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Michael Jackson

'This Is It' Promoters

Called Jackson a 'Mess'

9/2/2012 3:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0717_michael_jackson_article_gettyMichael Jackson was "an emotionally paralyzed mess" who was "scared to death" leading up to his planned "This Is It" concerts in 2009, this according to newly obtained emails sent by the promoters of the show.

In the emails, obtained by the LA Times, AEG's Randy Phillips traded messages back and forth with AEG President Tim Leiweke. In one email leading up to the 2009 press conference to announce the concerts, Phillips wrote, "MJ is locked in his room drunk and despondent ... I (am) trying to sober him up."

Phillips said Jackson was "an emotionally paralyzed mess," that Jackson was "scared to death," and that Phillips and Jackson's manager had to dress him. The press conference ended up being very brief and very strange.

The emails were part of the discovery in an ongoing lawsuit between AEG and the insurance company that backed the tour ... which is suing to get the $17.5 million policy nullified.


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It is good to hear from you again.

Jackson would never have been able to gain financial stability from the net proceeds he was to get from the ENTIRE world tour. One article I read said it would have been ~$123mil, per AEG. He would have several years' of living expenses to pay, plus what we now know was exorbitantly high interest on several hundred mil worth of outstanding debt (Branca later renogiated those interest rates to a more reasonable level, but Thome Thome had 'em up nice and high to ensure financial ruin). MJ would have been lucky to have been able to pay his living expenses and the interest only on the debt. After several years of the world tour he would, at best, be exactly where he was when he started: several hundred mil in debt, with no dent made in it. And in this article, one of the AEG execs (I think Phllips or Gongaware, not sure), said MJ wasn't going to like that number and advised the others to talk to MJ in terms of GROSS profits instead of NET profits. This was intentional deceipt on the part of these music industry execs, designed to make Jackson think he would earn FAR MORE from these concerts than he actually would. They disparagingly referred to Jackson as "Mikey," as if it were like stealing candy from a baby. NO ONE was looking out for Michael Jackson's financial interests. Thome Thome engineered his financial ruin. Why? So he and others (e.g., Colony Capital, with whom Thome was associated) could eventually take all his assets because of nonpayment of his debts, esp. BOTH of his music catalogues. Imagine how Jackson would have felt, having given his all during several years of the world tour, believing that he might be wiping out this debt, with the truth kept from him by Thome, only to find out when it was all over that he was still losing everything he worked for his whole life, and leaving himself and his children destitute.

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Pamela S    

If an amount of money could be paid for what and how the music and lkyrics of Michael Jackson made us feel. When we would and still listen to it today It would surprass the National debit.

We still love you MJ and always will.

We must not forget that you were a human being like the rest.

Thank you,

Pamela S

759 days ago


I choose NOT to believe any of the above! The poor man cannot even be allowed 'rest' beyond his death! Frankly, I hope he comes back and HAUNTS all of those who used and milgned him, starting with those who have made the above allegations!!!

759 days ago



759 days ago


I wonder why you've never seen one (not 1) picture of MJ's kids at his Forest Lawn 'grave site', not on his birthday 'death anniversary..never. Why..HOAX, HOAX, HOAX!

As I said, they think this man is totally out of it yet sign him up for 50 (not 10) more shows..yeah, OK, that makes a lot of sense.

759 days ago


What Really Happened to Michael Jackson


759 days ago


Okkkk, which lie is a lie...Every1 says that Micheal didn't drink??? The promoters said "MJ, was in PERFECT shape, mentally & physically" ...! Why would you continue to press forward with a show who's artist isn't fit to go through with it...Now to me this raises another focus that prehaps Murray didn't lie when he said they also knew about the secret door in MJ's room and could have very well entered in when he was in the restroom!!!

759 days ago


OH Gee, look at all the posters who have NO PROFILE.

759 days ago


Watching the This Is It DVD, everyone praised MJ. This was to be the concert of all concert. It seems to me that if you have a vested intrest in something or someone you would care, nuture and protect. It was known for years that MJ was addicted to drugs. I just wonder, why didn't AEG, Kenny O or the janitor say, let postpone the concert. Let's get our MONEY MAN in tip top shape so we can get PAID. If he (MJ) was a drunken mess it wasn't said during the trial. Now, I guess it is time to wash the dirty laundry in dirty water.
Since I've never met MJ, I am so happy that I was introduced to him via the Jackson 5/ the Jacksons. And I count that as a blessing.

