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Rihanna & Chris Brown

Disgusting VMA PDA

9/7/2012 11:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
TMZ Live


Rihanna stole the VMAs ... in all the worst ways. First off ... she hugged, kissed, and then lovingly rubbed Chris Brown's head. Then appeared to mouth the word a**holes when Drake, Nicki Minaj, and Lil Wayne walked by. And we think it's a gigantic attention grab.

Plus, Simon Cowell's master plan is now in focus with Khloe Kardashian is about to sign on as the new host of "X Factor." We now know Simon's M.O.

And, what is the funniest movie of all-time? A scientific study may have proven Harvey right once-and-for-all.

(0:00) Rihanna showed the world that she still cares about the dude who beat the crap out of her -- when she hugged, kissed and the lovingly rubbed Chris Brown's head at the VMAs.
(10:00) We found out that Kanye West has been secretly rapping about Kim Kardashian for years.
(13:45) President Obama did well last night -- but Bill Clinton was still the big winner. Plus, you have to see the cut-aways from Obama's speech ... especially the lady showed during the abortion segment.
(18:00) Adrienne Maloof's divorce is getting nasty -- Paul Nassif claims she physically attacked him.
(21:00) Drew Carey gives a terrible excuse as to why Bob Barker was snubbed at the "Price Is Right" 40-year anniversary.
(24:00) Khloe Kardashian is in line to be the next judge on the "X Factor." Harvey finally gets Simon Cowell's master plan.
(30:00) Prince Harry was deployed to Afghanistan -- but the Royal family says it has nothing to do with his naked Vegas pics.
(34:00) Kristen Stewart walks her first red carpet since the cheating scandal -- and looked amazing ... other than her bare feet.
(38:00) What's the funniest movie of all-time? A new study may have proved Harvey right.
(43:00) We take your calls!

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Hasnt Rihanna already said (to Oprah) that A) she still has love for him and B) theyre trying to be friends again? I didnt see any indication that they're back together or screwing each other, so quit putting ideas in ppls minds for the sake of ratings. Moving on...

777 days ago



777 days ago

James M.    

Why do you make a big deal out of everything? They kissed, so f*cking what? It aint disgusting, she being the grown up, something you should preach.

777 days ago


And when he beats her ass again, too bad bitch

777 days ago


Rihannas a thug skank who doesnt learn.

777 days ago


WTF. Whats with all the Karreuche hate? She has done nothing for anyone to hate her. She was the only one to take Chris in while the entire world hated him. You can't even say she's in it for the $$. It's not like she's on magazine covers, whoring it up, doing interviews, or anything that would cause you to believe she's with him for attention. I will say that she's dumb for staying with the guy because it's fairly obvious that these two (Chris Brown & Rihanna) have something going on. Denial is some ****, aint it.

776 days ago


Rihanna gets absolutely no respect from me for the **** she constantly pulls. These two obviously still have feelings for one another, but I wonder, how can you have a concrete relationship with someone that beat your ass, that you went on TV to show beat your ass, etc. Rihanna wants him because he's a bad boy now. His entire image has changed and you know she loves it. She's constantly disrespected Kae on several occasions yet her fans find some way to spin it and make it seem like she's in the right. She's not. Why disrespect the woman that your abuser is with all the while taking in your abuser with open arms? That's some ass backwards **** if I've ever seen some. Kae did nothing TO her or any of you Rihanna fans, so stop with the bull****.

776 days ago


Where is the rest of TMZ LIVE from Friday?

774 days ago


who cares what chris brown and rihanna does only tmz being bias . tmz doesn like chris brownm and rihanna anyawy, so go find something better to write about

774 days ago


Ron Livingstons Office Space, cheech & chongs still smokin, half baked w/ David Chapelle, Austin Powers, Goldmember, and Beetlejuice...........

774 days ago
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