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Al Roker

Search & Destroy Mission

Against 'Today' Show

8/23/2012 7:12 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Al Roker is doing everything he can to undermine the "Today" show ... trashing the anchors, sabotaging live moments ... and it seems to be a part of a plan to avenge the firing of his bestest friend in the world, Ann Curry.

Roker went on the offensive again this morning ... trying to fire off another zinger at Matt Lauer and Savannah Guthrie during a live segment ... but this time the quip was more of a misfire.

Al was trying to explain why he pulled a weird frozen face for 17 confusing seconds during a live segment last week ... and when Savannah tried to joke about Roker being a perfect fit for a wax museum, Al shot back ... "We ARE in a wax museum, so it all works out pretty well."

Not funny, but it's obvious Al -- who is SUPER TIGHT with Ann -- is so desperate to rip the show ... he's firing off zingers, even if they don't really zing.

It's just the latest in a string of anti-Lauer behavior, which began after Matt railroaded Ann Curry off the show simply because he didn't like her. Last week, Roker accused his colleagues of throwing people "under the bus."

So, we gotta ask ...


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TMZ, really calling out another "anchor" about thier behavior. I love how you folks at TMZ are such morale compasses for people and the stars. You are gossip sob sister's. Hey I read you, I laugh too. But I don't think of you as the ones to get my real news from. That is why I read YAHOO NEWS, you know they have the real stories everyday. With my education, reading Yahoo News, and catching TMZ, I can maybe get a Nobel Peace Price or something close to that. If I add one day time soap to my resume, I might be able to get a job at TMZ. My education might keep me out of the office, but I bet I could get coffee for them and what ever Harvey drinks.

769 days ago

If sense were common everyone would have it.    

I've always liked Al. People usually view him as the harmless jolly old fat guy, and Matt as the panther who will ambush unsuspecting celebrities with a stealth-like forest animal-quick question.

But you get on Al's bad side and he'll just gnaw at you like a flesh eating virus until you're dead.

Go AL!!!!

769 days ago



769 days ago


loved ann as well as al.. matt shame on u. she was sooo real, 2 good 4 dumb no journalist segments she got stuck on. no ann at olympics...made u all look phoney. go ann, go al!!!

769 days ago


Al, You're my hero! F%#@ those shallow manequins on that show. I only watched it to see Ann. Who's so shallow that they get someone fired because they envy her?

769 days ago

Bliss Brown    

Someone had to avenge the monumental offense against professional and skilled journalist, Ann Curry. What a send -off! What's Lauer's interest in that towering hulk with the odd diction and enunciation, S. Guthrie? Hmmm?

769 days ago


I don't know what he said cause I was watching GMA HA!

769 days ago


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769 days ago


TMZ, if you're going to distribute these stories with a survey, at least make the surveys relevant and interesting. Whoever is coming up with them now is clueless.

769 days ago

Linda Moore    

Ann Curry is lucky to have such a great friend! He's putting his career on the line to defend her and I say bravo to him!! I can't stand Matt Lauer, never liked him, he's a pompous, arrogant jerk. I don't watch the Today show because of him so you go Al!!

769 days ago


Al is just another mad black person, BUT Matt and this other gal stink so did ann she isnt right in her head. She acts to nice i wonder still rivers run deep. Maybe her and Al will come on the Today Show and open fire? Al is not easy on the eye he looks like a big brown egg with glasses on, Ann is crazy, jumping off bridges and all to say look at me at NBC, and then after all of the crazy stuff Ann did they threw her under the bus. Al is next for a younger weather person. Matt needs to go but he,ll be there until he is in a nursing home and hes almost there now.

769 days ago


Al oh AL, Now whats wrong, i bet he is going to explode and his egg head will be all over Matt and honey dew next to him. Al is mad , i like Al, but he best watch him and Ann will be in Iran or something soon and maybe held hostage. Ann goes to those places and was a better reporter than a host of the Crap show. Well Al if ya love her so much follow her to the crazy out of controll countries and find out the grass is not so damn green. Your all spoiled and paid way to much while others work 4 times harder than you and your a cry baby. Count your blessings period.

769 days ago


I agree he is spoiled they all are spoiled. There sickning.

769 days ago


If Matt Lauer is the "STAR"/"MAN" of TODAY, then why is the show NOT rating? Maybe it's TIME FOR MATT TO GO!!! Wake up NBC--you're wasting your $$$ !!!

Shame on Matt for blaming this on Ann. Freakin' thick face, black heart!!!

769 days ago


Good for Al! The people running the Today show have lost touch with the audience. They spent less time saying goodbye to Anne than they spend on making a salad or decorating a patio. Shameful. Matt and Savannah are more of the same dullness.

769 days ago
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