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Honey Boo Boo's Mom

Haters Make Us Stronger

9/5/2012 3:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

090512_honey_tmzlive_launch_v2Honey Boo Boo's mother June isn't fazed by the millions of pretentious snobs who scoff at her and her family -- telling TMZ Live, "For every person that's hating on us, there's three people that love us."

June "Mama" Shannon called in moments ago ... and we asked if she was irked by all the holier-than-thous crawling out of the woodwork, critiquing the new TLC reality show "Here Comes Honey Boo Boo" as redneck trash.

June says she isn't bothered one bit ... because "a lot of people relate to us."

And as far as June is concerned, the haters are only giving her show more momentum -- "It's weird that haters know more about our show than our amazing fans."

As for the massive paycheck June's earning from the show -- way more than $4,000 an episode -- she wouldn't specify an exact amount, but said, "We're very well compensated."


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Looks like a closeup of a foot with one middle toe....

785 days ago


There are so many red flags here for this family. TLC had exposed this uneducated unwitting family to the ugly exposure of television between Toddlers & Tiera's and now Honey Boo Boo. They are on a Hollywood high thinking they are stars and having allittle money thrown at them they don't see how much people are laughing at them, not with them. This poor little girl needs serious speech therapy, nutional guidence and a strong parental roll to teach her how to be an educated young "lady". The 12 year old girl needs serious mental help. She is just one step away from a bad headline on the news.She comes across as just plain evil. I believe that June probably has alot of misguided love in her heart for her family, but at this point if she does not do something immediatly about her weight she want be alive to see Honey Boo Boo have her first welfare baby by the time she is 14.

785 days ago


It's been about 2 weeks since I found out that Honey Boo Boo's mom is only 33 YO. And, I still can't believe it. HOW THE Fu......

785 days ago


Personally, I don't even understand why the Kardashian's or Honey Boo Boo are even on television. We have sunk to new lows insofar as entertainment - not my type that is for sure.

785 days ago


I've seen the show and I really don't think they're that bad of a family. You gotta stop and think about where they're from. They really are nothing more than a product of their environment. Hygiene and health issues aside, I really don't get a malevolent vibe from anyone in the family. They really seem to love each other unconditionally from what I can see and at least they don't always have to constantly reassure the audience that they do in fact love each other like the Kardashians do all the time in their little show commentaries. Anyways, I'm just glad I'm from California because I don't think I would have made it had I been from wherever they're from, lol, I'm too germaphobic for that place >=[

785 days ago


And we wonder why everyone thinks America looks like this. Because that's all we show in the media anymore. Fat, ugly trash.

785 days ago


No, a lot of people do NOT relate to you. They MAKE FUN of you! You are gross white trash! BTB, stating a fact does not make me a pretentious snob.

785 days ago

Con K    

Is it just me or does "Honey Boo Boo's" Mom look like the character "Fat Bastard" from the Austin Powers movie???

785 days ago


Who cares how you live, or where your from. My family enjoys the show and I say you go on and make that $money. Could be worse. I would rather watch a show portraying REAL people then those fake @ss Hollywood hair head types that everyone is tired of hearing about. You do your thing and we will continue to tune in. It's called reality TV for a reason people. Get a fricken clue. Don't like it? Go watch the Kartrashians. While Mama is taking care of her family the others are falling apart...!!!

785 days ago


Is that right? Well you must be one strong chick.

785 days ago


That much fat could fuel generators lighting an entire city for a night. Who would have sex with her, for her to even have a daughter in the first place?

785 days ago


People are watching you because you're like a train wreck. You seem to think that just people know about you, that is some kind of achievement. It's not. You are a joke. People are watching you like they would watch a monkey in a zoo. So you have a mouthy, sassy kid. That's nothing to be proud of. You are uncivilized.

785 days ago


Wow; she's really morphed into an attention whore, complete with the standard "we have millions of people who love us so eff the haters" attention whoring rationalization. That didn't take long...

785 days ago


Haven't watched too many of the episodes but did watch the new one tonight. Alana is one happy child. To watch her in the pool or at the fireworks is to witness pure childhood joy. I'm sure much of the show is staged but a child cannot fake those reactions. Leave Mama alone she's doing the best she can for her girls.

785 days ago


I watched the first episode for about 5 minutes. Its TV shows like this that fuel our passion for what I like to call "Monkey Cage TV" I don't find this show appealing. The execs at TLC really need to think things out.

785 days ago
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