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Kris Humphries, Myla


9/12/2012 7:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kris Humphries has been adamant ... he never dated Myla Sinanaj. Myla swore during her deposition in the Kim Kardashian divorce case ... she and Kris were just friends. Well guess which friends apparently spent the night together this week?

TMZ shot video of Kris and Myla leaving her house in Rutherford, New Jersey Tuesday. He was inside the house for several hours. And we're told ... Kris' car was parked outside the entire night Monday.

Remember ... during Myla's depo ... she testified she was never pregnant with Kris' baby (even though she told various people she was), and Kris never spoke a word to her about his divorce.

The question -- have Kris and Myla been hooking up all along, and did she tell the truth during her depo?

So we gotta ask ...

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LMAO!! cry Kim haters. What a douchebag. I told you guys they were in on it together

770 days ago


And now shes driving a benz. We saw her car BEFORE this when she was walking around looking pregnant. She must have some serious dirt on Kris

770 days ago


OMFG!!! WTF does it matter who he is banging already???? Who f ucking cares? s he not aloud to the way Kim is aloud to? Only difference is she was banging Kanye long before they even divorced because she is a cheating, disgusting f ucking who0re! So wtf does it matter? Why are you so obsessed tmz, oh my bad Kmz? All you do is stick up for that f ucking b!tch and say all these negative things about Kris H. in favor of some fugly plastic sl ut??? You guys are a disgrace. No one f ucking cares what he does and the more you try to make Kim look good the more you make people hate her more if that is even possible. I hope Kris sues the f uck out of you and that c unt he used to be married to. You have no right to trash other people like this.

770 days ago


Kim K bias. puh-leez

770 days ago


I wonder how much kk attorney,the "diphole queen" is paying tmz to stalk these two?

770 days ago


Harvey just said that the Kardashians should get a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame! Wow! You just lost a viewer TMZ....you are obviously in the Kardashian's pockets.

770 days ago

sum dum jerq    

Nothing to see here, just TMZ doing the Kardashian's dirty work for them.

770 days ago


Of course, KMZ doesn't carry the BIGGER story of pimpmom on Today Show discussing her boob job and vapid family during moment of silence for 9/11 victims and their families. Producers better start and wake up to the fact that no Americans want to see the gypsies. Leave Kris H. the eff alone, already!

770 days ago


Thought they broke up.

770 days ago


That picture isn't very clear. How the hell do we know it's either of them? Besides, what does it matter? The marriage of Kris & Kim has been over. Since neither will budge, it's going into next year. He can date whomever, since she has sexy, ole Kanye. lol!

770 days ago


Kim better thank her lucky stars that she got rid of this idiot. Is this the best that Humphries can do? Gross.

770 days ago


I don't get how these two were shot in the first place unless they called the paps themselves. I live in North Jersey and Rutherford is not exactly a celebrity mecca where paparazzi are pushing each other out of the way for their next shot. It wouldn't surprise me if this chick called the paparazzi herself.

770 days ago


Wow! So interesting to see so many people on here defending a man and woman that very possibly LIED under OATH to deceive the justice system we are all supposed to abide by. Also, the fact that HE is the one who refuses to settle the divorce because he's trying to prove HER as the liar? Something is not right here...it's pretty obvious he's a slag and he found a woman that is also willing to shame herself and lie for him.

769 days ago


When is this poor guy gonna catch a break? I'm tired of reading about myself in the newspaper.


769 days ago


I thought Kim was the reason why her and kris broke up but I know now look how he treats his new girl

764 days ago
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