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Lindsay Lohan

Will NOT Be Prosecuted

For Jewelry Heist

8/28/2012 2:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

5:21 PM PT --
A rep for the D.A.'s office tells TMZ ... "The District Attorney's Office received no evidence that any jewelry, including watches, was taken."

"The evidence presented to us ... was valued at $6,400 and included $3,000 in cash, four pairs of sunglasses, an iPod and keys to two cars and a house."

It's now clear ... the initial theft complaint, which included $100,000 worth of watches and sunglasses, never made its way to the D.A.'s office.


Lindsay Lohan
will not be prosecuted by the L.A. County District Attorney for stealing more than $100,000 worth of watches and sunglasses from a Hollywood Hills home -- TMZ has learned the D.A. just rejected the case.

According to the D.A.'s charge evaluation worksheet, there is insufficient evidence to bring a burglary charge against the actress.

According to the D.A., Lindsay and Sam Magid -- the rich guy who owns the house that was allegedly burglarized -- have had a "longstanding relationship." 

The D.A. claims Sam did not identify Lindsay as a suspect and the "potential eyewitnesses have refused to become involved."

Additionally, none of the suspects were found in possession of the stolen property.

Lindsay's assistant Gavin Doyle will also not face prosecution.


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If I was her I wouldn't go into any dark stairwells for a while....

753 days ago


Fellow TMZ posters: This Lindsay Lohan crap is way beyond what us regular people are subjected to. If either you or I had heisted $100K in stuff from someones house we would be doing a minimum of 6-8 years in state lockup. If you or I swapped seats after a car accident and said someone else was driving, we would have lost our license by now. Myself, who has money and attorneys could not possibly keep my self out of a long stint in jail if I had done all the things this girl has. These District Attorneys in LA are so easily bought off its ridiculous.

753 days ago


Karma is a b!tch Lindsay. Surge owes you a payback..

BTW- Good Luck finding any work. No one is hiring your lying stealing ass
If you can steal from a friend you can steal from your boss.

Good Luck trying to get into ANY event at NYFW. That ship has sailed

753 days ago


First of all The L.A District Attorney's office Sucks
Secong Lohan should be and eventually will be locked up. It took a while to get OJ and it took the Las vegas District Attorney to do it
Last Lo Ho probably gave Sam Maggot a Happy Ending

753 days ago


The other sites don't spend an entire day writing articles about someone in legal trouble, and then at the end of the day, say...never mind. This is getting old, TMZ.

753 days ago


For years the nickname for the last Mr John Gotti was "Teflon Don." Lindsay blows him out of the water. If there is something better than Teflon that would be her. Gotta love the justice system.

753 days ago


Just stay home, dummy! Going outside doesn't seem to be workin' out for ya!

753 days ago


Lindsay and Sam Magid -- the rich guy who owns the house that was allegedly burglarized -- have had a "longstanding relationship."

aww Lindsay has a new boyfriend.

Vikram 2.0.

753 days ago


This is exhausting. I'm done no more attention from me on this chic.

753 days ago


A house full of people, the doors are closed before the police arrive, and LL is singled out in spite of her NOT being in possession of the stolen watches etc, just because the police don't like her?

753 days ago


They never seem to tell you any background on Sam Magid..
never heard of him ...

753 days ago


I hate over thinking stuff but I'm still, God HELP ME, have a one track mind. For all you that think Linds is giving this guy some sexual favors, think again. I don't think for one minute Linds has gone back to men, I DO HOWEVER, shudder, and mayb I be forgiven for thinking it, think the OTHER Lohan there that night might be the center of this. I pray I'm wrong, but why the hell else would someone backtrack as quick as he did when witnesses pointed to Linds?

753 days ago

the artist formerly known as hand turkey    

He must be getting his bj's free from now on.

753 days ago


That's okay...there WILL BE a next time...Lyndsay has a criminal mind - sadly inherited from dadio - so it won't take her too long to do it again...

753 days ago


People are morons. It makes me sad for humanity. Read that however you would like.

753 days ago
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