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Britney Spears

The Many Faces of

'The X Factor'

9/13/2012 9:00 AM PDT BY Johnny Lopez

0913_britney_spears_face_x_factor_photos_launch_v3She may still be under an A-list conservatorship, but Britney Spears is definitely in charge of at least one thing ... making hysterical facial expressions on "The X Factor."

On last night's big premiere, the 30-year-old lip synching wonder's contorted eye, mouth and weave gestures said more about how she really felt about the contestants' performances than any of her actual critiques.
Although Britney's comments were surprisingly lucid, it was her awkward grimaces that stole the show.

Live singing really is shocking to Britney.


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The old cow can't sing a real note anymore so she is up there? Pleaseeeee, she has no talent and agree she is always dirty looking, her hair looks greasy and her finger nails are really nasty . She is not pretty or even talented. She has no right up there judging people that do have real talent. She needs to be run through a car wash every week.

733 days ago



Britney NAILED it last night and is only getting better.

For all the haters that haven't figured it out yet - A major reason she's in a conservatorship to legally protect her from the s***bag known as Sam Lufti.

733 days ago


I know this is going to be really inconvenient to the haters, but Britney CAN sing. There's all kinds of YouTube videos of her singing live and a Capella. I saw her in concert last year, and while lip synced most of the time, there were many times where she sang live, and she sounded good. Criticize her for lip synching all u want, but saying she can't sing simply isn't true. Even Christina has saidBritney can sing...

733 days ago


I thought Britney did a fine job. Finally, a judge who doesn't sugar coat critiques like JLo and Tyler. Sure, she needs to shake off some of her nerves, but I like what I'm seeing. And I think there is great chemistry between all the judges. Idol is toast and The Voice is a wannabe show. X-Factor is the New Black, so get used to it!

733 days ago


I don't think there's a thing wrong with Britney's facial expressions. Awkard? Grimaces? She's an expressive girl, part of it is from her experience as a singer and modeling for you paps. She makes that show, eclipsing Simon. Demi is also a refreshing revelation. Loved both the women judges last night. Britney is beautiful and her facial expressions are cute!

733 days ago


how annoying

733 days ago


She surprised me. I was expecting the typical Paula Abdul "you look pretty" crap. She was blunt and to the point with people. She was clearly nervous, but she did a lot better than I expected.

733 days ago


To go with her many personalities.

733 days ago


I was suprised w/Britney and Demi last nite, but it was a good suprise. I thought they did a good job critiquing the contestants, Much better than Paula Abdul, and wacko Nicole Sherzlinger. The only problem i had was: WHAT was up with all the weird faces Britney was making? Creepy!!!!!!

733 days ago


why is TMZ being so cruel to Britney when not too long ago she made your photogs millions of dollars... at least you can do is appreciate her for stepping up and being the amazing come back kid of the century! The lack of support you have just makes me cringe at TMZ now. Shame on your writters!

733 days ago


Jeeze. what a dumb story. She did OK. Everyone makes crazy faces while listening to and watching the contestants. This story is just a jab at Britney. I am not her biggest fan but I don't go LOOKING for reasons to hate on her.

733 days ago


Have to laugh at B. Spears judging talent when all of her talent is dependent on auto-tune........

733 days ago


Unlike many of the judges on these type of shows nowdays Britney seemed totally natural and at ease. I thought she was the hit of the show. ..go Britney.

733 days ago


Have now seen Britney on a couple of talk shows and, have to say, she is VERY uncomfortable. Simon does all of the talking and Britney hardly says anything, just makes very goofy faces. Her hands are shaking. On JImmy Kimmel's show, she kept playing with her ring in a major way. Taking it on and off, flipping it around her fingers. On Ellen's show, she seemed EXTREMELY nervous. I could tell by the look on Ellen's face that she was surprised at how nervous and uncomfortable Britney was. I've seen people from the audience with more composure. I agree with the others - this lady still has issues.

733 days ago


X-factor does not need Britney. She is a non-factor . I lost count on how many you're amazing's came out of her mouth . The big sunrise was Demi Lovato. Extremely poised, expressive and well spoken. By far the stronger "star" judge of the two.

733 days ago
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