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Lindsay Lohan

Burglary 'Person of Interest'

But It May Be Case Closed

8/25/2012 6:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan
is more than just a witness to an alleged burglary that went down in the Hollywood Hills last Sunday ... law enforcement sources tell us she is a "person of interest," but the case may now be over.

Law enforcement sources tell us they are not ready to call Lindsay a suspect, but they are suspicious of her actions at a house party where 2 watches and an expensive pair of sunglasses -- total value $100,000 -- supposedly went missing. We're told Lindsay let 2 friends into the house and cops think when they left they took the goods ... and she may have been in on it.

But now there's a twist in Lindsay's favor. We're told the owner of the house has recanted his story and written a letter to cops saying nothing was stolen. Of course, it flies in the face of his actions Sunday night when he called the cops and made the theft report.  

Michael Lohan tells TMZ, "After personally speaking with the homeowner, there was NOTHING stolen from his home. Lindsay has no involvement and the owner has told the cops that."

We're told as of now the matter is still under investigation, but if the "victim" recants, it's unlikely the case will proceed.


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She put the sunglasses in her peech. All in a day's work...

754 days ago


A couple of days ago Lindsay tweeted "as soon as I'm doing great people start fabricating lies about me".

So, by doing great she means she sucessfully fenced that joory in NYC and she sucessfully managed to put the frighteners on the home owner to the extent that they took back the story. Doing great is right. And the lie that was "fabricated" (that's a redundancy, Lohan, you know, like ATM machine or prostitution wh0re) was that she cooperated with the police. F*cking criminal sleezebag. This goes beyond "celebrity justice", I swear she's done stuff that most celebs would have had to have done some real time for. No, she's a nasty career criminal.

754 days ago


This is probably a stupid question but how come every time something happens with Lindsay, out of the woodwork comes Michael Lohan.

754 days ago


Entertainment Tonight had her net worth at 1.4 million. She will blow though that in a year. I wonder how much she's paid back the IRS and other creditors, such as the TV installer for the Venice pad paid for by Betty Ford as just a couple of examples.

754 days ago


She either gave the stolen goods back or f*cking paid him off. I HATE TMZ coverage it's so transparently kiss-a** toward Lindsay Lohan and the Kardashians.

754 days ago


How does this woman keep getting away with this ****? If I did half the stuff she did I would be in jail, overcrowding or not. Its sad that a person has sunk so low yet I can't look away. I just can't stand her, when is she going to pay for this b.s.?I guess when the drugs and liquor wore off the home owner didn't want his life under investigation, another win for Lindsay. I hope this bitch gets what is coming soon.

754 days ago


And if Lindsay is threatening people -- HOW COME SO MANY PEOPLE BACKTRACK AFTER GOING TO POLICE WITH COMPLAINTS ABOUT HER, AND WHY DOESN'T TMZ LOOK INTO THAT??? -- then this really needs to be looked at by the federal government and taken out of the hands of Hollywood/California law enforcement.

754 days ago


she gets off again, her luck has to run out sooner or later.

754 days ago


Funny how Lohan didn't speed dial tmz. Police were called because he noticed some of his stuff were missing. He simply told the police he thinks it's Lindsay Lohan and the 2 guys she brought in with her. His opinion, not an accusation.

Police asked her questions. She flies to NY like that was planned. Michael Lohan from Florida, speed dials tmz to make sure they know he 'personally' called the homeowner? What the hell is that?

754 days ago


do you realize this story came from MILO?
its to make him look better..
and once again it made lindsay look worse..
what ever the case she paid another person off

754 days ago


now they are trying to make it seem the homeowner is jacking the price up of the watches and sunglasses..
and false police report..
wait a second, this isnt the first watch she stole..
her friends rolex went missing until he went to the police....

754 days ago

Stacy Stowe    

So Daddy was throwing his weight around again, not unusual for Michael Lohan....

754 days ago


Looks like that house owner got paid off! Is there ANY integrity in Hollywood?????????? He has to be an IDIOT in the first place to have her at his house with her reputation! WHEREVER she goes there's trouble. They talk about Brittney Spears having a MENTAL condition and needing a conservator for life. She appears NORMAL compared to Lindsay! Lindsay needs someone with a BRAIN with her 24/7/365!

754 days ago


That is one beautiiful, very sick slut

754 days ago


"After Michael Lohan personally wrote a check to the homeowner there was nothing stolen from his home and Lindsay was innocent as usual"

754 days ago
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