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Lindsay Lohan's

Excuse for Stiffing Hotel


8/30/2012 9:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan
may say the producers of "Liz and Dick" promised to pay her enormous bill at the Chateau Marmont hotel ... but it's simply not true -- TMZ has learned.

TMZ broke the story, Lindsay racked up a hotel bill approaching $47,000 but stiffed the Chateau Marmont. As a result, Lindsay was banned from the hotel property.

Lindsay now says she thought her "Liz and Dick" producers would pay the bill, but sources very familiar with the situation tell TMZ ... the production NEVER promised to foot the bill. 

Sources connected to Lindsay tell us ... producers did give Lindsay a one-time only, $5,000 advance against her salary in late May so she could move into the hotel, but that was it. There was never even an insinuation the production company would pay her hotel bill.

Lindsay has said ... if the production company doesn't pay the bill, she will.

Stay tuned.


No Avatar


Lindsay has to stay at Gavins place...
and Gavins Mom is not going to like it..
will she get her own room?
Or will she have to share a bed with Gavin and Ali?
Yea shes not Broke

602 days ago


So... to Blohan, a $5K 'ADVANCE on her salary' = Cool! They're paying for everyting! I can eat, drink and smoke myself into oblivion and they'll pay for EVERYTHING! Oh room service!
Yep. that's how LL's mind works. Someone needs to call a psychiatrist.

602 days ago

LA me    

Read the Police report before TMZ deletes I'm sure they will soon.

and for some "unknown" reasson the "pdf" at the end of my link keeps getting cut off???

602 days ago

C. Fox    

Why is she so averse to just taking humble responsibility for herself? Not only is it a healthier way to live, it's also incredibly charming.

602 days ago


The general public knows she is a liar, cheat and basically a very troubled young woman. Unfortunately, the LA COurts do not recognize and they could have put a stop to this type of behavior a long time ago - they did not. Her smirks of getting away with something in all of her photos is very obvious. It is time for the courts to take action and cure her once and for all.

602 days ago


TMZ -----thank the nice commenters...they just gave you your next story......Lohan Lohan suspected of Trashing Liz Taylor Makeup Trailer....

and in the meantime looks like Lindsay is taking my advice ....She 's got her a ticket to France....but she's made a tactial error.....she announce the trip to soon...Gives the French time to close their border to her ...siting the reason as a risk to public health..and safety.....

602 days ago


Lindsay sucks....

602 days ago


I don't think this proves that she's broke. I think it shows that she doesn't pay her bills. Her priority is herself.

602 days ago

Grandma Cracker    

Just wow on the trashed trailer. Wonder if that rocking chair is at Lindsay's rented two bedroom mansion? Since she has allowed camera crews in there for some made up reality show about interior design, perhaps the owner of the trailer might see her missing chair there.
Wouldn't it be a hoot if she went down for jacking Liz' property?

602 days ago


OMG! Not ANOTHER misunderstanding! How could it be?!?! The world is always messing up and Lindsay can do no wrong...must be so frustrating!

602 days ago


Hey Smitty, If Lielo moves to NY ,are you going to say thats where you live?

602 days ago


L A Native
We regulars and about everybody interested have seen both doctored and undoctored docs...we know what is going on...We know How TMZ works...
TMZ plays both ends of the field sweetie to make the most money..this isn't a Lindsay Lohan appreciation site...this is a hard core gossip site...the use the stars and the stars us them..."sometime your the bug...sometimes the windsheild." kind of thing....they use each other daily ..only this time Harvey ended up the bug on the windshield and he did not apprrciate Lohan Inc for causing it...
Any my any way you look at it Lohan Inc and Lindsay are Media Grifter and Con Artist/Theft and this time Harvey got screwed..
and Now its his turn !!...
You don't play in a rattlesnake den without getting bite every once in a while...

602 days ago

Joan K    

Dear Linds, if you are reading these comments you may have noticed there are two losers who want you so bad that one of them even posted his number. If you act fast you may be able to hook up with them, hurry up.

602 days ago


Bottom line is....NEVER trust or believe a Lohan..Everyone of them.

602 days ago


I doubt anyone is surprised that the producers of the movie are calling BS on her "they said they'd pay for it" story because BS is all that ever spews from LiLo. Well, that and an, as yet, unidentified stench.

602 days ago
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