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Clint Eastwood

Reality Show Did NOT

Set Up Obama Schtick

8/31/2012 1:28 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Clint Eastwood
was NOT put up to his painful Barack Obama schtick last night by the producers of his family's reality show -- in fact, sources close to the legend tell TMZ, Clint "acts that way all the time at home."

There's been a lot of speculation -- Clint's bit was so awful ... there's no way it wasn't a setup for reality TV ... but we're told it really wasn't. The whole thing was Clint's idea, and even his family had no clue what he planned to do on stage.

According to sources, Clint's family's reality show "Mrs. Eastwood & Company" has not officially been picked up for a 2nd season and they're not currently in production -- so there's no way producers could have had a hand in last night's trainwreck.  

We’re told Clint's family believes his speech was widely misunderstood -- Clint just has a dry sense of humor that people don't understand.



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I thought Clint was funny as hell! Everything he said was the complete truth. Obama is an empty suit.

790 days ago


Clint did a good imitation of Obama when the president doesn't have a prompter. I agree with Clint that it is time to fire Obama.

790 days ago


He's old...and when he dies, there will be one less landfill of adult diapers disgracing our countryside.

790 days ago


Clint is a smart man, and if the younger generation didn't get his dry sense of humor....then good luck with your so called college education in this world....That Mr. Obama cut funding on by 25% a year ago.....check your student loan statements and compare last year.....TMZ quit bashing people to the right! Just report your "entertainment"

790 days ago


He was trying to be funny everyone has their own opinion no need for the hate.

790 days ago


It's sad but he was awful.

790 days ago

Julie Burnside    

Your liberal bias is showing and Clint was not only right but his dry sense of humor was great.
ROMNY/RYAN is going to take Obama out! American voters are fed up with his job killing policies!

790 days ago


Whatever.... BUT, he showed himself as a doddering old fool. The network should have cut him off. Doesn't anyone have respect for the Office of President of the U.S. no matter who is in charge? Guess not. Too much entitlement in this country with the complainers not doing anything. The show his wife has is a JOKE, too.

790 days ago


He was great! Love every bit of it!

790 days ago


Really?! Giving Clint such a hard time is ridiculous! We all got it here, we laughed, and we loved it. My Dad had a sense of humor like that, and as he got older, I learned to have great patience... his wit hadn't changed, his delivery was just a little slower. I think Clint should be given some respect... stop all the hating and give the guy a break!! Truth be told, it's just an excuse to bash his beliefs, and it's despicable.

790 days ago


For the record, I thought it was hilarious and fun. Cint has a great sense of humor and I think the crowd got it. And who cares if his reality show did put him up to it! He made some great points! Really, tmz? Don't be rude.

790 days ago


Personally, I thought Cline was RIGHT ON and TMZ is just another liberal media outlet supporting the Liberal Media that is out to get everyone who works for a living.

790 days ago


I suppose it was "awful" because he skewered your "anointed One".

It was about time to see some comedy directed at Obama. Comedians seem scared to death to stand up like Eastwood did and make fun of Obama.

790 days ago


Thank God that show is a piece of Crap!!! Does she is bore at home??

790 days ago


Clint was funny!!!!

790 days ago
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