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Alleged LAPD Beating Victim

The Gruesome Photo

8/27/2012 5:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Brian Mulligan beat up
There's no doubt ...  Brian Mulligan -- an international banking honcho -- was beaten to a pulp by the LAPD -- based on photos obtained by TMZ.
Mulligan -- the Managing Director and Vice Chairman of Media for Deutsche Bank -- is unrecognizable in the pics -- with severe nasal fractures and lacerations, a concussion, a fractured right scapula, and numerous contusions and abrasions. 

Although the LAPD claims officers beat and arrested Mulligan after he became violent and threatening ... prosecutors declined to file charges.  Our sources say prosecutors believe the photos are "clear evidence of excessive force."  Indeed, Mulligan already filed a $50 million claim against the City of L.A.

TMZ first reported, Mulligan claims two LAPD cops beat him senseless after wrongfully detaining him ... claiming he resembled a person suspected of attempted car theft.  Mulligan claims the officers took him to a hotel against his will and when he tried to leave officers brutally attacked him.

Mulligan's lawyers, J. Michael Flanagan and Valerie Wass, tell TMZ cops at the scene conceded Mulligan was NOT under the influence of drugs and they described him as “calm, lucid, and cooperative." They tell TMZ, "Mulligan had committed no violations of law and was not arrested. No drugs were found during a search of his person or his vehicle, and the officers found absolutely no evidence of drug use by Mulligan."

Flanagan and Wass say cops also engaged in a cover-up, telling us, "The two officers who inflicted the injuries on Mulligan subsequently concocted a police report in an attempt to justify their use of excessive and deadly force and to obtain a filing of criminal charges against Mulligan."


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According to Huffington Post, he was on bath salts and breaking in to cars as well as staying at a MOTEL!

The cops pulled an LL Cool J on him. I don't see a problem.

794 days ago


there may be more to the story but NOTHING to justify this.

794 days ago


TMZ...THIS photo you show, but you put a RED STAR on Prince Harry's junk and butt?????

794 days ago


Wow thats not right this can happen to anyone cops think cuz they have a badge they think there god and can do anything they want @ what ever cost take that badge off and its a whole new ball game.

794 days ago


Wow thats not right this can happen to anyone cops think cuz they have a badge they think there god and can do anything they want @ what ever cost take that badge off and its a whole new ball game.

794 days ago


**** the corrupted laws, and the police!

794 days ago


Seriously TMZ do you ever listen to your watchers/readers? How many times do I or anyone else have to complain about these kind of pictures in full view. I do NOT come to TMZ to see this CRAP!!! BYE! I'll tell my Mom to not watch today!!!

794 days ago

sherryl robertson    

excess force is the way LAPD always rolls unless you are O.J. that is. Massive uprising ,no we just want accountablity fr. the top to the cowards who are no more than pure evil. serve and protect and that is we ask...Its what they vowed.

794 days ago


Guess this is what you get in LA when you are being questioned by police and decide to try to leave.
I think there is more to this story.
I also think that when you are being questioned by law enforcement you should not try to leave or run away.
I also think this dude was NOT in a suit and tie all clean and pressed when this happened.
I also think that this photo seems OFF. So his nose was bandaged and worked on but they left all the blood everywhere? Not how hospitals work. They wouldn't have just taped over the blood. SUSPICIOUS.

794 days ago


"claiming he resembled a person suspected of attempted car theft. " ... Just take out the "car" part of that sentence... Suck it you f'ing bankster, welcome to the real world that we suffer at your greedy hands

794 days ago



794 days ago

Chocolate GOD    

He musta of had a hell of a tan, cuz clearly they thought he was "BLACK"!

I hate to break it to you but we Black people thoroughly enjoy when Caucasians get treated like we do, for equally unjustified causes.

Now give him a bag of skittles & sweatshirt.

794 days ago


The most corrupt police dept in the country, so corrupt they even beat up rich white guys.

794 days ago


International Banking Honcho eh? He may not have done anything wrong here, but for some reason it looks like karma to me anyway.

794 days ago


The police are now basically a legal street gang. They can beat you, they can shoot you, they can do whatever they want without regard to any rules or laws.

794 days ago
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