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Usher's Ex-Wife

Appeals Custody Ruling

I Got Screwed

9/1/2012 4:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

's ex-wife Tameka Raymond is making good on her promise to fight a court order stripping her of child custody of their two children.

We broke the story ... Tameka lost an arduous custody battle last week when a judge ruled in Usher's favor, awarding him primary custody of their two young boys.

Tameka vowed to appeal the decision ... by filing a motion for new trial on grounds the judge was biased in Usher's favor.

Tameka claims the judge has a strong tie to Usher's lawyer, claiming the attorney was personally responsible for nearly half of the contributions to the judge's re-election campaign in 2008.  What's more ... Tameka alleges Usher's lawyer served on the judge’s re-election campaign committee.

Tameka also insists NO evidence was presented showing she couldn't take care of her kids.

Tameka also claims there was clear evidence of Usher's "past, current, and future inability" to care for the kids.

The judge hasn't ruled on her motion.


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Bitch please    

Eww. I didnt know Usher likes trannies.

746 days ago



746 days ago


good for Usher

746 days ago


Grow up Usher. Don't use kids as a weapon against her, it's abusive and arrogant. You don't want to take care of children. You want to hire people to take care of them so you can live the high life. Leave them with their mother. They need her a lot more than they need nannies.

746 days ago


so wait she just lost her son and now their taking away her other kids AS WELL? tsk tsk call me crazy bt i think she should get the kids

746 days ago

Pinky Swayerz    

I have no idea what kind of mother she is, but she does have a point about User's lawyer. Sounds like the courtroom was a little too cozy.

746 days ago


Tameka will not be granted a new trial karma is a bitch this trick abandon her first husband and three kids to get with Usher, then she divorce her husband and married Usher.

When you live wrong, and have bad intentions you will not have good luck, she just want them boys so she can keep that lavish life style.

746 days ago


I don't think they should give her a new trial. Its a waste of time the boys need time to heel for heaven sacks they just lost there older brother. The women got what she cry for her stupid sak's card.

746 days ago


She filed a lawsuit asking that Usher re-start he Saks Credit Card. I would have used that plea for my children. Had she begged the courts that hard for her children like she did for Saks maybe she would have been granted custody.

746 days ago


My goodness - don't both parents realize the kids will grow up and read this mess. Take it out the media and stop using them as pieces on a chess board.

746 days ago


Of course, I wasn't in the courtroom to hear both sides of the argument, but if the court sided with Usher and granted custody to him, they must have had some compelling evidence to prove he would be the better custodial parent. Hang tough through this appeal, Usher.

746 days ago


Didn't Usher's mother beg him not to marry this woman, I not saying she's a gold digger but well you know thw rest.

746 days ago


There is a lot more going on here with this chick than we know, for a judge to award primary custody to a father over the mother is extremely rare especially in the south.
But she should look at the bright side she got custody of the Saks card.

746 days ago


I am going to play dumb here on the word Tameka use of “inability” it stated her claims there was clear evidence of Usher's "past, current, and future inability" to care for the kids.

Remember I am playing dumb, as Tameka is the word “inability” means a person who has lack of ability or means. Is she trying to say Usher always remember she stated by using the word “past” of him having that lack of in not financially able to provide and take care of his own children?

If Usher is not capable “past, current and future” then why she pursued him to marriage, have his kids now going after his money again to appeal the court ruling to get his children for her to live comfortable in not working anymore by living off Usher’s money he is making legally.

Tameka cannot state Usher is making his money illegal as in crimes and drugs.

746 days ago


Another thing, Tameka also insists NO evidence was presented showing she couldn't take care of her kids.

Yes, Tameka can take care of NOT only herself and Usher’s kids but taking care of them having / obtaining Usher’s money that is main reason why she wants those kids $$$$ in her pocketbooks. It is for no other reasons.

746 days ago
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