759 days ago


I am so sick and tired of the media trying to make Jackson out to be a victim; when the reality of the situation was he was a drug addict and a weak, weak human being. His death is NO tragedy; nor is it a loss to society. He knew the potential outcome of his actions. He was no saint or hero. He was an ADDICT.

759 days ago


Please TMZ, Please, <----

Give Us More Dirt On Little Wacko,
✫✫✫✫ MORE DIRT✫✫✫✫

We Just Love When The Truth
Comes Out About The Little Freak!

✫✫✫✫ MORE DIRT✫✫✫✫

Te Hehe


759 days ago


Obviously TMZ's readership has dropped recently so who do they turn to to revive their fledgling website? MICHAEL of course!
They just can't let him get away anymore than those of us who LOVE him....
Think about it folks. These emails are coming from Randy Phillips and Tim Leiweke, two of the SHADIEST characters in the business. Remember, they're connected to TOHME of all people? Unreal....
As for those who want to jump back on the DRUG bandwagon as a result of this, I have three words for you:
This TABLOID was not about his taking drugs, it was about the fact that Phillips and Co. said he was DRUNK. ANd as far as that is concerned, we have NO PROOF that's true, only their opinion. If he was so be it, but again, we have to CONSIDER THE SOURCE...WAKE UP PEOPLE....
And while you're turning off the alarms ringing in your heads, chew on this: The CORONER'S REPORT stated that there was NO SIGN OF ABUSE found in his organs--CHEMICAL, ALCOHOL or otherwise. The only substance or traces found were the Benzos and Propofol MURRAY gave him that night...and oh yeah, for those who need it spelled out for them, there was NO PROOF that he had been taking those Meds PRIOR TO JUNE 25. If you happened to miss that tidbit during Murray's trial, just google the transcript. Do yourself and everyone else on here a favor and DO YOUR RESEARCH!!!
Then again, who am I kidding, if most of you did that, you wouldn't be CRAZY enough to swallow everything you read on TMZ....ouch...
But what's REALLY hilarious is all of the loonies and idiots who use this as an opportunity to put him down in order to make their lives less PATHETIC...good try guys but it ain't gonna work...
BTW: To Pegasus and all of my other peeps here, I miss you guys and still think of you, just don't have time for the STUPIDITY anymore....
I mean, how many times can I say OYE for Heaven's sake?
What's important is that the WORLD still recognizes that Michael is the GREATEST ENTERTAINER EVER--breaking records for HIGHEST CONCERT SALES even now and most of the Music Industry attempting to market themselves as being "influenced" by Michael...
Not too shabby for a guy who was supposedly "emotionally paralyzed". Funny how they felt that way but continued to sell O2 Concert tix for as much as FIVE TIMES the actual price....uh, yeah....
TSIG--I'm here for you. You know this story is all about AEG trying to cover their tracks. All you have to do is read that "Artist's Contract" on RadarOnline they had for Michael and you'll know what they were up to....making BIG money at his expense. They never intended for him to do those concerts in the first place. Sure he was out of his element at first--you can even see that in TII, but once he got his mojo back onstage, he began calling the shots--something they hadn't counted on--and then the final slap in their faces was when he brought in Branca to replace the PUPPET lawyer they had assigned to him. One week after he did that, they had him killed. Someday this will all come out because it is FACT, unlike much of the innuendo regarding allegations, drugs, etc. people accuse him of on these boards....
try, try again...
MYLYWY Michael until the end of time #Who'sbad...

759 days ago


If all this is true...once again...who was there to try to help Michael?

759 days ago


They have a lot of really intelligent ppl in this world that actually are well educated. A lot of ppl on these comments would do well to research these well educated ppl, to find out exactly what Michael Jackson was really all about. You never know what you may learn from these really well educated ppl. and ooppss I was drunk last night , please don't crucify me.. and so what if he drank alcohol, most adults do, and so to do a lot of messed up fkn kids.

759 days ago
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