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Rob Reiner

Clint's RNC Speech Was


9/9/2012 12:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0909_reiner_videoRob Reiner has always had a way with words and he dropped a critical one when talking about Clint Eastwood's speech at the Republican National Convention last week ... "embarrassing."

By now everyone has seen the "speech" ... with the "Unforgiven" star talking to an empty chair meant to symbolize President Barack Obama. 

Reiner, who was at the DNC, said he felt the Dems' convention was better (shocker). And last night outside Toscana in Brentwood, he told our photog he was embarrassed by Clint's baffling speech, adding, "I am a big fan of Clint's but not doing this."



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Lily Daisy    

The whole "speech" by Clint was meant to be tongue in cheek. I thought it was hilarious, if a bit disrespectful, but that's Clint....he's going to do things his way. As for Mr. Rob, he needs to lighten up. He of all people should know the brilliance of Clint Eastwood, and what Clint had to say about Mr. Barack was spot on!

739 days ago

Bill C.    

So tell me Rob, How's Obama's @ss taste?

739 days ago



739 days ago


Embarrassing is the economy and jobs jackass! Go to a gym and work off that tub of lard! Jon Jen

739 days ago


Reiner is 100% correct. Eastwood shoulda just kept on-script.

739 days ago


Shut up, Meathead. Archie would be more ashamed of you than ever! Leave Clint alone. At least he's standing up for what he believes in and not just going along with every liberal in Hollywood. Show some respect.

739 days ago


The embarassment was over the facts which were presented by Clint.

739 days ago


Sorry Fat Rob, but I'd rather have a VERY successful businessman and executive than a half-Kenyan reparationist any day as my President.

739 days ago

a fan    

no one comments when a democrat says anything because republicans know ,FREEDOM OF SPEECH.why does reiner need to comment on clint eastwood? clint eastwood said it all.25 million people out of work rob and you call clint embarrassing? no clint said it all.

739 days ago


If it hadn't been for Carl Reiner, would we even know of Rob. Like Rob got the Meathead role oh his own.

739 days ago


Another Hollywood clown who can't put down the fork. Hey Rob, why don't you take a few homeless people to Toscana with you while you are out feeding your face. Such a hypocritical lot. You scored your first gig on All in the Family through your own form of crony capitalism (your dad's connections) and have made a fortune through that little Hollywood world where they honor pedophiles like Roman Polansky. I did not hear you say anything about how embarrassing it was for the Academy Awards to honor some of the creeps that it has over the years. Clint Eastwood has more talent and skill than you and the rest of your friends from the 60's will ever have. Keep stuffing your face and showing up at DNC events.

739 days ago


"Hey, I wonder what Rob Reiner thinks about this." - No one, ever, in the history of Rob Reiner.

739 days ago


Blaa Blaa Blaa Having a Non US citizen as a prez is embarrasing, hiding his school transcripts is embarrasing, calling him an empty chair is right on. The Communist Party I mean democrat party has stolen all it can, has used up its excuses and now depends on the leftist run media to hide behind and to spread its hatefilled anti white male message to the dumbed down leftys who couldnt think their way out of a paper bag. Now that they raped SS of anything it was worth, paid off their commie union thugs and black and illegal voting bloc their is nothing left for them to suck off of. The day is coming when you get what you put in and there is gonna be alot of hungry commiecrats with their hands out and pockets empty in the coming ti mes

739 days ago


Rob needs to look in a mirror if he wants embarrassing.

739 days ago


Poor libutards they r absolutely clueless and humorless.

739 days ago
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