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Nicole Murphy

Threatened By Reps

Stop Talking S**t On Us!

9/8/2012 10:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0907_nicole_murphy_michael_straham_tmzNicole Murphy has gotten way too big for her britches now that her fiance Michael Strahan snagged the morning show with Kelly Ripa ... at least according to her former reps who say she's acting like a monster, publicly trashing and destroying their business in the process.

The ZLP Group has hired a lawyer, who fired off a nasty, threatening letter to Nicole. In the letter -- obtained by TMZ -- the lawyer claims Nicole has "started rumors, misstatements and misrepresentations" which have defamed the PR group. 

ZLP's lawyer, Donald Karpel, says Murphy's smack talking has destroyed his client's relationship with QVC, several NYC fashion week designers and a TV show.

Karpel promises in the letter he will file a lawsuit against her for breach of contract (allegedly firing the firm without cause) and defamation -- based on her "poor conduct."

We called Murphy -- so far, no comment.


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Why would anyone in their right mind want to host a show with Kelly Ripa? I would rather watch the ants in my sink than that boring, self-important Dunce. BTW I give the "new-format" of the show 6 months.

778 days ago


Do the TMZ staff know common phrases? Since when do you "talk s**t ON" someone? It is supposed to be "talk s**t ABOUT" someone.

778 days ago


Firing up the Give-A-F*ck meter here. Stand back, cover your eyes...

Nada! Zilch! Didn't even get close to 1 out of a possible 100. It's official...this is a Who-Gives-A-F*ck article.

778 days ago


Michael Strahan may want to time his time & think if he really wants to marry Nicole.

778 days ago


Michael is either a saint or an idiot to put up with both Kelly & Nicole.

778 days ago


So she's currently engaged to another man, but is still using Eddie's last name?

778 days ago


They look good together. Have they been together long? I have no idea. I know quite a bit about him and his record, but don't really follow his personal life or his girlfriends. He seems nice enough to me.
- -
Phishie from Philly

778 days ago


I predict this guy will be a future problem for the show.

778 days ago


This doesn't sound good. Regis was very cosmopolitan - always talked about what concert or play he'd seen the night before, what wonderful restaurant he'd been to - really made the audience feel like New York was the place to be. This new guy doesn't bring anything like that to the show. And now it appears that he doesn't have much class re his so-called fiance. The show won't last long with him, unfortunately. Sad - loved Regis. The fiance had better be careful with her comments - they might all end up back on the streets!

778 days ago


I think they are a beautiful couple.


778 days ago


I don't know anything about this topic, but I hope you will PLEASE notice me. I need attention. I'm Phishie at Philly, or Fish Food From Philly, or Phishie that loves any Attention. I don't know who I am, but I will be really happy if you talk about me because I love attention! Oh, you thought I was intelligent? Oops. I guess you left your brain with the phishies, and I made sure I spelled it right. Phishies. The little things that swim around in my mouth and also the things that look like me but are really diseases that I watch in the toilet and think look like snacks. Phishie/Fishy.. who cares. All the same. Pure nastiness.

778 days ago

Diamond Goddess!    


778 days ago


It's sad, these people get a chance to do some good through their celebrity, and instead self implode! She will be the end of him on this show. First, she will be showing up at the tapings and start 'suggesting' how things should be done. Next thing you know, she will be banned from the set, then she will start trashing Ripa, causing Michael to be replaced! Watch what happens!!! That women is going to wreck that gig...guarantee!

778 days ago


Nicole Murphy is one ugly woman - she another one everyone goes on about how beautiful she is, she is not pretty and even before this story it was obvious she felt entitled, huge ego can't stand her.

778 days ago

South Beach    

There's something stinky about a woman who parades around based on her new mans job but makes her $$ based on her FORMER mans job. "EX Hollywood Wives"...Please. Gag.

778 days ago
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