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I Wasn't Saying

Heidi Klum Cheated!

9/2/2012 5:55 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

When Seal said he wished Heidi Klum "at least waited until we separated first before deciding to fornicate with the help" ... he didn't mean to say he thought she cheated on him while they were together ... this according to Seal's rep.  You confused?  Keep reading, but you may not buy it.

TMZ posted the video yesterday (see above) of Seal talking about Heidi's relationship with her bodyguard. He said Heidi lacked class and pretty plainly claimed Heidi's cheating broke up the marriage.

But Seal's rep now says that's not what he meant, telling TMZ, "Seal would like to clarify that he was not implying his wife was cheating while they were together, but he was merely pointing out that their separation and divorce are not yet final and they are indeed still legally married."

Yes, we're perplexed too. The words "waited until we separated" are pretty straightforward.


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When I read people comment here . I shake my head in shame. I can see why divorce is the head in American Marriages cause 80 % of Americans are stupid and foolis to the union of marriage and love. When you marry for sex and beauity and money what you get is American marriage always ends in Divorce. When you think of American what you invasion is Divorce ,Obesity and war. American is the Epitomie of The Word Divorce cause of people like those commenting here on TMZ. How care if seal is ugly if you love someone you see above is fault or uglyness, uglyness turns into beauity with love , Proviety turns into richness and so on. Love is the ultimate in marriage but Americans 80% of them don't know or get it. If Sex is marriage or Beauity then Hoes would be the best lovers and have the best marriages in the world or Miss Universal will be the best women to get marry to and be happily married ever . But they are not . Love is the key to a successful marriage not Sex,Money and beauity. Ameicans are the most foolish people on earth I'm sorry to say but that is the plan truth. Even a 3rd world country with no technology and education have more sence than most Americans with all our educations. Seal and his wife are good example of a typical American Marriage lasting just 7 years and marrying for sex and big Dick or sex Pack or money .if you marry just for material things what you get is American Marriage , fail Marriages and 7 years before divorce if you are luck.

591 days ago


For me, the word "*********" was the give away.

591 days ago


poor man looks like his face got caught in a fan stuck on high

591 days ago


Whatever the reason their marriage broke up, should have stayed between them. I'm sure he is rephrasing what he said, because her attorney sent him a nice little love note. Having said that, I still think she ran to the body guard for support just a little too quickly.

591 days ago


I think his point was that he wished she had waited until they were legally seperated and no longer together before she cheated. Not that she cheated while they were still "a couple". But it seems kind of hypocritical considering he has been seeing at least one other woman in the meantime.

591 days ago


Don't any of these people know how to shut up?

591 days ago


The way this homie is dressed I bet he gets hit up for shoe shines all day long.

591 days ago


I"d cheat on him too if he was my ugly as$ husband. Especially if he had temper as they say,

591 days ago


I never seen what she saw in that ugly N!gger anyway!

591 days ago


In the original video, didn't he also say something to the effect that Heidi's cheating was the answer everyone had been looking over the last 7 months? I call BS on this new explanation.

591 days ago


LIAR....Your words are caught on the camera.

591 days ago


Yes! He did confirm it when he said that we had the answer we were looking for, for the last 7 months and that she should have waited before separation. How he has changed his tune. I'm glad you guys recorded him as proof of his words.

591 days ago


SEAL!!!! move on!!! cats are dime a dozen. you have the $$$, move on!!!!

591 days ago


im not sure "his rep" is the best choice to get what he really meant. for that you would have to go straight to the man himself.

his reps all have his best interest in mind, they will say whatever it takes within reason to get things in line with whatever they feel is legally the best one for the outcome of a given situation.

that said, i dont believe that is what the man meant at all when he said what he did

591 days ago


But it is ok for him to "*********" and Heidi cant. Is this a case of what is good for the goose is not good for the gander?

591 days ago
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