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Clint Eastwood

Reality Show Did NOT

Set Up Obama Schtick

8/31/2012 1:28 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Clint Eastwood
was NOT put up to his painful Barack Obama schtick last night by the producers of his family's reality show -- in fact, sources close to the legend tell TMZ, Clint "acts that way all the time at home."

There's been a lot of speculation -- Clint's bit was so awful ... there's no way it wasn't a setup for reality TV ... but we're told it really wasn't. The whole thing was Clint's idea, and even his family had no clue what he planned to do on stage.

According to sources, Clint's family's reality show "Mrs. Eastwood & Company" has not officially been picked up for a 2nd season and they're not currently in production -- so there's no way producers could have had a hand in last night's trainwreck.  

We’re told Clint's family believes his speech was widely misunderstood -- Clint just has a dry sense of humor that people don't understand.



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I like Clint Eastwood's movies just as much as the next person, but is he a "living legend" He makes movies, he does not cure cancer or make decisions that put entire counties lives at stake. Stop putting movie actos on a pedestal! I can think of a million people I admire more than Clint Eastwood.

For starters Eastwood has been married how many times and had how many children with how many different women who he never bothered to marry? How many abortions did he make Sondra Locke get? Is that Republician behavior? Family values???

I DO admire the everyday person who works hard, does not make much money and who stays faithful to their spouse. I admire people who stick it out, stay married even when the going gets rough and raise their children. I admire our wounded vets who have returned home to a country who really does not give a flip about them.

Our society admires someone like Mitt Romney, born with a silver spoon in his mouth and who tied his dog to the roof of the car for a 12 hour car trip! Yet people admire this bozo because "he makes a lot of money".


752 days ago

Bernice Madoff    

Are you kidding Clint's speech was simply a blockbuster presentation. Of-course the world is full of folks who aren't using their given talents and want a free-ride. Clint was sharp, humorous and dead on topic.

752 days ago


I loved Clint's speech. the only thing painful is watching you liberal douch bags whine an bitch all day. Truth is too painful, **** clooney and Penn an the rest of those brain dead trash!

752 days ago


I also don't know why Clint seems to think Obama started the Afghan war and said he should have checked with the Russians first (because they had a long war in Afghanistan previously). That part was weird and basically senile.

752 days ago


Just went out to watch the video and I have to say, Clint Eastwood was freaking awesome!
The was nothing embarrassing about it at all, and he was spot on with his commentary.
There is absolutely nothing wrong with his sense of humor, and I don't understand why anyone would pan his performance.
You might not like what he said, but he said it brilliantly!

752 days ago


He was doing a comedy routine. The only one's who disliked it were Liberals, who, as always, have the biggest mouths. Not a funny bone in their body

752 days ago


He reminds me of a drunk Uncle that walks around with his hair sticking straight up on his head while muttering to himself.

752 days ago


spew your liberal bs all you want.......we who watched it enjoyed go back and wait in the unemployment line for the 4th year and maybe you'll have a job next week........

752 days ago


I think the people who think it was embarrassing are those who are going to vote democratic. If the GOP had put Kevin Hart up there they would find it embarrassing

752 days ago


Of course, we all know TMZ is blatantly liberal and they would put Clint down for speaking at the RNC (oh how different it would have been if he spoke at the DNC instead!) but still, no matter how much they bash him here and on every other left-leaning site, Clint was a hit and plenty enough people thought he was awesome last night. Just take a look at many of the comments that are on this site even, and then take a look at how many likes - as opposed to the 'hates' on the negative comments - there are on pro-Clint comments... it's no use TMZ, you won't change people's minds on this, at least no the ones that matter!

752 days ago


I thought Clint was thoughtful and funny. He does have a great sense of humor. TMZ, you are a bunch of hypocrites. Other times you LOVE Clint when you can get some film of him coming out of a restaurant. Oh that's right, you people only hang out in a 30 mile radius so you don't know what the hell is going on anywhere else. Most people love his speech and, he made people laugh. Somthing you folks have lost in your quest to be 'gossip girls and boys".

752 days ago


he did his speech without a teleprompter. We have politicians half his age that can't do that now. I thought he was great and funny and made a lot of good points. Let's see if any of us could do that good of a job at 82. I say no matter whether you are a democrat or republican, give credit where it is due. The man did a pretty damn good job for 82 years old!

752 days ago

Tim Leeke    

What is schtick--it sounds Jewish? Known for speaking his mind it appears he offended the Hollywood, liberal and democratic community and media--wonderful!!! He offended those who support the change that didn't work, and those who want more of the tergiversator that want's another try and failing at the peoples expense. Time for a change.

752 days ago



Listening to Eastwood mumble, bumble & stumble was priceless.

Nothing better then an old senile white douche to liven up a Republican convention!!!!!!

Way to raise the bar after Sarah Palin.

752 days ago


He has been such an Icon on his movies and made an a$$ of himself. I ised to respect you buddy. Not " no more! ".
You should also seek treatment for the invisible friend issue...

752 days ago
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