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Evelyn Lozada

Chad Is 'A Good Guy

Who Made a Bad Choice'

8/31/2012 11:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Evelyn Lozada says despite his arrest for allegedly head-butting her, she still loves estranged husband Chad Johnson -- but adds she can't imagine speaking to him any time soon.

In an interview with "Nightline" that airs tonight, Lozada described the alleged domestic violence incident as "a bad choice that destroyed his life ... But it was his choice, it wasn't mine."

Lozada said she hopes Chad is getting help and she wants "the best for him," but says that being apart is "the right thing."

Johnson is expected to be arraigned in September. Evelyn filed for divorce 2 days after his arrest.

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Where is the scar from the big gash she received when she was headbutted. There is enough forehead on her, so it should be seen somewhere. I just love the way she playing the victim part to a T. The way she's dressed, the missing 10" hoop earrings, and the pitiful look on her face. The Oscar goes to....EVILYN!!! This woman is not the innocent type, so why act like it now? Maybe her victims should line up and make pitiful videos too! To me, it doesn't matter that her victims are female, they are still victims of abuse at her hands.

751 days ago


It's really hard for me to believe anything that comes out of Evelyn's mouth. I dont really care for Chad but I think he was doing pretty good on his own. Then as soon as him and evelyn hook up his career is over just that quick. He lost everything! Yes, he was stupid, arrogant, and made a lot of mistakes but to lose what he works so hard to get over her. just doesnt seem right. Evelyn we all seen how you behave on camera. How you treat the one's you called your friends. How you throw bottles and jump across tables in violent rage. So yes, it's hard for us to believe anything that you say. And why would Chad head butt you rather than slap you across the face or even push u? Head butting someone is like the last resort. Y would he do that? Hmmm. There is more to this story that we dont know. Evelyn is seeking more attention out of this incident. She thought her ticket would be Chad but that fell through now it's capitalizing on sympathy from people. She makes me sick to my stomach!

751 days ago


I wish people would quit comparing gold digging Evelyn to Rihanna. RIhanna was beating, biting, choked, and left in the street like an animal. Riri has never been on TV acting a darn fool like Evelyn. It took Riri 3 to 4 years to forgive Chris, and 4 years to even talked about the whole ordeal. Evelyn is a liar, manipulative, bully. She is verbally as well as physically abusive towards others. She is using this whole ordeal to acquire more fame b/c that's what gold digging broads do. She has ruined the career of Chad Johnson who wasn't at the top of his game but wasn't at the bottom either. Now he has nothing! He cant even pay child support now b/c of Evelyn and her mouth of hers. Please Evelyn crawl back under the rock you came from.

751 days ago


Sorry but i just don't trust this chick. I still have my scar from 25 years ago that required stitches. Where is Evelyn's scar? She is too much! I bet she charged him first before he responded. Oh well.. Guess it doesnt matter cause people are buying her lies. What a shame!

751 days ago


I'm not watching this phony bull **** but, i hope she is done because once a beater always a beater

751 days ago


Wow, I would be embarrassed if I was divorcing just a month after the marriage ... I would really have to send back all the wedding gifts too ... Chad Johnson is certainly a violent individual but I'm sure it was a mutual fight/argument that turned ugly. Chad's bad temper caused his downfall.

751 days ago

annoyed in SF    

where are the stitches? she sure does heal quickly.

751 days ago


CHILD PLEASE...who the hell she think she fooling with that bull**** performance. #FAKEBITCH

751 days ago


HOE-zada is so full of ****...poor Mrs. Johnson...I know she almost died when Chad announced he was wife-ing this douche-bag serial-strumpet. #HIDEYOURHUSBANDS

751 days ago


Gold Digging Whore. She deserved more than one headbutt.

751 days ago


Is make-up covering the huge gash that she had? Don't get me wrong, don't know if it happened, not my call, just confused that there's nothing there or, am I missing it?

751 days ago


Girl, sit down.

751 days ago


He learned how to be aggressive from you, Evelyn.

751 days ago


Good Guy + Great Father + 1 Bad Choice = Ruined Career?
It doesn't add up! Evelyn you saying it was a bad choice is just that, why not work with your spouse on his issues and not run & file divorce papers 2 days later? You really make me believe that you caused this whole incident and because of your "wolf cry", it went real bad really fast. You should be ashamed of yourself now your body is all covered up and sitting with your hair pulled back like a saint in a black dress just to draw sympathy. You are a disgrace to true victims of domestic violence. I hope you don't return to BBW

751 days ago


EVELYN LOZADO do us all a favor and dive off the GWB

750 days ago
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