it. You are only kidding yourselves.

771 days ago


Despicable! People are terrible - trying to profit off of another's misfortune or pain!

771 days ago

Straight Talkin Texan    

I'm pleasantly surprised at TMZ's decision, but it was a good one.

771 days ago


If someone actually buys them it will be a disgrace! That is just horrible..thank you for having some class TMZ

771 days ago


There's nothing wrong with distributing celebrity death videos, autopsy pics, suicide notes and 911 calls. Even if you think those things are in poor taste, you have to admit they pale to the unseen indignities suffered by many celebrity corpses. Lyndon Johnson had sexual intercourse with the hole in Kennedy's skull, and producers routinely hold secret wakes during which they masturbate onto starlets' dead bodies.

771 days ago


the fact that people actually seeing this happen decided to film him jumping rather than trying to stop him is just absolutely disgusting. what a piece of work this guy is. like really and now try and sell it to make a buck and to ruin and tarnish the mans legacy he left behind by showing the mans last moments before his death. what has the world come to.

771 days ago


The guy went and had a public suicide. The public took note. If I had a suicide on camera, damn right I would sell it. You see I am still alive, and I need money to live well.

The dead don't give a _hit.

771 days ago
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