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Amanda Bynes

Cops Scared to Death

She'll Kill Someone

9/13/2012 1:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Cops are alarmed by the pics we posted today showing Amanda Bynes behind the wheel and smoking what appears to be pot -- and several patrol officers tell us they're now on alert because they fear her driving habits have turned deadly.

The officers we spoke with -- who don't want to be named -- say the pics explain a lot about Amanda's alleged hit-and-runs. One cop with many years of experience as a patrol officer tells TMZ, "She's on the same road as my wife and kids and I'm scared about getting a call in the middle of the night that my little one is dead."

The cop added, "She's addicted to something and she's driving a deadly weapon and is going to kill someone. It scares the s**t out of me."

Another cop said, "The public should be afraid of her. From looking at the photos, and what she's smoking, she has no sense of reality.  If she's not stopped she's gonna kill someone."

Another said, "She is going down a road that she cannot come back from when she injures or kills someone. The photos don't surprise me at all."

A veteran motor cop says on a scale of 1 to 10 -- 10 being extremely dangerous -- Amanda is easily a 10.


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Then ****ing arrest her you retards.

772 days ago


Arrest her then! Put out an APB!! Get her off the road!

772 days ago


She's driving on a suspended license, you have photos of her using drugs and driving, why the **** is she not in jail? California is assbackwards.

772 days ago


Yet most are for legalizing marijuana.

772 days ago


Well, nice to see the LAPD woke up. Maybe next time one of them pulls her over they'll actually CHECK HER RECORD to see she has a SUSPENDED LICENSE.

772 days ago


Wow, what's her dad gonna say now? He went out on a limb defending his kid, but these pics don't lie. I hope this privileged woman will get a grip before she does permanent damage. She won't like prison.

772 days ago


If she's driving around smoking weed by herself, she feels isolated and lonely.
Wonder why?
Couldn't be because of tens of thousands of people watching your every move, criticizing everything you do, calling you names and insulting you...?
Fickle public and their shallow attitudes and judgement wreak havoc on young people, especially young celebrities.
Lot of young celebs end up feeling lack of confidence and low self-esteem and repress their emotions and pull inside themselves away from people to avoid feeling crushed by harsh judgement.
That's why so many of them end up drinking excessively or using drugs, to numb over the feelings of judgment and rejection.
The public, in all their brilliance, make the chicken dance on the stove, then blame the chicken when it burns itself.

772 days ago


Hide yo kids, she runnin over everyone out there.

772 days ago


TMZ you are a JOKE

772 days ago


Isn't there an article by TMZ that 2 cops pulled her over and at that time her dmv license was suspended already? Accdg to traffic laws on CA when driving with a suspended license you could end up in jail? WTF happened to that? Why didn't they arrest her that night?!!

772 days ago

Mike L    

Then do something about it dickwads!! She's doing all sorts of illegal stuff, you have more then enough on her to put her prison for a while, why are you talking to TMZ and not out arresting her ass?

772 days ago


How does she operate a car safely with those funky shoes the wears?

772 days ago


Remember when T.I. and his wife were pulled over for making an illegal U-turn on Sunset Blvd. and the cops discovered that they had weed in their car? Well, they were both immediately arrested and T.I. served a year in prison. Hmm, how does that compare with Amanda Bynes situation?

772 days ago


Then throw her a$$ in jail!

772 days ago


This is one of the rare times TMZ is providing a public service. This girl needs help.

772 days ago
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