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Kim Kardashian

Settles Old Navy Look-Alike

Lawsuit ... for Big $$$

8/29/2012 11:54 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Exclusive Details

Kim Kardashian
has called an end to her war with Old Navy -- settling up with the clothing brand for big bucks ... after it allegedly used a Kim K look-alike in its advertising last year.

Kim's lawsuit was dismissed today in L.A. -- and sources close to Old Navy tell TMZ, the company agreed to pay Kim an undisclosed sum based on her look-alike claims. We're told both sides are pleased with the settlement, though the exact terms of the deal are undisclosed.

TMZ broke the story ... Kim sued Old Navy last July for MILLIONS, claiming it intentionally used a look-alike in an effort to dupe the public into thinking Kim was affiliated with the brand.

She kinda had a point too ... just take a look at this screengrab from the advertising in question.



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Because this poor woman has the misfortune of looking like that slut Kim, she can never work in Hollywood again? That's bogus, and a whole load of crap!!! Trust me when I say, no one is going to rush to Old Navy to buy something because they THOUGHT it was K slut in the commercial.

752 days ago


So when is Kardashian going to sue Octomom for appearing in a porn? Really, they look and act similar, no talent or morals.

752 days ago


Oh yeah, forgot to mention...the girl on the right in the screen grab resembles Serena Williams, so is Serena going to sue old Navy too? From now on, anyone that resembles any one else better watch out, because the money grubbing K Slut types of the world will be coming for you!

752 days ago


Seems an easy way to make some money. This girl in the ad bears a slight resemblance. She has more appeal and is very gorgeous which would pose a problem.

752 days ago


So wait because somebody resembles this ridiculous person a little bit she can't be in commercials? That is unacceptable! The Old Navy girl is sooooo much prettier anyways! That is no fair and seriously like she needs more money! So greedy and wish they would disappear off the radar like Paris Hilton!

752 days ago


Melissa def. does NOT look like Kim. Kim is ****ing ugly, Melissa is hot.

752 days ago


Unbelievable, I would of never settled. She doesn't own the long dark hair, big ass look. These people who make up a word or a look from what we use daily and then claim they own it... How ridiculous...

752 days ago


If it was settled for an undisclosed sum how does TMZ know it was for big $$$?

752 days ago

Oh A 💛💋    

Of course this bitch would do this ! This bitch made a sex tape just to be famous so she would pull a slick ass move like this ! She nothing but a dirty looking saggy ass bitch who's face looks like a fish yeah a damn fish bitch !

752 days ago


Who writes this s h i t?? STFU! The model from The next ***** cat doll, doesn't look s h i t like KIm and anyone who thought so is a f u c king blind, delusional, moron. How can you mistake someone who actually sings and dances and shops at OLD NAVY as KIM KARDASHIAN????? She has no talent but sucking c o c k! I can't believe Old Navy paid this piece of trash off! That is what she wanted!!! Dumb a s ses you could have easily won! Every thought the model looked more like Nicole Sherzinger than Kim and guess what? A lot of girls have long, black hair, with waves. She is not the only one!!! She can't dance she can't sing. She can't claim anything and you settle like a little b i t ch??? This is why the wh0re keeps suing because even though it is a stupid a s s lawsuit people are b i t ches these days and just give in a settle. F u c k! America has become so stupid. And f u c k Kim K. can't wait for the day I see this ugly, fake, plastic, greedy, talentless h o e get what she deserves. It better be horrible with her personality. F u ck this.

752 days ago


Kim K your such a gross whore u have so much money and ur try to find anyway to get a penny more untalented bi*ch drop dead slut

752 days ago


THIS NASTY DISGUSTING PEED ON FAKE FACED WRETCHED CURSE ON HUMANITY DESERVES NOTHING, BUT IF THERE IS A GOD SHE WILL BE HEEDED STRAIGHT TO HELL WITH HER MOM IN TOW...all the money in the world will never buy you love and respect Kimmie Urinalcakes....and as far as most men are concerned you are as welcome as the std's you carry...go away...and btw that girl is WWAAYY prettier than you and she actually is a natural beauty unliek you...and KMZ JUST STOP ALREADY...SHE IS A HATED HUMAN...STOP WITH THE ALL TRASHY WHORE KIM ALL THE TIME...WE HHHAATTEEE HER!!!

752 days ago


Not fair. So this prettier girl, who has a non-freaky backside (I remember the ad), cannot work as a model now because she looks like Ms. No Talentian?

752 days ago


After a night of smashing, I woke up, the TV and someone I thought was Kim K was on Bloomberg TV. I thought I'd slept through 12.21.2012 and the world had ended with everything being the opposite. If you ever want to see what Kim K would look like with real intelligence, check out Bloomberg's Deirdre Bolton.

752 days ago


Ha! Ha! I love it. Kim is a BOSS and you b*tches just don't get it and you never will. Hence your head scratching everytime she WINS. I see the haters are being paid full time today. LOL!! I love how she drives you idiots crazy. Kim thanks all of you who spend your money at old navy over the past few months, it's now in her pockets. Love It!!

752 days ago
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