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Jesse Ventura

Supports Navy SEAL Book

'We Deserve to Know'

9/13/2012 5:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jesse Ventura is throwing his support behind the ex-Navy SEAL who wrote the tell-all book about the killing of Osama bin Laden ... telling TMZ, "We deserve to know."

Ventura -- a former Navy SEAL and Gov. of Minnesota -- was out in NYC yesterday when we asked him about U.S. Defense Secretary Leon Panetta threatening to punish "Mark Owen" over his book "No Easy Day."

"I don't have a problem with it " Ventura says ... "It's over. We deserve to know ... our tax dollars pay for this ... we have every right to know what we pay taxes on."

He continued, "Once the operation is over, you're not compromising anything then."

"I'm glad he did it ... I'd like to hear from boots on the ground instead of politicians in Washington."

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You used a real email to sign up for TMZ? You're worried about being "safe?" Why are we at risk? Either I don't understand at all or you need to increase your meds.

772 days ago


I'm sorry but the guy that supposely wrote the book has been trying to make POTUS look like he's bad guy. Obama never brag about killing bin Laden. He gave the special Op team the full credit for following his orders. This guys is just mad for whatever reason that could be. But last I checked and have been watching the news, Obama never could credit for killing bin Laden. And Jesse is just a has been wrestler that went by the name "The body" smh. Obama has my vote. Have you guys seen Romney lately. He's a flip flopper

772 days ago

There's a problem here    

The story being told notwithstanding, that Navy Seal sold his honor and his integrity to his country for a few dollars and a shot at some type of infamy. A man without integrity or honor cannot be trusted. He can be bought. God Bless America if this is what our elite forces have become.

772 days ago


OK Jesse, we need to know your home address and what school your kids attend and their schedules. The American public needs to know that as much as info on the Bin Laden raid. The Seal was sworn to secrecy.

772 days ago


I read the book. Nothing in there was anything real big. Most of it was about past missions and nothing about OBL that we couldn't figure out for ourselves by listening to news. The only beef I had was about one of the team members sitting on OBL's body. I understand that it was crowded but why tell something that could only stir up anger and had no relevance to the mission ?

772 days ago

Leslie Davis    

Jesse Ventura is a liar, cheat, briber and phony Navy SEAL. Even his name is phony. He is James Janos. This is all do***ented in my book, “Always Cheat” The Philosophy of Jesse Ventura. My book cancelled Ventura’s plans to run for a second term as Minnesota Governor.
I knocked Ventura and his son off the Government Center Plaza in Minneapolis where they were trying to befriend the Occupy Movement people, some of whom Ventura victimized when he supported torture at the Highway 55 police raid.
You can find "Always Cheat" at Amazon.com or Barnes and Noble.
In the Twin Cities "Always Cheat" can be found at most libraries.
Or contact me for a complimentary copy.
Leslie Davis, President

772 days ago

Sandy Underpants    

It's great to hear the real story from the troops that were there, like when we captured Saddam Hussein he was actually just in a house and we put him in the hole in the ground to make it look like a dramatic stand-off.

The truth is, the reason the government doesn't want our military to tell the story is because Americans would know that what the US government does often makes "the terrorists" look like the good guys.

772 days ago


Really...who gives a c r a p what the wannabe ventura says. Chris Kyle needs to knock him out again....Just Yuck

772 days ago


if everyone sold classifed data we would`nt have a defence.He thinks his dutys stop at home?.HOMELAND SECURITY? is a civil duty asignment most are`nt even payed and those dutys are not optional.Van thinks freedom is yapping about classifed DOD projects and he is to be keepth out of the loop as he can`t be trusted either.GLOMAR?

772 days ago


VAN froze WTF was left of his brain in the minnsota shuffle

772 days ago

_][ Character_Assassin ][_    

They were "Sworn to Secrecy." To certain people there's a meaning to that and an Oath to live by.

772 days ago


Its not been declassifed so it is a act of treason,dis-informations officer he isn`t.The white house ticking isn`t giving away classifed data for a living.He doesnt own the data anyway in the first place.Chips in your toys?once classifed than gov payed fines for invasion.CBS leaked GLOMAR and never payed a fine at all.Jesse thinks he was a WTF who cares shut up do your duty defend your homeland until death thats your duty and the duty of any and all americans,Will you carry arms for your country? you don`t become a american unless you will bear arms to defend your homeland so every civil knows thier dutys better the jesse

772 days ago


Lets just be clear @Alex he is a ex-navy seal, what are you?

772 days ago


you can get a green card without making a oath to carry and bare arms and to defend your country but you can`t become a american unless you take a oath to bare and carry arms to defend your homeland(USA) if needed even as a civil joe Q public.It`s not a option it`s a non payed civil duty.Freespeech doesn`t defend leaking national defence classifed infomations.LOVE IT or LEAVE IT

772 days ago


everyone that becomes a american has no payed dutys in case of war or invasion,the need to bare carry and use fire arms to defend america isn`t a option and you won`t become a american unless you take that oath.armed forces or not you still have to defend america homelands with arms if needed or you can be tryed for treason for not honnering your duty to your country

772 days ago
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