SueLyn Medeiros Bench Warrant Issued for Hot, Hot Model

9/9/2012 4:35 AM PDT

SueLyn Medeiros
is a wanted woman ... and we don't just mean by every man in America ... we mean by the L.A. County courts, because a bench warrant has been issued for her arrest.

As TMZ first reported, Medeiros was busted for DUI in Hollywood in July 2011 while driving a friggin' DeLorean ... and the sexiest arrest in history was all caught on tape.

Medeiros eventually pled no contest and was sentenced to 10 AA classes, a 3-month alcohol program and put on three years summary probation.

But according to court records, Medeiros failed to show for a court hearing on August 17, where she was supposed to show proof she completed the program and attended the meetings ... so a bench warrant was issued for her arrest.

We reached out to SueLyn ... so far, no word back.