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Machine Gun Kelly

"Nastiest Buzzard'

Booze Stunt EVER

8/24/2012 12:02 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Machine Gun Kelly is the "nastiest buzzard ever" -- and if you're confused by what that means ... get in line. But we're betting it has something to do with MGK spitting liquor into a fan's mouth.

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He's gross, she's gross, it's gross.. It's f*ckin anarchy...

791 days ago

Latch Johnson    

Hopefully that liquor killed the herpes virus that he spit into her mouth.

791 days ago


Didn't you post this **** yesterday? You guys don't have anything better to post? Its his show, he does what he wants and bitches don't care anymore. Get over it.

791 days ago


I think TMZ might be a little obsessed with MGK. Everything this guy does, TMZ posts about sixty five times a week. Seriously... this is pretty tame when it comes to stage antics and concert mayhem... really.... really tame.

791 days ago


She wanted his spitback.... Its nasty as hell

791 days ago

Sin D    

She been done gots mo' nasty biz dan dat in dat mouth fo sho !

791 days ago


dude is a dirtball - and chick is a full on skanky nasty whore who is probably already crawling w the most unsavory assortment of viral infections. i couldn't even watch the vid again (after u posted this...YESTERDAY). i'd have puked on my keyboard.

791 days ago


Wow what a great white male to date.
There you have it.
Your f-ing gross Who ever you are
But all white males are gross,
pretender and wannabes
Steal everybody culture and style
Yet hate on everybody.
Thanks again wanna be rapper guy
Keep up the great job by spitting in strangers mouth
But keep claiming you respect woman.
Yep, keep lying to yourselves!
White male are punks

791 days ago


You Know Whats ****ing Funny Is That All TMZ Does Is Run Their Mouths And Talk **** About People All Damn Day I Mean Really Do You Not Have Anything Better To Do? Come On Now.. I Would Have Been Honored For That To Happen To Me Or To Even Hug Him, You Guys Are All ****ing Stupid, You Guys Are Prolly Just Pissed That He Actually Does Something With His Life Than Sit Around A ****ing Computer All Damn Day And Make Fun Of Random People A Celebritys And Say "oh her tits are nice now" And "oh wow i wonder if his dick got any smaller from the last time i ****ed him" I Mean Come On Now You Dumb Asses, Lmfao Any Ways, I Just Wanted To Inform You That He Is Way Better Than All Your Nasty Asses And He Actually Has Fans And Fam. Lmfao You Guys Are Some ****ing Stuck Up Bitches Haha.. Oh And By The Way, Lace The **** Up Get Over Your Selfs And One Last Thing... Est. For Life Bitches!!!!(: Mgk Rules!!(:

791 days ago

Jennifer Tabor    


789 days ago

rash on my ass    

this is funny watch lmao

789 days ago


Why is everybody hating on this dude? He is one of the sexiest dudes out there. He did that and got all kind of ***** later. I think it was one of the sexiest, most erotic thing I have ever seen. He's probably getting a whole lot of ***** now!!

771 days ago


This is news?

581 days ago

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